Under Triple H’s reign, Carrion Cross found his footing after a forgettable first run in which the ball was thrown at him from the get-go during his previous WWE career.

Upon his return on the August 5, 2022 edition of SmackDown, Cross immediately targeted Drew McIntyre. Despite teasing a match against Roman Reigns, Cross and The Scottish Warrior took place on PLE in consecutive matches – first a strap match at Extreme Rules, then a steel cage match at Crown Jewel.

The Herald of Doomsday, along with real-life wife Scarlett Bordeaux, has been aimlessly floating around in the build to WWE Survivor Series. Here are three things he can do on the show.

#3. A last minute addition to the match card

Carrion Cross defeated Madcap Moss by submission on SmackDown.
Carrion Cross defeated Madcap Moss by submission on SmackDown.

Karrion Kross and Madcap Moss faced off on the November 18, 2022 episode of SmackDown in which the latter was tapped out. With WWE Survivor Series being the last main roster PLE of the year, a rematch match between the two this week could be added to the card, which has only four matches officially announced so far.

When Vince McMahon ran the company, we were often given last-minute additions, sometimes even on the day of the show. It wasn’t the best way to go, and since Triple H took over, all of PLE’s matches were pre-booked with proper build-ups for each of them.

But in the world of wrestling, anything can happen. Moreover, the game is so far a supporter of Cross. He promoted the latter’s return to the main roster as his in-ring debut, pretending that the last run didn’t even happen, and the latter was effectively booked from then on.

#2. Drew McIntyre feuded again to set up a rubber match

Drew McIntyre was the Herald of Doomsday's first target upon his return.
Drew McIntyre was the first target of The Herald of Doomsday upon his return.

McIntyre and Cross went their separate ways after their steel cage match at Crown Jewel 2022, but who’s to say the two won’t have a rubber match before the end of the year?

After losing last month at Crown Jewel and dropping the card at Survivor Series, Cross could make a statement by attacking the WarGames structure to dethrone McIntyre.

While the former WWE Champion seemed to have completed the entire ordeal, and the feud between the two was much to be desired – both matches featured a pepper spray incident involving Scarlett that cost the former the match – that could all change in December, with a final showdown to end their story on a high note.

Previously poised for a World Championship feud, The Scottish Warrior and the man formerly known as The Tolman can still shift gears and tell a more elaborate story.


#1. Officially begin feuding with The Bloodline at WWE Survivor Series: Wargames

The seeds of a potential feud with The Bloodline were planted on SmackDown.
The seeds of a potential feud with The Bloodline were planted on SmackDown.

Perhaps the November 18, 2022 episode of SmackDown was another tease for a future match.

Roman Reigns vs. Carrion Cross for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship has been previewed since August. It seems almost inevitable that a match between the two will take place at Royal Rumble 2023, possibly in the not-too-distant future.

Remember where it all began. All will end there as we know it. Glory will be mine. History will be made. And empires will fall. ⏳ #WWESmackdown https://t.co/5DngJycagu

What better way to officially kick things off than with Cross interrupting a Wargames match or sneak attack backstage at WWE Survivor Series, causing damage to The Bloodline in the show’s main event.

WWE Survivor Series: Do you see another way for Carrion Cross to participate at WarGames this Saturday? Let us know in the comments section below.

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