It seems that Amazon’s Prime Video has recently been pushing for new releases that focus on contemporary topics that people know and love. Recently, their focus has been on fantasy and science-fiction, and now they seem to be turning their attention to video game IPs. Announced earlier this year, one of their next big projects is a Sony adaptation god of war for a live-action TV series. Of course, fans already have their preferences on who should play god of warof Kratos, and one of the top suggestions is Alan Ritchson.

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Amazon is bringing the game to live-action

Many streaming platforms have been moving towards focusing on fantasy for some time now. After their resounding success Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, Amazon Prime Video is looking at the genre of video game IP as a subject for their new series. There are whispers of trying to bring Mass Effect galaxy to life, and we’ve actually already gotten our first look at them Fallout Adaptation

The Fallout The TV series adaptation, starring Walton Goggins and produced by Killer Films, actually looks amazing so far. From what we’ve seen of silhouettes of someone leaving or entering a vault in the first-look images, it looks like they’re staying true to the game, and it’s looking really good so far.

Now, the next big video game property Amazon is trying to bring to life will be PlayStation’s poster child game, god of war.

Fan casting for Kratos

It wouldn’t be the internet without some fan casting. Since word began to emerge that there could be a live-action adaptation, as well as the latest game launch, rumors and fan castings god of war More live action than usual, especially for Kratos’ role.

First, Jason Momoa was cast as Kratos, which to be honest, the guy could fit into almost any role that would emphasize his massive stature. Then, Nick Offerman was cast as Kratos after he posted a photo on Twitter of him sporting a bald head and an incredibly full beard that perfectly suited the character.

Now, Alan Ritchson is being fan-cast as Kratos god of war T. V. series. In a bit of irony, Alan Ritchson also played Aquaman in the TV show, as did Jason Momoa. Smallville. I hope the internet isn’t saying that somehow being Aquaman is a secret criteria for being cast as Kratos.

Alan Ritchson has a long list of acting credits to his name, including the role of Raphael Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesHawk in The TitansAnd, most recently, Jack Reacher from Amazon Prime reaching (a highly successful release for the streaming service). So he has the looks and acting chops to pull off muscular characters. We can totally see why Alan Ritchson would be on the list of actors to play Kratos god of war series

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Ragnarok God of War is the latest installment in god of war franchise that focuses on the second and final ‘episode’ of the game’s Norse saga. It was one of the most anticipated games of the year after the huge success of its 2018 presentation god of war And people can’t wait for the next step in the series and now that it’s out, they just want more and more.

Luckily for us, it looks like Amazon Prime is currently in talks with Santa Monica Studios (the studio behind the amazing game franchise) to adapt. god of war as a live-action TV series based on the original PlayStation game. According to Deadline, no deal has been signed yet, but Amazon is determined to acquire the rights to produce the amazing TV show.

There are also some producers attached to the proposed project, such as Mark Fergus and Hack Ostby, known for their work Expansion and the showrunners of wheel of timeRafe Judkins.

What do you think about Alan Ritchson playing Kratos on Amazon Prime? god of war T. V. series?