Welcome to another issue of Outside the Box this week from Para Bellum Wargames, Modifius Entertainment, Mantic Games, Perry Miniatures and more!

Para bellum wargames Now accepting pre-orders for C Jotnar:–> More Para Bellum Wargames News

New plastic sets are available from War Games Atlantic: -> More Wargames Atlantic news

Modifius Entertainment New Fallout Miniatures Released: -> More Modifius entertainment news

New Kings of War miniatures can be pre-ordered Mantic Games: -> More Mantic Games News

TT Battle This year’s Black Friday miniseries presents: -> More TT fighter news

A new Hydrophilia miniature is coming soon Artel W Miniatures: -> More Artel W miniature news

Perry Miniatures The new release offers:-> More Perry Miniatures News

A new preview picture has been published by Mortian:-> More Mortian news

And Rubicon Models Introducing the new preview:–> More Rubicon Models News

And this week’s new Kickstarter campaigns:

Greebo Games – Snug Snug Halfling Hunters for Fantasy Football
0-hours – Rocketships and Flying Saucers: Miniatures and Maps
Forge of Doom Miniature – God of a Thousand Eyes
Flyos Games – Werewolf: The Apocalypse Retaliation
CyberMech Studio – Sets the Make Chase STL files
Arbiter Miniatures – Kickstarter 7: The Warwen Lords
Laura Baker – Wandering Market
OlimpYA Models – UNDEAD Legion 32mm Metal Miniatures
Warg’nav – Creatures of the night
Michael Crossman – 100 Post Apocalyptic Vehicular Combat Accessories
Apache Studios – Fantasy WWII Reich Ratman
QB – Deepgroove Kin: STL files
Admiral Apocalypse – Hive
Logan Genderon – Little Worlds 2022
Medusa 3D Project – 3D STL Set “Mountain of Madness”
Swords and Shield Creations – SciFi Terrain Vol. 1
Jose Jorge Pereiro – Herd of Animals 5
New Leaf 3D – Apothecary House 3D Printable STL Files
Zabaart – PILGRIMS
SlonPL – Warhammer Pack
Delvingwood – Combined play terrain
Logan Jensen – An Adventure Begins; STL miniatures
Diving Hippo Studio – Handmade Chinese Zodiac Pure Gem Dice
Curacreation – Shadow Elf Realm
Ramon Cubiles – Tharsis: Fantasy Myth
Tabletop Modelbau – Tabletop 3D STL Printable Modular Gaming Board – Stream
MegaMinis – Custom models with your head
Monica Keertipati – Land of Fairies Volume 3 Give What You Want
Obscure – Dr Baverstock of The Huntress Quartet 75mm & 1:12 Scale STL
Dennis Gonella – Oni Baca miniature
Wargame Forge – Gothic Epic Ruined Building Design Campaign
Dario – Dice Keepers: 3D Printable Dice Stand and Keepers Miniatures
Basement Stuff – German Village 28mm half-wooden laser-cut kits
Brett Nugent – Hunter Gatherer
Fellowship Games – Blacksell Corsair Dark and High Elves for Fantasy Football
Luis Donaldo Meza – Fantasy Warrior Line 2 3D Print STL
Broken Anvil Miniatures – Forged: A huge miniatures collection
Pharaoh’s Workshop – Taco Hell Wasteland Diner
Alain Viesca – Gunslinger Girl | Space Cadet Sculpture Series
Monolith Arts – Creatures of the Whispering Forest
Cinco Soles Games – ANAWAK (Relaunch)
Rstzzxx – Magical Character #1
Gamescape3D – Sea Stack Cove 1: Lighthouse
Secret Forge – Salem, Lordess of the Red Tower
Robert – Mutant Asylum: Complex of Horrors!
Digital Taxidermy – Click-Lock City Modular Cityscape Construction Kit Playset
Archon Studio – Heroes of Might and Magic III The Board Game


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