Love gaming Grieving Dad is back to face Asgard. in Ragnarok God of War, our hero Kratos can wield an assortment of powerful weapons suited to any combat situation — and can learn various abilities to make them even more powerful. Kratos’ Blades of Chaos are his original weapons from the older God of War games and were reintroduced in the 2018 installment. Now, Kratos begins at their beginning Ragnarok.

Warning: Mid-game story and sidequest spoilers ahead Ragnarok God of War.

Blades of Chaos are great for crowd control. The material needed to upgrade the weapon is Chaos Flame. You get blades like the Leviathan Ax at the start of the game, and there are a total of eight Chaos Flames. The first five Chaos Flames are dropped by story bosses during the main campaign, making them impossible to miss. They are:

  1. Defeat Drake (Path: The Quest for Tyr)
  2. Defet Forest Ancient (Path: The Reckoning)
  3. Defeat Frost Phantom (The Path: The Word of Fate)
  4. Defeat Double Drake (Path: Creatures of Prophecy)
  5. Defeat Double Soul Eater (Path: Summoning)

Chaos Flame Location #6

This is the reward for completing the first six Muspelheim trials. Travel to the Mystic Gateway in the Crucible area. If you are in the middle of the arena there should be a Nornir chest in the middle. There are three giant words with two combat challenges each.

You can see three red sword symbols on the map that indicate challenge spots.Sony

Here are some tips for the six tests:

  1. Weapon Mastery – You just have to kill the enemies within a certain time limit. It’s pretty easy because you just have to use the right weapon against primary shields, like Leviathan Ax on enemies with Fire Shield and Blades of Chaos on enemies with Frost Shield.
  2. innocent – You have to defeat all enemies without taking a single hit. Most of these enemies will explode when you defeat them, so it’s best to use your Leviathan Ax and Draupnir Spear to attack them from a safe distance.
  3. Ring out – You will face enemies with fast regenerating health. So instead of killing them the traditional way by draining their HP bar, you have to pull them out of the lava below. Special skills like Leviathan’s Fury are useful to use as it will create a wave of ice that will launch enemies upwards, hopefully throwing them into the lava. The Serpent Trap is also very useful as Kratos will swing his Leviathan Ax at the enemy and knock them back. Chaos Blades’ fiery blasts and soaring chaos skills also launch enemies into the air.
  4. Feed the Rift – Here, you just kill enemies and they drop orbs. Kratos must grab the orbs and then throw them into the fissure in the middle of the area.
  5. Population control – You need to kill the bargasra enemy when the total number of enemies is four or less. At the beginning, four small enemies will spawn along with Bergsra. If you just focus on the Bergsra, you should be able to take them out before more new enemies spawn. If, for example, you accidentally kill Bergsra when the fifth small enemy spawns, you will fail the challenge.
  6. king of hills – Here, you need to keep the enemies away from the ring for a certain amount of time. There are three waves, and each wave adds an extra ring with the longer you need (40, 70, and 90 seconds, respectively). There’s a meter at the top that fills up the longer the enemy stays in the ring, and it doesn’t refresh after each wave, so be sure to eliminate any enemies as quickly as possible with any big attacks you have.

After completing the first six trials, return to the Nornir chest in the center of the arena and grab the Chaos Flame.

Location of the Berserker Gravestone in Vanaheim next to the Sinkholes Mystic Gate.Sony

Chaos Flame Location #7

To stop this Chaos Flame, you’ll have to survive the grueling Battle of the Berserker Gravestone — you’ll challenge Haklangar the Bearded in the Sinkholes area of ​​Vanaheim.

Haklangr hits very hard, and all of his attacks either break your shield or can be unblocked, so prefer to avoid his attacks. His main gimmick is applying a frost or fire shield to his health, so use the right weapon to destroy them. The Draupanir spear also works on both elements.

Haklangar’s most powerful attack will see him holding his hammer and preparing to strike the ground. You’ll see a dark green ring around him, and that’s your cue to get out of the area before he brings the hammer down.

After beating him, pick up the Chaos Flame he drops.

The Hateful is coming out of his dragger hole.Sony

Chaos Flame #8: How to get all 6 Chaos Sparks

To claim the ultimate Chaos Flame, you must find six Chaos Sparks. You can find them by defeating several ghost-like mini-bosses called “The Hateful”, which spawn in six Drauger holes scattered across nine areas. This is part of the “Born from Fire” favor that is activated by finding your first Drauger hole.

Drogger hole in the Watchtower area SvartalfheimSony

  • In the Watchtower area Svartalfheim – This will probably be the first one you manage to find early in the game and will activate the “Born from Fire” favor. The Watchtower is located at the Mystic Gate.

In the Applecore area Draugar Hole SvartalfheimSony

  • In the Applecore area Svartalfheim – Go to the Mystic Gateway in Applecore Descent. Continue through the dungeon and you should come to a room full of barrels

Draugher Hole in the Barrens region AlphemSony

  • In the Barrens region Alphem – Go to the Mystic Gateway in the Canyons and then ride the boat to the north to find this hole.

Draugher Hole in Nala Lake in MidgardSony

  • in the Lake of Nine region Midgard – Go to the Mystic Gateway in King’s Grave and ride the sled down to find where the Draugar Hole is.

Draugr Hole int he Abdoned Village area VanahemSony

  • Abandoned village premises in Vanahem – Behind the large building in the Abandoned Village area, the Dragger Hole is hidden there.

Draugher Hole in plains VanahemSony

  • In the outdoor area Vanahem – This can only be obtained after completing the “Return to the River” favor. To start this favor, go to the forest area in Vanahem, which will automatically activate the quest. From there, go behind the giant dam and raise it to send the water back across the entire crater area. You will now be able to use the boat to get to the small island with the Draugar Hole.

Ragnarok God of War Available now on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.