WWE Survivor Series Wargames is right around the corner and we have some brilliant matches lined up for the first-of-its-kind premium live event. The show will begin on November 26 at TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts.

The Men’s Wargames match would have been a thriller but tweaking the showdown by introducing more participants would have made the main event more refined. More changes to the match card could have resulted in slobber knockers that lifted the business.

The following list will explore four matches that should take place in Survivor Series Wargames.

#4. Bray Wyatt vs. LA Knight at WWE Survivor Series Wargames would have benefited both Superstars


Bray Wyatt hasn’t performed in the ring in his second stint in WWE and fans are getting impatient as expected. Their curiosity about which inner monster will awaken during their fights, The Fiend or an entirely new personality, remains unsatisfied.

The Eater of Worlds is engaged in an event with LA Knight. The former model manager slapped the bear twice. A showdown would have been perfect for their opponent at the upcoming event. Knight would have elevated his opponent’s performance while Bray Wyatt would have given heel credibility.

Six matches is the number one priority for WWE blockbuster events. From that perspective, an additional bout may be included. Bray Wyatt and LA Knight are paired at the last minute at Survivor Series Wargames.

#3. The Original Club vs. The Judgment Day: 6-Man Tag Team Elimination Match

original club
original club

Former club leaders Finn Balor and AJ Styles can put their showdown at Crown Jewels to rest when they end their bad blood at Survivor Series. Their stable will be at ringside to facilitate exciting shenanigans.

Balor and Styles are both great performers but it would have been better if their stooges were included as well. Mia Yim was added to the club as a counter to Rhea Ripley, though she would only be a spectator in the match. Also, The Good Brothers were not given a chance to settle the score in the ring.

In Survivor Series, OC Vs. We can’t wait to see Judgment Day. wait…#WWERaw

A six-man tag team elimination match could lead to the angle WWE was originally planning. It’s up to Styles and Balor – the last men standing – to lead their stable to glory. Such a match may take place next year.

#2. Raquel Rodriguez vs. Ronda Rousey for the WWE RAW Women’s Championship

A good opponent for Ronda Rousey?
A good opponent for Ronda Rousey?

On the November 11 edition of WWE SmackDown, a six-pack challenge was held to determine Ronda Rousey’s challenger at the Survivor Series wargames. Favorites like Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez battled it out but Shotzi came out on top.

While Liv experiences a redemptive journey, the fact that Raquel didn’t get a main event push is still under scrutiny. The former tag team champion had an on-and-off career, but a matchup with Ronda at Survivor Series Wargames would have cemented her place as a regular on the top card.

Both Rodriguez and Rousey are formidable powerhouses. Their fight will be exciting and unpredictable compared to Shotzi vs. Ronda Rousey, where the latter is the clear favorite to win.

#1. The Bloodline vs. Brawling Brutes vs. the Imperium would have removed all doubt about the most dominant faction

Once considered a threat, the Imperium has disappeared from view as a stable dominant. Their loss at Extreme Rules was a major success for their ambitions. Gunther’s gang has now joined The New Day, an apparent demotion, as they were said to be a threat to The Bloodline’s rule.

Traditional Heel Vs. Face mentality has spoiled a spectacular match at the WWE Survivor Series Wargames. The addition of the Imperium to the wargames scenario would have made for some interesting storylines. Potential members such as Carrion Cross would have continued their feud with Drew McIntyre and Roman Reigns.

Could Imperium make a surprising addition to a men’s wargames match? It’s an electrifying prospect, but their fifth member will be an issue.

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