Twitch sensation Tyler “Tyler1” concluded his God of War Ragnarok playthrough on November 24th. In the final moments of the stream, he took the opportunity to review the game and share his thoughts on various aspects of the title.

The streamer started the conversation by saying that the game “wasn’t that bad.” He mentioned that he played God of War Ragnarok on the hardest difficulty and admitted that his gameplay experience was challenging.

Tyler1 rated the game’s music, graphics, characters, and story on a scale of one to ten. He then provided an overall rating:

“Now overall, what I give this game is… I think it’s a high eight. I haven’t done any side quests. I think it’s a high eight. No doubt about it. Like, 8.8, 8.7, 8.8, 8.9 But that’s what I’m saying, and I’ve left out a lot. And I like to be told what to do.”


Tyler1 finished playing God of War Ragnarok and shared his thoughts on the game during the livestream.

The Missouri native shared his thoughts on God of War Ragnarok at the 16-hour mark of the live stream on November 24th. He began:

“So, this game, it wasn’t bad. And again, I realized I played on the hardest difficulty. I beat the whole thing on, like, the hardest difficulty. No caps. So I realized what the gameplay was all about. It made the gameplay harder. It was. I get it. It’s not like I play normally. I’m playing it hard. I get it.”

Tyler1 praised the game’s music and graphics, rating it ten out of ten. He then discussed the gameplay and gave it an “eight or nine out of ten”, saying it was a “button masher”.

Discussing how weapon combos work in the game, the Twitch star commented:

“F***ing music: 10/10. Graphics: 10/10. Easy. Gameplay, that’s what you expect from God of War, and there’s a lot you can do with it… There’s a lot you can do with the gameplay that I didn’t. I’m a button masher. Like, you can combine three weapons into five weapons. You actually can! You can do like a five-man weapon combo. Like the old God of War. So I think gameplay-wise, it’s probably eight or nine out of ten. . Like, overall.”

Timestamp: 16:52:00

Tyler1 noted that Santa Monica Studios did a “slightly better job” of not reusing NPCs compared to previous God of War games. However, they felt they still recycled a lot of assets. He added that he didn’t like the game’s story as much as the older God of War titles:

“I’m comparing it to… all the other God of War games. Of all the games I’ve played. I think it was probably the softest of all the other God of War games I’ve played. I wouldn’t say bad because it wasn’t bad, but Least of all the stories I’ve played. It’s not bad! I’m not saying it’s like 2/10. I’m just saying all the others I’ve been curious about. Maybe they’re gods so I get it.”

The streamer recalled an epic fight sequence from God of War 2018, featuring Baldur, the game’s antagonist. He claimed that God of War Ragnarok’s cutscenes weren’t “crazy”.

Tyler1 continued the review by saying that the game’s characters are exceptional:

“I’d say the characters are 10/10 individually. If you take out all the characters except that bastard boy and Tyr. But Tyr was an Odin clone. The characters are also 10/10. Everyone has their own personalities. They’re so unique. Even the snake (Jörmungandr) who doesn’t speak. Animals, languages, raccoons, squirrels.”

Tyler1 gave the game an overall rating of “high eight” out of ten. He then joked that League of Legends was his game of the year.

Fan reaction to Tyler1’s review

There are a handful of fan reactions in the YouTube comments section. Here is a snippet of some of the relevant ones:

Fans in the YouTube comments section react to the streamer's review (Daily Tyler1 clip/Image via YouTube)
Fans in the YouTube comments section react to the streamer’s review (Daily Tyler1 clip/Image via YouTube)

One viewer openly praised Tyler1 in his review of the game, while another community member hoped to see the Twitch streamer play the upcoming survival-horror game, The Callisto Protocol.

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