This week’s Monday Night Raw should give the company the best possible route when it comes to the card for Saturday’s Survivor Series event. The men’s War Games teams are set, but the women’s match needs one more competitor. Bianca Bellier said her team will announce member number five on Friday’s SmackDown, but until then, the other nine women decided not to wait for a premium live event to go after each other.

Meanwhile, Kevin Owens explained why he joined The Brawling Brutes and Drew McIntyre, Baron Corbin had a lengthy match with the Scottish warrior, and Austin Theory proved a point against Mustafa Ali.

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Here are your winners and losers for Monday Night Raw, November 21, 2022:

Winner: Judgment Day Vs. Rolling Brutes

In the opening segment, Owens introduced his new team members by saying he was going after Roman Reigns and using Survivor Series to take out The Bloodline. While his War Games team was in the ring, visiting Raw didn’t like Judgment Day who came out and announced that Raw was their show. Finn Balor said not to turn around again and he wouldn’t be so forgiving if he did. Sheamus then called out Balor and not everyone in the group was there and The Brawling Brutes should take on Judgment Day.

The six man tag that followed was entertaining and a great way to start the show. Owens was on commentary and Sheamus defeated Dominique and stood in The OC’s entranceway, making sure Domi couldn’t run away from the fight. There were a lot of people involved, but it was a great way to showcase the strength of WWE’s factions. Judgment Day and The OC weren’t done with each other that night. They fought backstage and in the parking lot.

Winner: Omos

The Miz set up a match between Omos and Johnny Gargano, and while the match was nothing more than a glorified squash for The Miz to prove a point, it was important for Omos to get a good showing and a big win over his opponent. It is one thing for the Nigerian giants to destroy enhanced talent. Taking out someone at Gargano’s level with ease is another. Sure enough, there was a difference in size and Omos should have won. It was a smart call even though WWE went ahead and fit Gargano on the roster. It was logical.

Winner: Austin Theory

Theory’s transition from cell phone goofball to serious contender with an ax to grind has been in the works, and WWE took the next step with his development this week. He had a competitive match with Mustafa Ali, but won by decision. Then, when Lashley came down to the ring to target one of the guys who would be in the ring on Saturday, Theory stood his ground for a while, but eventually scrambled when a stiff chair shot had little effect. When he couldn’t handle the big man, he took out his frustration on the little man in Ali.

Siddhant probably won’t win the United States Championship at Survivor Series, but it will be interesting to see how they book him in that match. He should perform well without panicking. How does the creative ensure that it is protected against losses? He avoided Lashley on Monday. He won’t be able to run, so he’ll have to outrun Lashley. It’s also not fair if he takes another pin from Seth Rollins.

Winner: Alpha Academy Vs. Riddle and Elias

A strong tag match between two teams with strong in-ring chemistry, Riddle and Elias defeated Chad Gable and Otis. There were spots in this match where it looked like it was going to hurt, and the physicality of the bout added to that. Elias and Riddle are building some chemistry. In any other case, the few weeks these two team up, they could be in line for the Tag Team Championship. With the Usos holding the titles, this is unlikely.

It was a good match. Riddle and Elias may not be RK-BRO, but they are interesting.

Winner/Loser: Corbin Vs. McIntyre

The match was long and entertaining, but in the end Akira Tozawa’s involvement took away from everything the two had done on the show. It felt a little odd to end such a great confrontation between the two big men when Tozawa jumped into JBL’s arms and distracted McIntyre with a claymore kick enough for the win. McIntyre probably didn’t need that intervention because he was a high-level guy and could have won without the assistance.

Winner: Asuka vs. Rhea Replay

In a main event match to determine who had the upper hand at the War Games, Asuka battled Ripley, but was unable to secure the win for her team. It was the right decision because Ripley is on a roll and there was no need to slow her down at the pay-per-view. Given that the heels have an edge at Survivor Series and the last big reveal (Belair’s fifth team member) will be revealed on SmackDown, the team will likely have the upper hand at Saturday’s event.

The brawl between the two teams to end the show was reminiscent of the way Survivor Series often books go-home shows, only on a smaller scale. It worked well and it’s nice not to have a Raw vs. SmackDown rivalry that didn’t really exist.

Raw Match Results:

* The Brawling Brutes defeated Judgment Day when Sheamus pinned Dominic
* Johnny Gargano lost to Omos
* Austin Theory defeated Mustafa Ali
* Elias and Riddle defeat Alpha Academy
* Drew McIntyre defeated Baron Corbin with help from Akira Tozawa
* Rhea Ripley defeated Asuka to win the War Games for her team.