NXT will air tonight (November 15) live from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando.

Without William Regal bringing up the name, there really was no point in NXT putting a WarGames-themed event on the schedule. So the two-ring, one-cage concept enters the main roster next Saturday Survivor Series. And in its place?

I and many fans think that NXT head Shawn Michaels will address next month’s statement. deadline PLE will be doing it on this week’s show. Both the video teaser and Michaels’ promo talk about innovation, so it’s a fair guess that HBK will bring out a new match concept.

What is the concept and how innovative will it be?

There’s not much new under the sun, which is why most of the predictions floating around the interwebs involve a “Championship Scramble” (the 25-minute timer flashing at five-minute intervals in the upper left corner of the video). Used by WWE in 2008 Inexcusable.

As explained by Michael Cole and Jerry “The King” Lawler, these five-man matches were 20 minutes long, with two wrestlers starting and a new competitor joining every five minutes thereafter. Any pinfall or submission resulted in a new interim titleholder, but that reign was not counted in the record books. Whoever was the interim champ when the timer expired kept the title and was officially recognized as the champion.

So for example, Brawn Breaker is still holding NXT Title After facing Von Wagner on tonight’s show, his next defense could be against a list of challengers like Wagner, Apollo Crews and JD McDonagh who have been chasing him as of late (the last two of which will face each other tonight). Add in Grayson Waller and, for fun, Andre Chase and you’ve got a PLE main event.

The concept can be slightly modified. For example, they may use the weeks leading up to December 10 to determine entry order through a round-robin tournament. Or perhaps go further by saying that whoever leaves the deadline as champion can enter the Royal Rumble in January.

However, it is also entirely possible that Michaels will not be announcing a repackaging of the Championship Scramble concept tonight. Heck, it could be a World War 3 comeback. They have 60 wrestlers in PC, right?

We’ll just have to tune in and see how innovative the NXT team will be and if they care about putting on a gimmick show at the end of the year.

The rest of the title scene

Alba Fyre’s managed to take out Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne in the past few weeks. But before she could challenge Mandy Rose, she felt she had to deal with the toxic attraction NXT Women’s Championship here Halloween Mayhem. I don’t think she should count on her Last Woman Standing match with Rose to be strictly one-on-one. I don’t want to expect Mandy’s epic reign to end tonight.

Ahead of their first one-on-one matchup next Tuesday, Carmelo Hayes and North American Champion Wes Lee sits down with Booker T for a contract signing tonight. Melo’s pride made him decide to get the belt back from Lee instead of going after Breaker, which certainly fits his character.

NXT Tag Champs Pretty Deadly has been sitting pretty since Hess’ interference helped defeat Braun & Weiss a few weeks ago. Are they going to a scramble defense, or will Kit Wilson and Elton Prince get a shot first? Like the winners of tonight’s Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen vs. The Dyad match?

After a successful rescue last Tuesday, NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions Kayden Carter and Katana Chance also need new challengers. It won’t be Zoey Stark and Nikkita Lyons again, as Stark felt bad after losing the title last week. And Lions saves her now-ex-partner from a superkick and pays him back even though Zoe loses the match cleanly, seeing that and never looking for them to reconcile anytime soon.

Other things to watch out for

• Speaking of the ladies of Breaking Bad , Indie Hartwell doesn’t seem to be her fun-loving self lately. Mrs. Loomis, we understand that you are a righteous maniac for Electra Lopez after La Madrina attacked you a few weeks ago. But there’s no reason to be rude to Roxanne Perez when she’s checking you out!

• He’ll make it to the moon someday, but right now it looks like Cameron Grimes is headed to the main roster after Ava Raine helped Joe Gacy beat him last week.

• Creeds appears to be done with Damon Kemp after Brutus spends five minutes killing a friend who betrayed Diamond Mine. Looks like a reunited Indus Lion is next.

• Suspicion is growing among the Chase U student body after Duke Hudson threw in the towel for Andre Chase last week, allowing Charlie Dempsey to take the win.

• NXT is her home, says Cora Jade. And there’s no room for a fool like Wendy Chu in Jade’s house.

• Successful entrepreneur Kiana James thinks Fallon Henley’s family bar is a good investment, but Briggs and Jensen’s pals aren’t looking to sell their favorite watering hole.

• T-BAR AND SCRYPTS? Still coming.

What are you going to find out on NXT tonight?