raw Tonight (November 14) airs with a live show of KFC Yum! Center in Louisville, Kentucky. This is the second part of raw Build towards between three weeks survivor series, Which is happening on 26 November.

Bobby Lashley only cares about hurting people

Here Bobby Lashley suddenly turns heel while dominating Brock Lesnar crown jewel. He carried that ruthless aggression into last week raw When he defeated Mustafa Ali, Seth Rollins and Austin Theory.

Asked to explain his actions in an interview on WWE’s YouTube, Bob said the following:

“I’m not about winning matches right now. I’m just hurting people and people are going to pay for what they did to me… I’m going to have fun kicking everybody’s ass until I get my title back.”

Bob is talking about how he was kicked out United States Championship By Brock Lesnar last month. Lashley wants that title back, which means he’s facing current champ Seth Rollins. Ali and Siddhant met with an accident because they made the mistake of chasing the belt.

Lashley could use some allies if he plans to make enemies of the entire roster by kicking everyone’s ass. That’s why it’s notable that Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin both competed raw last week. According to data from CageMatch, Shelton had not competed raw From June, and Cedric’s last raw The match was in August. How likely are both of Lashley’s former stablemates in the hurt business to get matches on this date? raw (after months of being absent or irrelevant) as he is turning heel and establishing the fact that he wants to hurt people?

Does this mean WWE plans to put Hurt Business back together?

One potential strike against this idea is that both Benjamin and Alexander were easily defeated last week and looked like champs. They didn’t make a great case for how they could help Lashley moving forward.

Another strike against this idea is that the MVP is an integral part of the Hurt business, but it doesn’t do its own thing with omos.

This may all just be wishful thinking, but even if the new version of the group looks a little different from the original incarnation, it’s not crazy to believe that Hurt Business will be back together soon. If Bobby Lashley only cares about hurting people, it’s a thoughtless decision to reunite his old stable.

Looking ahead to tonight’s episode, Seth Rollins is going one-on-one against Finn Balor in a non-title match. If Finn wins, he will earn a future title shot. But given what Bob did to the last two guys who went after Seth’s belt last week, Balor will want to make sure the rest of Judgment Day is on his side for this fight.

The rest of the title scene

Raw Women’s Champion Bianca looks to end her feud against Damage Ctrl in a War Games match at Belair Survivor Series. Asuka and Alexa Bliss are on Bianca’s side, meaning they have room for two more partners. Many fans are hoping that Becky Lynch will return to WWE.

On the other side of the battle, Nikki Cross joins Bayley and co WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Io Skye and Dakota Kai. Rhea Ripley could be his eventual partner after spending some time backstage with Bellar last week. There’s not much time left to book this thing, so we might get some answers about the rest of the teammates tonight.

Will Jimmy and Jay be in the building tonight to celebrate their longest reign WWE Tag Team Champions all the time? If so, there might be an angle that takes us one step closer to a War Games match between The Bloodline and The Brawling Brutes and Drew McIntyre.

WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns doesn’t work most Monday nights, and based on local ads where his name isn’t listed, tonight’s show will be no different.

Nikki Cross defeated Dana Brooke 24/7 Championship Last week and then tried to throw it in the trash. As a result, it looks like the belt has been officially retired by WWE.

Other things to watch out for

– Johnny Gargano provided hidden camera evidence last week to back up his claim that Miz was stalked by Dexter Loomis. The Miz briefly shut down Gargano by cheating to defeat him in the match, but he’ll have to pay lip service to the scandal tonight. The most pressing question seems to be this: Why didn’t Miz pay Dexter the rest of the money when things got out of hand?

– Matt Riddle wants to form a band with Elias, and maybe he’ll get his wish tonight when they get together to take on Alpha Academy. Can Riddle trust that Elias won’t get sick of his actions and smash a guitar over his head?

– Austin Theory is the architect of the worst Money in the Bank cash-in in WWE history. He squandered his MITB contract for a second title and then failed to win that title. what a fool Before he blames his bad luck on everyone around him, he should explain what was going through his mind last week.

– Mia Yim joins up with The OC and her top priority is neutralizing Rhea Ripley.

– Baron Corbin’s new gimmick as the modern-day God of Wrestling isn’t the most exciting thing in the world. Which babyface will be stuck in his boring vortex tonight?

– Kevin Owens has been absent from WWE TV for quite some time now. Could he be Drew McIntyre and the Brawling Brutes’ potential partner in the War Games?

what are you looking for raw?