On an epic edition of SmackDown, Kevin Owens was revealed as the fifth member of Team Brawling Brutes, much to The Bloodline’s dismay. Plus, Ricochet and Butch made it to the SmackDown World Cup semifinals, Shotz beat Shayna Baszler for good, LA Knight slapped Bray Wyatt before being knocked unconscious, The New Day teamed with Braun Strowman to defeat The Imperium, and more.

Sami promises victory for the Zayn bloodline

Brutes brawling with Drew McIntyre gave The Bloodline another message to kick off SmackDown. Sheamus and McIntyre put aside their differences and cemented their long-standing bond, with McIntyre being named the “Honorary Brute”. Meanwhile, “The Honorary Us” Sami Zayn interrupted the group and guaranteed a Wargames victory for The Bloodline. Sheamus reassures Zayn that when Zayn finds out who the Brutes have chosen as their fifth man, he himself will be scared.

Ricochet beats Ali to advance

The first round of the SmackDown World Cup on FOX tournament continued as two of the biggest high-flyers battled on the ground and in the air in Mustafa Ali and Ricochet. Ali, already hurting from a beating at the hands of Bobby Lashley on Monday Night Raw, was clearly not 100 percent but still took the fight to Ricochet. Top-rope offense with a backstabber and superplex put Ricochet in complete control and they continued with a Michinoku Driver on the outside of the ring. A brave Ali nearly caught Ricochet with a 450 splash, but Ricochet rolled out of the way and finished Ali off with a shooting star press.

Carrion Cross def. Madcap Moss

Still feeling the effects of the disastrous cross jacket three weeks ago, Madcap Moss put up a strong fight against Carrion Cross. A fired-up Moss used his incredible athleticism to throw Kross off, but each time Moss picked up speed, Scarlett intervened and allowed Kross to regain control. Once Kross syncronized into a Kross jacket, Moss did everything he could to break it up, but Kross proved too powerful and eventually put Moss to sleep.

LA Knight provokes Bray Wyatt

A week after headbutting LA Knight, Bray Wyatt tried to apologize, but Knight had other plans. As Knight extended his hand for a handshake, he quickly pulled it back and slapped Wyatt. Knight jumped out of the ring and as Wyatt tried to make peace, Knight re-entered, slapped Wyatt again and rolled off the ramp as Wyatt looked on in shock.

SHOTZI def. Shayna Basler

After winning the Six-Pack Challenge last week and earning a SmackDown Women’s Championship opportunity against Ronda Rousey at Survivor Series, Shotzi returned to action on Friday night facing Ronda’s close friend, Shayna Baszler. Shotzi used quick strikes and her unorthodox style to gain an early advantage. However, Rousey’s ringside presence bothered Shotzi. Raquel Rodriguez came down to the ring to help her former tag team partner and Shotzy eliminated Baszler with a rollup.

The New Day and Strowman lay waste to Imperium

Before the match, Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston battled Giovanni Vinci and Ludwig Kaiser as Braun Strowman and Intercontinental Champion Gunther watched. After the bell rang, Strowman tagged in and began running roughshod over the Imperium, knocking down Vinci and Kaiser and tripping up Gunther. The New Day tagged in and made their presence felt as their tandem offense ended on Kaiser while Strowman’s mere presence scared Gunther away from making the save.

All out war between Brutes and Bloodlines

In the first round of the SmackDown World Cup Finals on Fox Tournament, Butch and Sami Zayn faced off in a match leading up to a Men’s Wargames match with Butch representing The Brawling Brutes and The Bloodline at Survivor Series.

With Sheamus, Drew McIntyre and Ridge Holland at ringside in Butch’s corner, Zayn’s corner consisted of undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos as well as Solo Sequoia. Inside the ring, Butch used his offensive attack and Bitter End to defeat Zayn, but order was completely disrupted as each man entered the ring and began brawling.

As the Brutes gained the advantage, the undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns came in and laid waste to Holland, Butch, McIntyre and finally Sheamus. As Reigns looks for his signature spear on Sheamus, Kevin Owens returns and reveals himself to be the fifth man of the Brutes. ! Owens evened the odds and delivered a stunner to Reigns as The Brutes stood up as the conclusion of SmackDown.

Source: WWE