WWE will present Survivor Series: Wargames on November 26, 2022 from the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts. It promises to be a spectacular watch with a wargames theme.

Triple H and his team have generated some major buzz with their bookings for the show thus far. Wargames Match is one of the best terms offered by the company. With two such matches already confirmed, we can expect some massive carnage in the weeks from now.

However, there is always a way to make everything as good as it is. We present five ways WWE can add some hype to Survivor Series: Wargames and make it an all-timer of a premium live event.

#5. Book a championship match between Seth Rollins and Bobby Lashley at Survivor Series: Wargames

We want to take these two down in a proper match
We want to take these two down in a proper match

Austin Theory’s failed cash-in on RAW last week was panned by fans. However, WWE changed the theory and eliminated Seth Rollins and Dolph Ziggler a week later. The Bobby Lashley card also remains and the company could play it up for a hype match at Survivor Series: Wargames.

Rollins and Lashley have yet to have a proper battle for the former United States Championship. WWE could book this showdown and have the two men settle their issues once and for all. Given how compelling The All Mighty has been lately, the company could also pull the trigger on a long-overdue face turn for The Visionary.

#4. Charlotte Flair returns to the show as the final member of Bianca Bellair’s team

Flair's return to Survivor Series will send everyone into a frenzy
Flair’s return to Survivor Series will send everyone into a frenzy

Heading into Survivor Series: Wargames, the women’s match is missing a participant. Bailey’s team has all five members locked in, while Bianca Bellair’s team only has four. We may get to know the identity of the fifth member soon, but Triple H and the team must hold off on the reveal.

The wrestling world will go crazy if Charlotte Flair, the final member of Bellar’s group, returns. What would be even crazier if she did Kevin Owens and Bayley and her team were shocked that day.

The upcoming battle queen will be royally correct, and that’s why we hope she returns to Survivor Series to join EST and her band of sisters.

#3. AJ Styles vs. Finn Balor joins the third WarGames match


Let’s be honest – as much as we’d all love to see AJ Styles and Finn Balor battle it out in a singles match, the real money is playing some wargames between their respective factions. The feud between The OC and The Judgment Day has been simmering for a while now, and we think it should come to a head at Survivor Series.

Having more WarGames matches is always a good thing. Thus, a match between Styles, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson against Balor, Dominic Mysterio and Damian Priest would be a fantastic watch. The chaos these guys bring to the table (including using an actual table) will get the show started and set the mood quickly.

On second thought, why let only those men commit genocide….

#2. WWE also experimented with intergender wargames with The OC and Judgment Day


Rhea Ripley has been attacking male contestants for fun lately. Fans have responded positively to that booking. However, to really make that statement, she’ll have to face some of the men in the ring.

As such, it would be monumental if WWE went one better and allowed Ripley to compete in the aforementioned Wargames match at Survivor Series. Her battles with AJ Styles, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson would be the kind of thing that would be immortalized on the highlight reel.

The company could have The Nightmare execute some power moves on her male opponents and of course Mia Yim, who would have to add to the match to make it a 4v4 affair.

Some fans may question the inclusion of Ripley and Yim in another WarGames match when they are already booked to fight in one. To that end, we have to say – these are two of the toughest women on the main roster, and having them pull double duty would be best for business.

#1. Kevin Owens joins The Brawling Brutes and Drew McIntyre against The Bloodline and goes to Sami Zayn


A few months ago, Kevin Owens confronted Sami Zayn and The Usos and questioned why his longtime friend was wasting his time with The Bloodline. Honorary Us passionately defends his Dags, but in the time since, his presence has caused further tension within the group.

Zayn is set to join Roman Reigns, Solo Sequoia and The Usos in a battle against The Brawling Brutes and Drew McIntyre. Thus, a babyface would need a fifth member for even odds. Owens could be that member because of his history with The Master Strategist and his previous experience in the WarGames setting.

We have no doubt wrestling fans will lose their hearts if KO shows his friend the light and turns on The Bloodline. It will rob us of some happy moments, but start a plot for the ages.

Reigns and company taking on El at Survivor Series would also be a big shocker, and could be made possible by the inclusion of the prizefighter. Book a trip.

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