Boy … you want to know which one god of war Sports was the greatest of all my adventures? Why let this trouble your mind? We are now above An adventure, fighting against the Norse gods. Focus on the task at hand. I will not tolerate stupid questions.

Boy, I think you’re looking at the back of my head. Shut up and kill that dragon.

Boy … I’m tired of your rudeness! If you don’t – (whispering to yourself) Deep breath… he’s still young. I am kind. i am tender I’m turning over a new leaf. I will count backwards from 10 … 9 … 8 …

Very nice, Atreus. I’ll tell you which god of war Adventure was the most powerful and what your generation would call “garbage”. But bother me not to rank mobile games. They don’t count. I don’t like them. Read, son, for A thorough ranking of god of war From worst to best game.

My best adventure: God of War: Ascension

A Cyclops watches the warriors battle in God of War: Ascension

Honestly, kid, I don’t remember what I did during this game. My actions were forgettable. I broke my vow to Ares, yes. But there was already a game about that whole plot line: The Origins god of war. Indeed, this game had some thrilling levels. My battle with Aegeon the Hecatoncheres – a monster with 50 heads and 100 arms – was a real highlight, but the rest of the game … went downhill from there. There was also a stupid dodge mechanic that made combat more difficult. I spent five games soloing it! Why should I suddenly be expected to do it again? It was nonsense. And what idiot thought it would be a good idea to include multiplayer?

My second best adventure: God of War: Chains of Olympus

Kratos from God of War: Chains of Olympus

This game was only released for the PSP and I believe it suffers for this reason. My deeds are larger than life! Those are legendary proportions! And yet it was presented on such a small screen! insulting Still, the fight was enjoyable. I was often drunk on the blood of my enemies, though I often had to be careful to push blocks around and solve silly puzzles. It was defamatory. The story is also nothing to write home about. I was a work boy for the fickle gods. Nothing of note happened until the last act. But I had to slog through the rest of the game to get there.

A fair game: god of war (2005)

Screenshot of gameplay from the original God of War video game

This title is where my adventure began, and so it is fitting, even if it is a humble beginning. My particular brand of hacking and slashing took the hack-and-slash genre to new heights. My combo was as beautiful as it was brutal. And my description was good. I was determined to stand against the gods and the players were concerned about my quest for revenge. The only downside to the game was the stupid puzzles I had to complete. I dragged so many blocks and for what? The platforming aspect was also a stupid choice. I’m nimble on my feet, but I’m a Spartan soldier, not an Italian plumber. Had I been given mushrooms and flying tanuki costumes to aid me in my quest, it would have been a different matter. But the gods were cruel, and I was not given such a boon.

A game worth playing, though: God of War: Ghost of Sparta

Screenshot of gameplay from the game God of War: Ghost of Sparta

It’s the second PSP game ever made to detail my exploits, and I can’t believe it hasn’t been released on a major console yet. The game doesn’t hinder itself by relying on scale and instead rewards creative gameplay. The players were also treated with deep consideration of my mentality. He met my family—my mother and my brother. The story had pathos, enough to move even the best Greek tragedy. The game also takes place in Atlantis—a thrilling setting! Who is safe from the fascinating secrets of the underwater city? Mortal man, for sure.

A very fair game: God of War III

Cover art for the game God of War 3

This game started with a bang and didn’t stop! Who can forget my climbing Mount Olympus to battle the gods? Who can forget when I poked out Poseidon’s eyes? Who can forget when I tore off the head of Helios and used it to light my way in the darkness? Who can forget when I killed my own father and then myself? I wish, son. I wish Those memories are painful to me now, but they didn’t thrill me when I was young. Indeed, they thrilled a generation of gamers as well. And I’m thankful. Without this game, my business in Greece would have been incomplete. And I would not have had the … privilege … of being your father.

The best game of my youth: God of War II

Kratos, depicted from behind in the game God of War 2

I started this game in a bad mood. To vent my anger I destroyed the mighty Colossus of Rhodes. Then the gods betrayed me and sent me to the underworld. I killed Hades, the god of hell. I defied fate itself. And I have a good time is doing I really enjoyed the game’s fluid combat and breathtaking boss battles. I really enjoyed it puzzles. I never thought I would see that day.

Parenthood, still a fair game: god of war (2018)

Kratos and his son Atreus in the fourth God of War game

Fatherhood has changed me, Atreus—I know that. And learning how to be a father to you is my greatest adventure. In doing so, the world saw a new side of me, just as I experienced a new side of myself. I’m older, more mature, and world-weary. I was filled with sorrow, and yet that sorrow was healed by love. I’m told that our first adventure brought the gaming community to tears, just as it moved me. And what glorious things we did! My son, we fought the dragon. We won the Valkyries. We shook the gods of this northern land.

My most suitable game: God of War: Ragnarok

Official art for God of War: Ragnarok featuring Kratos and the game's main characters

My best adventure is the one you and I are on. I have seen you grow into a strong young man and now you are a fierce warrior in battle. Our activities are bigger than ever. We are apocalyptic. We stand against the King of the Gods – the Allfather, Odin. We are also pitted against his son – the God of Thunder, Thor. Our battles were amazing. Our story runs deeper than ever, just like our love. I just hope we see it to the end. Whatever it ends up being, I’m glad to meet you.

(Featured Image: Sony)

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