The War Games will descend on WWE Survivor Series for the first time this weekend, and the treacherous structure has plenty of room for betrayal.

WWE will have four teams in this year’s War Games match, with both men’s and women’s divisions. That being said, loyalty is hard to come by in the squared circle and even family is torn apart in the name of competition.

Wargames have seen some pretty brutal betrayals in recent years, and this year could be no different.

#5. Mia Yim (Michin) betrays Team Bellar

Mia Yim is one of the newcomers to the Women’s Wargames match, and Alexa Bliss, Asuka, and Bianca Belair have not gone through previous battles with Damage CTRL. Yim is clearly only there to act as an equalizer for Rhea Ripley, and there’s no reason for her to be on the same page as Bellair when she’s able to put The Nightmare down.

Bellar is also the RAW Women’s Champion, which means there’s always a target on her back, and any woman who decides to make a statement at WWE Survivor Series could enter title contention.

#4. The cost of Judgment Day is Finn Baller

Judgment Day currently has more enemies than friends. Not only is The OC gunning for them, but they may be facing The Brawling Brutes after feuding with them on this week’s episode of RAW.

It’s clear that their formula for getting to the top doesn’t seem to be working. Since the team was too quick to turn on Edge while he was in his prime, the rest of The Judgment Day could be the next Finn Balor, casting Balor in a similar light to Edge. Balor faces AJ Styles at the Survivor Series Premium live event and his team may decide enough is enough and turn their backs on him, the root of their OC’s problems.

#3. Raquel Rodriguez cost Shotzi the SmackDown Women’s Championship

It’s a strange alliance that has formed between Shotzi and Raquel Rodriguez on SmackDown. It’s like Rodriguez was on the same page as Ronda Rousey a few weeks ago. The women’s division is unpredictable at the moment, and if Rodriguez wants to make a statement, she can invade the Women’s Championship match at Survivor Series and claim the title.

With Shayna Baszler on the outside, Rousey will be hard to get close to but if Raquel turns on Shotzi, she’ll put herself in the title picture, which would be more attractive to her than backing Shotzi to win.

#2. Kevin Owens turned on The Brawling Brutes

The Bloodline will face The Brawling Brutes, Drew McIntyre and Kevin Owens at WWE Survivor Series, and it seems clear which member will serve as the odd man out. Owens was the final member of the team added to the match, although he did not appear to be on the same page as his team on this week’s episode of RAW.

Owens has always done what’s best for him and turned on everyone he’s aligned with in WWE. The former WWE Universal Champion is a wildcard, and although his WarGames experience is a key factor in the selection here, his loyalty will be tested.

#1. Jey Uso turns on Sami Zayn

Roman Reigns hasn’t been pinned in nearly three years, but that could be the reason his team lost at Wargames this weekend. It’s become clear in recent weeks that the family dynamic in The Bloodline isn’t working and could be coming to a Survivor Series premium live event on Saturday night.

The most likely scenario is that Je Uso turns on Sami Zayn and finally gets the kill he was hoping for. This would cost The Bloodline the match and take away his role in the family, but after weeks of enduring The Honorary Use, Jay was able to decide that he wanted to make more of a statement than being a part of The Bloodline.

Do you think there will be many betrayals in the WWE Survivor Series wargames? Have your say in the comment section below…

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