Ragnarok God of War is the final installment of the series in the Norse realm. This conclusion to Kratos’ Nordic adventure brings his story arc and character full circle from where we began in the original series. There are many items and references related to the original series that help us empathize with Kratos and his past.

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The surrounding characters and cast are also a beautiful reflection of who he can become and where his relationship with Atreus can lead. With such a big change in god of war Formula in 2018, it can be difficult to see past ties to Kratos; Here are some moments for players to notice.

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7/7 The Blades of Chaos

It might be stating the obvious, but Blades of Chaos is Kratos’ greatest reminder of his past. These weapons are featured throughout the game as players use them to take out large numbers of enemies. A big part of Kratos’ story is learning to take these deadly blades used for evil and use them for the benefit of good and others, not just himself.

At the end of the story, Surt, the demon who guards Muspelheim, notices these blades and the primordial fire within them. This fire is then used to kickstart Ragnarok. Tyr also discovers this blade when the player frees it from the Applecore Mine in Swartalfheim. Tyre, Norse god of war, known to travel to 9 regions and more. Players meanwhile enter the Vault of Tire God of War 2018 They see a range of objects from both the Egyptian and Greek pantheons. This means he is very aware of Kratos’ past.

6/7 Deimos, brother of KratosRagnarok Deimos, god of war

Although players do not actually see or meet Deimos during this time Ragnarok God of War, he is mentioned during an episode of the main story with Freya in Vanaheim. Players enter Vanaheim with Freya to free her from her bonds placed by Odin. The pair discuss the events of the previous game and the end of Baldur, Freya’s son. Since the player is responsible for Baldur’s death, she gives us the edge whenever the player is with Freya, as she can turn on us at any moment, and rightly so.

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However, Kratos opens up about his past life in Greece and sympathizes with Freya over the loss of his brother. Deimos was taken from Kratos at an early age, as prophecies said that the “marked warrior” would end Olympus. When Deimos was taken away, Kratos decided to get a tattoo to remember him, just like his brother. Unfortunately, when Kratos goes to retrieve his brother, Deimos is not very forgiving and turns on Kratos for revenge.

5/7 Calliope, daughter of KratosGod of War Ragnarok Calliope

in the original god of war series, Kratos has his own family; A wife and his daughter Calliope. During our activities with Freya in Vanaheim, we discussed Baldur and his unfortunate end. Freya says, “You think you can begin to understand the pain of losing a child”. This helps Kratos to open up again about his past family and life in Greece.

After discussing his past and the events that led to his daughter’s death, Freya has more sympathy for Kratos, giving her a stronger bond with the player.

4/7 Ghost of SpartaGod of War Ragnarok Ghost of Sparta

Kratos is referred to throughout the game as “The Ghost of Sparta” by characters such as Tyr and Odin. It’s a name that haunts Kratos as it directly refers to his horrific deeds in Greece that lead to the destruction of the entire pantheon.

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Although Kratos wants to shed his past and start a new life, he must inevitably embrace the deadly god-slayer side of his personality in order to defeat Odin and cause Ragnarok.

3/7 Sisters of DestinyGod of War Ragnarok sister of destiny

During a mission where Kratos is trying to find the Norns, the prophecies of the Norse realm, he begins discussing the Sisters of Fate with Freya. These sisters were able to predict and change the future, possibly to their advantage.

The Norns explain that they do not have the ability to tell fortunes, predicting what someone will do based on their character. This makes Kratos realize that they are different from the sisters and that they don’t need to harm them to change the prophecies, just change their own actions.

2/7 Life as a SpartanGod of War Ragnarok Kratos as Spartan

Kratos started life as a Spartan warrior in Greece. Throughout the game there are numerous references to Kratos’ Spartan past, but players get a glimpse into his fighting style when they receive the Draupnir spear.

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When Lady of the Forge crafts, spear players see both symbols of the Greek god of war and the Spartan symbol. Shortly after, Kratos explains that the spear is the first weapon that all Spartans learn to fight. Many fans believed that players would use Mjolnir as a third weapon in the arsenal. However, turning this weapon into a spear is a wonderful callback to Kratos’ birth as a soldier.

1/7 Bonus: Mortal KombatGod of War Ragnarok Kratos from Mortal Kombat

Kratos was featured as a DLC character in Mortal Kombat 9. It also came with its own storyline and storyline that could fit in with the stories of the original series. Mimir mentions this on the boat ride as he talks about the “tournaments” that Kratos used to participate in.

Kratos chooses to dismiss these comments as he says he will not discuss the event. Does this mean Kratos’ short adventures in the Mortal Kombat universe were actually canon to the story, or is this just a brief reference as an Easter egg?

Ragnarok God of War Available now on PS5 and PS4.

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