At Survivor Series: Wargames, two friends-turned-bitter rivals, AJ Styles and Finn Balor, will finally battle it out in a grudge match. Given their classic at Tables, Ladders and Chairs 2017, this match is sure to be a shot barn-burner with fans on the edge of their seats.

Their feud began in September when Balor attempted to tag Styles at The Judgment Day, only to be boldly rebuffed and mocked. After weeks of humiliation and destruction at the hands of Balor and his stablemates, The Phenomenal One turned to Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson and reformed The OC.

The two teams met at the Crown Jewel, where the Demon King’s forces prevailed thanks to Rhea Ripley’s intervention.

They will write the next chapter between their storied rivals at Survivor Series in a match that could go either way. Here are five possible endings for AJ Styles vs. Finn Balor.

#5. AJ Styles defeated Finn Balor cleanly at Survivor Series

AJ Styles needs to get back to his winning ways.
AJ Styles needs to get back to his winning ways.

The Phenomenal One and The Prince are two very evenly matched players with similar styles. Both men could use a statement win to gain some much-needed momentum, but AJ Styles may be more desperate for a win.

The former WWE Champion has not won a match at a premium live event since late October 2019 at Crown Jewel, where he defeated Humberto Carrillo to retain the United States Championship. This win drought is a stain on a successful and meaningful wrestling career.

Second, Damon Balor won his first match at TLC 2017. The multi-time US champion may not have forgotten this crucial loss to his rival. Fortunately, he can redeem himself and even the score at Survivor Series.

#4. Finn Balor defeated AJ Styles at Survivor Series

Finn Balor has a strong chance of defeating AJ Styles.
Finn Balor has a strong chance of defeating AJ Styles.

Although The Phenomenal One is more desperate to win, many signs herald a significant victory for Finn Balor. Following The Judgment Day’s victory over OC at Crown Jewel, the group has suffered a few setbacks.

Mia Yim took advantage of the numbers game and returned to neutralize Rhea Ripley. Finn Balor would have been the US Champion had it not been for the interference of Styles and his good friends during Prince’s match-up with Seth Rollins.

This past week on RAW, The Judgment Day lost to The Brawling Brutes. Balor and his friends have had a rough few weeks. They don’t have much momentum going into events, which is usually a sign of good things to come.

WWE can repair the damage to the inaugural Universal Champion’s aura at Survivor Series with a resounding victory over Styles.

#3. AJ Styles vs. Finn Balor ended in a double count-out

Love changes, clubs change and best friends become strangers

Finn Balor and AJ Styles are two invaluable additions to the main roster. Both men bring a devoted fan base and possess immense talent. As such, they are two of the most protected superstars, despite what their recent bookings might suggest. Neither of them could afford to look weak as they exited TD Garden.

As such, WWE may be tempted to book a controversial, double count-out finish to protect both superstars, as the loser of a significant loss at Survivor Series could look weak. It would be an anti-climactic ending but set the stage for future battles towards the final days of the year.

One scenario to book a double count-out was Styles putting Balor through the announce table with a Phenomenal Forearm, reminiscent of the early finish of his match with Roman Reigns at Payback 2016.

#2. Rey Mysterio and Angie interfere to help AJ Styles defeat Finn Balor

Based on the promotional poster, all of The Judgment Day will be at ringside to cheer on their leader, Finn Balor, while The Good Brothers and Mia Yim will be in AJ Styles’ corner. Given the animosity these two factions share, chaos will ensue during the match.

However, Rhea Ripley will not be an X-factor during this bout, as Mia Yim will neutralize her presence. The broken relationship between Rey and Dominic Mysterio could be a factor in the final outcome of the match. The younger Mysterio has long disrespected his father and his legacy since their shocking betrayal at Clash at Castle.

Dominick and Rhea took things too far when they invaded the Master of 619’s home on Thanksgiving and killed a helpless Rey Mysterio in front of his wife and children. The masked luchador may finally decide to teach his son and The Judgment Day a lesson at Survivor Series.

At a pivotal point in the match, Dominic Mysterio’s parents could enter the ring and confront the former SmackDown Tag Team Champion and his allies.

This would open the door for Styles to quickly roll up Balor for the win. The problem is that this situation risks overbooking, but it will not be unprecedented.

#1. Edge returned to Survivor Series and defeated Finn Balor in a big win

Finn Balor crossed all the lines against Edge at Extreme Rules.
Finn Balor crossed all the lines against Edge at Extreme Rules.

Even as he reminds everyone of what he did to Edge, The Prince feels like he’s done with the Rated-R Superstar. At Extreme Rules, Balor forced the Hall of Famer to quit while Rhea Ripley broke Beth Phoenix’s skills with a con-chair-to.

The Ultimate Opportunist has vowed to end Judgment Day, the very group he created. He won’t stop unless he does. The wily Hall of Famer may be waiting for prime time to insert himself back into the mix. Survivor Series presents a wonderful opportunity.

As Balor climbs to the top rope to hit the coup de grace on a weakened Styles, Edge’s iconic theme song plays through the TD Garden. An angry husband and a vengeful warrior will charge down the ring, see a hole through the Prince, and cost him a great victory.

A simple staredown will distract one enough, but Edge can materialize. In the latter scenario there is a risk of over-booking.

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