The god of war This series is one of the best series of PlayStation. This premiere action-adventure series follows Kratos on a bloody journey filled with intrigue, violence and a lust for revenge. god of war, As the name suggests, the focus is on violence, action, blood and gore. This makes for some exciting gameplay as the game weaves in hordes of enemies and theatrical set-pieces. The series, at its core, is hours upon hours of adrenaline rushes.

god of warHowever, it also features a solid story and despicable villains, which makes it all the better when Kratos beats them up. The latest entry has taken the franchise in a new direction. with God of War of Ragnarok It’s the perfect time to look back at the franchise’s most cathartic and satisfying moments, a recent release.

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10/10 God of War 3: Killing Poseidon

God of War 3 Kratos’ final confrontation with the gods of Olympus begins in style. Kratos climbs onto Gaia’s arm to confront Poseidon, followed by a hack and slash sequence and some cinematic moments. The camera flips and both enemies are suddenly reversed. This is followed by a puzzle sequence.

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When the player is finally distracted, a massively destructive Poseidon awaits. After a truly epic struggle, Poseidon regains his humanoid form, only to see Kratos blast him into oblivion. This truly jaw-dropping moment sets up Kratos’ journey in its satisfying and gruesome violence-filled fashion.

9/10 God of War 4: Beating Sigrun

God of War 2018 Sigrun

2018 god of war The game has a somewhat open-world design and a lot of post-game content. The lion’s share of this is in the form of battles in key regions of the map with Valkyries. All these battles are agile, fast and challenging. To top them off comes Sigran, the game’s big bad.

Exceptionally hard by Sigrun god of war The standards fight is truly a test and takes most players multiple tries and upgrades. Finally seeing Kratos face his brutal wrath besting Cygron in an inconclusive battle is truly cathartic and a perfect send off to the game.

8/10 God of War 2: Colossus of Rhodes

Colossus of Rhodes

God of War 2 Considered one of the best PlayStation 2 games, and for good reason. This opening fight against the Colossus of Rhodes is one of the best in the series. As Kratos slowly makes his way and defeats Colossus, it’s one of the most cinematic sequences in video game history.

The fight is challenging and definitely makes a player’s heart beat faster; One mistake can cost the player everything. Successfully defeating the Colossus triggers a cutscene completely destroying Kratos from the inside, a satisfying reward.

7/10 God of War: Killing Ares

GoW Ares

Ares is the cause of all of Kratos’ pain and suffering. He is the architect of Kratos’ and led the demise of his family god of war Mad hero. First god of war, At its core, there is a story of revenge.

The monster created by Ares fights pain, suffering and endless enemies for a chance at revenge, and Kratos takes full advantage of it. At the game’s climax, Kratos drives a giant blade through Ares’ heart, killing him.

6/10 God of War Chains of Olympus: Kratos and his daughter

Kratos and Lysandra

Chain of Olympus Kratos finds himself reunited with his daughter at Persephone’s temple. The moment is so tearful — finally, after all his trials and tribulations, he reunites with his daughter. This warm moment fills all the players with joy, it is very brief.

Kratos is forced to choose between his daughter and his mission. He chooses the latter option and destroys Olympus. A small moment of humanity in the previous games in the series was definitely something to like.

5/10 God of War 4: Killing Baldur

Baldur, god of war

Baldur, or the Traveler, is a constant thorn in the player’s side throughout the game. Fights with him are structured to perfection, with every blow feeling like an earthquake. The first battle is brutal and up close and personal. Camera angles and sound design make players feel every punch they take and every shot they land.

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The fight gets even better when Baldur returns at the end of the game. More importantly, the emotional weight this fight now carries is immense. Baldur’s bloody death is the end of the story for all involved. Freya’s reaction adds to this. With such a satisfying and climactic death, players can feel a sense of catharsis in this fantastic game.

4/10 God of War 2: Fight Atropos and Lakhesis

GoW 2 Atropos

Kratos’ fight with the Fats sisters is very sympathetic. The Battle of the Sisters of Fate is one of the most mechanically solid duels in the series. But what makes this fight and victory so special is how the fight is woven with parts of Kratos’ past coming back to haunt him.

This fight has real weight in the grand scheme of the franchise’s story. Maybe that’s what makes it so good and emotionally impactful and satisfying.

3/10 God of War 3: The Killing of Kronos

GoW 3 Cronos

The fight with Kronos is still the best fight in the game. This fight is epic in every sense of the word and its scale is huge. It’s fantastic to see Kratos take on this titan bit by bit, fighting hordes of enemies and obstacles.

The fight is also the peak of Kratos’ brutality. Players watch as he carves and destroys Kronos in a drawn-out and satisfying ending. Combat is as challenging as it gets, and finally defeating the enemy leads to one of the most satisfying endings in action game history.

2/10 God of War 3: The Final Showdown

GoW 3 Zeus and Hermes

Kratos’ final goal god of war Has always taken revenge, especially his father Zeus. Three main titles and two side titles have been a tough journey for this. Killing Zeus and ridding the world of all the gods that live in Olympus. After a challenging journey that kills the likes of Poseidon, Hephaestus, Hercules and Kronos, Kratos finally has to fight Zeus.

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This sequence is the best of the series: brutal and bloody. It can last up to an hour and has many flashbacks and many different stages of the battle, but in the end, Kratos wins. Death of Zeus is one of the most gruesome events in video game history, but it’s a satisfying conclusion to an amazing trilogy.

1/10 God of War 4: Reunited with Blades of Chaos

God of War Blades of Chaos

of 2018 god of war It is a completely different game from its predecessors. The game follows an older, weary, more protective Kratos on his journey to protect his son and honor his wife.

There are very few callbacks to Kratos’ past, and the game is very careful with its references until the time is right. Kratos needs his old powers to fight his new enemies and protect Atreus. This leads to the most emotionally satisfying moment of the series. Kratos brings out the Blades of Chaos and slowly wraps them around his wrists, sending goosebumps all over the games spine.

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