Contains spoilers for the following Ragnarok God of WarNow available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

Ragnarok God of War Like the previous game, the best way has already left its mark. In the short time it’s been out, fans are already finishing the game and learning the ending Ragnarokthe story of However, this is probably far from the end of the series’ Norse saga, the story of Kratos and Atreus.

the whole Ragnarok, Atreus struggles to come to terms with his fate and identity, while Kratos fights the battles thrust upon him as he works to right his wrongs and protect his family. Both have come a long way in the end, though Ragnarok Still leaves enough loose ends for the future god of war Game to follow.

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Atreus’ story deserves its own game

Atreus, or Loki, has been through a lot in recent times god of war in the game Ragnarok, Atreus makes new friends, gains new abilities, learns more about his family, and becomes a real man in the eyes of his father, Kratos. Watching Atreus grow is an emotional ride with a strong conclusion, but there’s still a lot of story to tell.

While Atreus was typically used as a more passive form of damage or buffs in previous games, he is given more utility. Ragnarok. At the beginning of the game, Atreus is taken from Kratos, allowing players to control each of them to experience all sides of the story. This makes combat dynamic, as players must switch between Atreus and Kratos at key points in the story. Atreus also has the new ability to transform into a wolf or bear and can do more.

Beyond that, Atreus grows a lot as a person throughout the game. He develops a strong, loving relationship with Angrboda, which can easily be explored in future games. Finding and restoring the giants is just as important as Atreus’ new quest. at the end of Ragnarok, he tells Kratos that the task is his own responsibility, and the two part way. With Kratos’ business unfinished, Atreus’ journey is compelling enough to take the spotlight in the sequel, though there’s little evidence to suggest the developers will shift the spotlight away from the God of War himself, Kratos. If anything, the opportunity to experience two parts of the same story could serve both characters well in a sequel.

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Other characters deserve closure after Ragnarok God of War

God of War Ragnarok Alfheim

Atreus isn’t the only one who goes through a lot of character development Ragnarok God of War. While players may have been happy to see Freya finally siding with Kratos again, other characters weren’t so lucky. Ragnarok Sindri reveals how much she always cared for her brother, Brock, to bring him back from the dead. Unfortunately, Odin kills Brock just as the brothers are reuniting. This leaves Sindri confused and at the end of the game it is unclear where exactly he stands. He undoubtedly has some conflict to resolve, which could pit him against Kratos in the process.

Kratos, however, has an incredibly bright future ahead of him. Eventually, Kratos gets a glimpse of his new future, with the possibility of becoming a beloved, benevolent god instead of being feared and hated. That’s enough for a sequel as Kratos works to make the future a reality. His path, along with the fate of his son, Freya, Angrboda, Thrud, Sindri, Fenrir, and many more characters deserve to be explored in any game after this. Ragnarok God of War.