Welcome to this week’s edition of RAW Preview! WWE has wasted no time in starting the build-up to the Survivor Series wargames, with one match already made official and a few others teased on both RAW and SmackDown.

This week’s main event will feature a SummerSlam 2016 rematch, an apology from the Grand Slam champion, the aftermath of a big return, as well as a failed cash-in in the Money in the Bank briefcase by Austin Theory.

Since last week’s episode ended with Austin Theory’s failed cash-in, let’s see what the 25-year-old could be up to this week.

#5. What will happen to Austin Theory after his humiliatingly unsuccessful stay on RAW?

Just a few months ago, Austin Theory had the full support of Vince McMahon. He was the Golden Boy, the chosen one, and was announced as the future World Champion by Mr. McMahon at WrestleMania 38.

That dream turned into a nightmare last week. It should come as no surprise that Theory failed in its attempt to cash in, especially given its recent losses. This made it worse that he eventually decided not to face off against the Roman emperors. The young star picked up a Cash in the Bank briefcase against United States Champion Seth Rollins.

Although Bobby Lashley made an impact by attacking Rollins, Theory failed to capitalize. He joined an unfortunate list of superstars, including John Cena, Baron Corbin, Damien Sandow and Braun Strowman, who failed to make the MITB.

While fans may have seen this as a burial of the theory, there are indications that it will lead to a significant character change going forward. Don’t be surprised by his selfies and overall rudeness. While that face doesn’t signal a turnaround, it could be just the change the young star needs to take it to the next level.

#4. What will be the impact of Bianca Bellar’s Wargames announcement?

There are still two vacancies for Bianca Bellar's team at WarGames
There are still two spots left for Bianca Bellair’s team at the Wargames

Despite her victory over Bayley in a last women’s standing match at Crown Jewel, RAW Women’s Champion Bianca Bellair declared that the contest was far from over. Essentially calling it a war, Belair will challenge CTRL to damage a wargames match.

Bayley would accept, and Nikki Cross was also revealed to be on their side. Role Model now only needs one member to complete her team, while Bellar needs two more. Joining Asuka and Alexa Bliss will likely be the popular Candice LeRae, who was last seen three weeks ago before being eliminated by Damage CTRL.

That still leaves one member, but this week we get just a hint of who it might be.

#3. The Miz will “apologize” this week on RAW

Johnny Gargano caught The Miz red-handed last week on RAW as the former NXT Champion obtained video evidence of how he was paying A-Lister Dexter Loomis. Miz confirmed to someone recording him that he paid Loomis to attack him for attention.

He’s going to apologize for his actions this week, but as you know, things aren’t always what they seem.

#2. How will Mia Yim’s return affect The Judgment Day vs. OC feud?

OC may have found a solution to Rhea Ripley's problem
OC may have found a solution to Rhea Ripley’s problem

Last week on RAW, AJ Styles told OC that they couldn’t find the person to fight Rhea Ripley, but the person found her. As it turns out, the fourth member of the OC is the now returning Mia Yim, who helped pull off The Judgment Day.

With OC finally having a level playing field, where is this debate headed? Could we potentially see a third Wargames match with both teams recruiting one member each? Or are we ready for something different?

Either way, a clash between the two factions is definitely guaranteed for Survivor Series 2022.

#1. Seth Rollins will face Finn Balor in a rematch at SummerSlam 2016

The United States champion faces his old foe
The United States champion faces his old foe

What we didn’t mention above is that Seth Rollins got mixed up with The Judgment Day and The OC last week when he initially walked out for his United States Title Open Challenge.

With Judgment Day looking like they were aiming for their first piece of gold, OC came out before the chaos started. Seth Rollins was safe, but was caught in the middle of the crossfire.

Rollins faces Finn Balor in a non-title match on the upcoming episode of RAW. Who will come out with the big win? Will OC cost Finn Baller this match?

How do you think RAW is shaping up this week? Let us know in the comments section below.

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