Please note: This article contains major spoilers for God of War Ragnarok. Proceed at your own risk.One of these god of war One of the franchise’s greatest assets is its ability to transition from one mythology to another. before previous god of war game in 2018, the idea may seem completely ridiculous and perhaps Kratos’ past embedded in the Greek pantheon. However, since Greek mythology was destroyed after the death of its leading deity, it makes a lot of sense to switch to someone else if the franchise must continue with Kratos’ narrative.

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The future of the franchise now looks incredibly bright after the events of Ragnarok God of War, several choices were made that left it open in an ambiguous direction. Atreus has left the Norse lands to hopefully find any remaining giants, which may lead him to another mythology if any of the game’s clues make sense. The very end is unclear Ragnarok God of War Where Atreus is headed, but wherever the franchise continues its adventures, it will be fantastic to see weapons from previously discovered mythology introduced into the story and gameplay.

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The god of war in Greek history should not be so easily forgotten

The god of war The franchise has been happy to indulge in its recurring Norse mythology for the past two games, but this has swept its Greek roots under a rug. in both god of war 2018 and Ragnarok God of WarKratos’ past is only mentioned a few times, and typically only in sparse dialogue as the player journeys haphazardly.

Finally, Ragnarok God of WarEndgame dialogue sheds a bit more light on Kratos’ past at Mimir’s request. It is here that Mimir wonders if Kratos can access any of the powers he possessed while in the Greek Pantheon, but Kratos claims that he is unable to even try to realize those abilities. Atreus traversing the myth appears to be further, as it is explained in Ragnarok God of War‘By sending.

The weapons introduced in the new mythology can be a fascinating homage

069 Nemean

Carrying over weapons from previous games to the next game may not make honest sense, but there are ways to do so for dramatic effect as well as gameplay satisfaction. It depends on which mythology god of war The franchise decided to travel further, but perhaps with another main weapon that could become as iconic as the Leviathan Ax of Norse mythology.

Atreus isn’t expected to have any of Kratos’ weapons, especially if Kratos is still alive and well in Norse mythology. But it is possible that Atreus will find additional weapons from his father’s past and use them in battle elsewhere. It would be satisfying to have a Medusa head to turn incoming enemies to stone, for example, God of War 3‘s Nemean Cestus could help Atreus pack a heavy punch. A Greek and Norse homage to an Egyptian, Japanese, or other proposed setting would be incredible to represent the environments that explore the various races of the franchise.

Given Kratos’ second entry as the game’s protagonist, all of his weapons are likely to be available. For example, DropNir Spear has many applications that would be a waste if featured in only one entry.

Ragnarok God of War Available now for PS4 and PS5.

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