The Blades of Chaos is one of the most recognizable and iconic weapons in video game history and has been Kratos’ weapon of choice for many games. Many believed that the Blades of Chaos were retired for 2018 god of war For the Leviathan Axe, however, many were happy when it returned later in the game, but perhaps not Kratos, who resented his chains and the weapon binding him to his murderous past.

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When it comes God of War: RagnarokKratos has since abandoned his past and wielded the Blades of Chaos in several battles leading up to the upcoming war with the Aesir gods. God of War: Ragnarok Blades of Chaos are excellent upgrades and attachments come in the form of the best handles God of War: Ragnarok.

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8/8 Steel handles

The first handles that Kratos will unlock are the steel handles that unlock automatically at the start of the game. These are the original handles of the Blades of Chaos, and although familiar and reliable, they have no real potential outside of being upgraded. Upgrade materials may not be the rarest thing in the game, but that doesn’t mean players should waste them.

Steel handles are visually pleasing, but even at the highest level of level 9 they only hold Strength, Runic, Vitality, Cooldown, and Luck, down to 29 Strength and 17 in other stats. It can be set aside.

7/8 Deadly obsidian handles

Deadly Obsidian Handle in God of War Ragnarok

The Deadly Obsidian handles are fairly decent and ported Slayer’s Rage Burst Ability Players can gain additional Spartan Rage on kills made with Blades of Chaos using this handle. They can be found in a Legendary chest In one of the nine areas, SvartalfheimPerfect for those who want to constantly punch things in a spartan rage.

These handles prioritize strength above all else, which is the only stat that can be increased by upgrading Deadly Obsidian Handles. With these handles the maximum strength level will be at 63, meaning a powerful new weapon with not much versatility.

6/8 Cursed Empress handles

The cursed empress deals with the god of war ragnarok

Once players embark on a grueling journey to defeat The Hateful, they will take on the Cursed Empress Handles. The handle belonged to a queen who had challenged the gods and, in a blaze of vengeance, would aid Kratos in his new challenge against the Aesir. Through benefits Empress ShaktiPlayers will have a less fortunate chance to give the Blade a stack of Strength and Runic.

Strength and Runic can stack three times and are done by slashing with Blades of Chaos. Upgrading Cursed Empress Handles increases strength and luck moderately.

5/8 Bright retrieval handles

Bright retrieval handles

Kratos may not be a gambler, nor does he know what a gambler is, but the luminous recovery handles belonged to a legendary gambler. Hence these handles prefer luck and utility Whiplash Refresh. This perk means that Flame Whiplash, an ability used with R1 after Triangle, will have a better chance of granting a Blessing of cooldown allowing cooldown abilities to fully charge.

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Cooldown abilities are a great way to stay engaged in combat. Kratos has a lot of good lights and heavy runic attacks God of War: Ragnarok, and are all on cooldown once used. By using Luminous Recovery Handles, players can ensure the cooldown is reduced and these handles Legendary chest in SvartalfheimA decent amount of power, cooldown and luck.

4/8 Pommels of the Undying Spark

Pommels of the Infinite Spark in God of War Ragnarok

These powerful pommels focus on strength and runic upgrades. Despite Fimbulwinter’s harsh temperature, it was forged in the burning flames and heat emitted. This means they have the Searching burn perk, allowing them to increase burn status effects and increased damage when burned.

The Pommels of the Undying Spark are in A Legendary chest in Svartalfheim And Norse mythology is a great way for Kratos to remember his name and his power, as Kratos will set fire to all who are whipped and slain by the Blades of Chaos. At level 9, they have tremendous strength and runic damage.

3/8 Pommels of brute force

The god of war pommels brutal power in ragnarok

Stun is an important aspect God of War: Ragnarok. Players can also use their fists and attacks or Atreus’ arrows to fill up the stun meter on enemies. With a full stun bar, players can click R3 and perform a finisher, which is a brutal animation that kills an enemy. Pommels of Brutal Mite feature seized powerWhich grants a gift of power to players who can pull off this R2 Stun Grab.

The Pommels of Brutal Mite can also be crafted after The Reckoning quest upon returning to Friar’s Camp. They specialize in strength and defense and certainly help Kratos in close combat.

2/8 Handles tough combat

The god of war deals with harsh warfare in ragnarok

The solid war handles were forged in a fire so hot that they could never melt. Their fire burns widely, and hence they are known as benefits Expulsion Blade. This allows Hyperion Grapple and Hyperion Pull to deal extra damage and stun. Both of these capabilities are performed by L2 + R1 or L2 + R2.

Also found that a Legendary chest In Alfheim, these handles provide a large amount of strength and moderate protection and vitality at level 9. Hard Battle Handles are great for players who enjoy stun or want to keep their enemies close, as both moves of the Hyperion Grapple bring the enemy down. Kratos for more damage and Spartan Fury.

1/8 Pommels agile cheat

Pommels ragnarok of nimble treachery in the god of war

Blade Dancer Pommels of Agile Deceit has the added perk, which is a great perk for both defensive and offensive players. Pommels of Agile Deceit have a lot of versatility and can be crafted after returning to the Friar’s Camp during The Reckoning questline.

These pommels have moderate increases in strength and vitality, giving health and damage on top of the excellent Blade Dancer perk. Players will use Spinning Chaos and Evasive Ember’s attack skills to increase damage and reduce damage to hit enemies.

God of War: Ragnarok Available now for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5

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