Last week, Feral Interactive made a huge release Medieval II: Total War States Expansion for Creative Assembly and SEGA’s beloved strategy classic Total War: Medieval II ($14.99) as an in-app purchase on iOS and Android. If you skip the base game earlier this year, that was the first total war Release on mobile to hit both Android and iOS/iPadOS at the same time rather than hitting iOS first. I called Total War: Medieval II In my review, the must-play strategy game for iOS has been elevated as a game I recommend to everyone, and a must-have thanks to Medieval II: Total War States Expansion For this review, I played the expansion and updated base game on iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 11 and iPad Pro (2020).

Before proceeding to the extension, Total War: Medieval II It has been updated twice since its launch with improvements and improvements. A few months ago, the iPhone notch issue was resolved along with improving the end turn speed. That update also improved mouse and keyboard support. in favor of Medieval II: Total War States Expansion, another major update for the base game was released last week. This update added an in-game launcher for unique missions, a settlement viewer, the ability to rename settlements, and other fixes. With these updates, even those who only own the base game now have a much better experience compared to what I played on launch day earlier in the year.

If you don’t keep up Medieval II: Total War States, it brings four campaigns: America, Britannia, Crusades and Teutonic. In addition to these standalone missions you can play as individual games from the launcher on mobile, this update brings two dozen playable factions that include several new ones. Another aspect worth highlighting is the new music added to the campaign. Compared to today’s DLC releases for games, this feels like a sequel’s worth of content without a reduction in in-app purchases.

When you launch the game and purchase the DLC, you have the option to either download all the campaigns together or get them individually if you want to save space on your device. The total installation for all campaigns using the base game on your device is a little over 7.5GB. You can move individual missions to free up space.

Given the price point, some might think so Medieval II: Total War States As just a small expansion of the base game, but it’s so much more. I had a lot of fun trying out new factions and slowly making my way through the missions. Instead of focusing on one location or time period, you can cross centuries here. Of the ones I’ve spent the most time with so far (again, plenty of replayability), the Britannia campaign is the most fun given the period, but I’ve really enjoyed Teutonic so far. Aside from the main campaign in each of the four campaigns, you can customize battles, jump into quick battles, or go into battle scenarios that change depending on what you choose from the four new DLC campaigns.

How am I satisfied? Medieval II: Total War States Works on my devices. It has no real issues except for some lag rendering like the original game. Given how well it looks and works on my iPhone 11 and iPad Pro (2020), you won’t have trouble with it on any recent supported device. On the phone side, the iPhone 14 Plus, which I used for a few hours, definitely felt better playing on the big screen. I think all of Feral Interactive’s releases work well on the iPad, but the iPhone 14 Plus screen size helps a lot with the iPhone version. After this it will be difficult to go back to the old interface of the PC version.

As with the original release of the base game, Medieval II: Total War States And updates to the base game don’t add any graphics options. As the only graphics option for the game you have the battery saver option. There’s no feral interactive tweaking of frame rate or resolution settings on each device like other releases from the studio.

Not to beat a dead horse, but I hope Feral Interactive and Sega can bring it back. Medieval II: Total War States And base game music for purchase. The music in the new missions is also excellent, and I wish I could listen to it outside of the game instead of relying on YouTube uploads. Medieval II: Total War States It really was some of the best audio design in the series, and I hope we eventually get a game that hits that high again.

I love the touch controls Medieval II: Total War States, but if you’re not a fan of playing with touch on your iPad, you can use a mouse and keyboard. These have their own in-game settings to tweak to your liking. This includes sensitivity and presets for FPS-style setups for bindings, or Total War One, assuming you’ve played Total War on PC before. Just note that it’s not currently available on iPhone.

Total War: Medieval II And that Medieval II: Total War States All expansion campaigns have excellent iCloud backup support. I had no problem playing on all devices and picking up where I left off. It has support for staying offline and letting you sync the next time you’re online and in-game. Feral Interactive is easily the best of the premium iOS and iPadOS developers in terms of how well they implement save syncing.

As I said in my original review, it’s so good on iOS and iPadOS that I hope Sega gets Feral Interactive to bring it over and expand it to PC like they did. Rome: Total War Remastered. Going back to the Steam version after playing the update Total War: Medieval II And state content on iPadOS and iOS is difficult. Feral Interactive has already done a great job with the base game, but with updates since launch and the Kingdoms expansion Total War: Medieval II Better than that.

One aspect I’m currently not a fan of is that once you get into the DLC campaign or the base grand campaign you can’t go back to the main launcher. Mentioned Feral Interactive This is a limitation of the mobile OS, but I hope a quit button is added later because being forced to manually close the game to go into another campaign is not intuitive. While I didn’t expect it to be added, it’s worth noting that the release Medieval II: Total War States And the update for the base game doesn’t include support for multiplayer if that’s important to you.

Total War: Medieval II The value was higher than the asking price, but the value offered Medieval II: Total War States is amazing. together, Medieval II: Total War States And if you have any interest in the genre and have a recent iOS or iPadOS device, the base game is an absolute must. It is difficult to imagine anything new total war Game DLC offers so much quality and value in DLC. With the expansion of Kingdoms and an update to the base game in a few months, Total War: Medieval II With states is absolutely necessary.

TouchArcade Score: 5/5