Warning: This article contains spoilers for God of War Ragnarok.

Ragnarok God of War It has received favorable response from fans and critics and is also one of the most successful god of war Game at launch. As fans dive deep into the Nine Realms and watch Kratos battle the gods once again, many video gamers are debating whether or not this will be the game of the year.

while the GoW (2018) And GoW Ragnarök While Kratos has taken a step back from the number of gods the games actually face, he still has his fair share of battles to contend with. Some aren’t always what they seem, and others have already delivered some incredibly memorable battles, like Thor and Odin.

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7/7 Bjorn (Atreus)

Kratos battles Bjorn in God of War Ragnarok.

The first boss fight players will encounter in the game will be Kratos’ own son Atreus. Atreus is unaware of his shapeshifting abilities early in the game and accidentally transforms into a giant bear.

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This boss fight provides a good opening challenge for the game, but is the most difficult of the gods Kratos faces. Players may feel a little rusty from the combat system, but they should emerge victorious without any problems.

6/7 Onedis (Freya)

Kratos fighting Vanadi in God of War Ragnarok.

Much like his fight with Atreus, Kratos doesn’t realize who exactly he’s fighting when he comes to the Vanadis boss fight. This started the Valkyrie battles again GoW (2018)Some tough boss fights in between GoW game, and has one of the few boss battles like Kratos.

This fight is definitely more challenging than Atreus and will require more than one attempt if the player is not careful. The boss fight is a great way to give fans an easy Valkyrie fight and finally lets players fight Freya at least once.

5/7 Thor the God of Thunder (Second Battle)

Kratos and Thor the god of war at the end of their battle in Ragnarok.

GoW Ragnarök One of the most anticipated games of the end of 2022 and one of the most popular fights was Thor being the only god that players get to fight twice. Surprisingly, the second boss fight is much easier than the first. This fight looks relatively different from the first boss fight, and players should not rely on their knowledge from the first boss fight.

Depending on the difficulty the game is set to for the player, it shouldn’t take many tries to defeat Thor. The outcome is quite different from how Kratos’ battles against the gods usually end, but unfortunately, fans didn’t get to see their favorite god of thunder, Odin, live for much longer.

4/7 Thor the God of Thunder (First Battle)

Kratos locked in battle with Thor in War Ragnarok

The first boss fight against Thor is more difficult, and players may find it more difficult simply by fighting Thor relatively early in the game. They have access to very few skills and still hang the combat system.

Regardless, the fight between Thor and Kratos, flying from one area to the next, with Thor’s lightning bolts even freezing, is one of the best boss fight games have to offer with its beautiful cinematics. What stuck with many fans was the incredible scene where Thor actually kills Kratos and revives him with his hammer, Mjolnir. Everything about this fight perfectly demonstrated why Thor is one of the best-portrayed gods GoW Ragnarök.

3/7 Heimdall God of foresight

Kratos battles Heimdall in God of War Ragnarok.

In fact, Heimdall was the biggest obstacle for the characters in the character. Creation of one of the best weapons in GoW Ragnarök, Draupnir, helped Kratos turn the tide as he fought against the wrathful god. The strategy for defeating Heimdall is very different from what players are used to with most bosses, but it helps provide an extra challenge and allows players to get a better grip on Draupnir.

The boss fight of course ends with Heimdall’s death and has a different ending than normal. Kratos is shocked and disgusted that he actually brought himself to kill Heimdall, though part of him is glad he did.

2/7 Odin the All-Father

Odin asks Atreus to use the mask in Ragnarok, the god of war.

The All-Father himself offers the most challenging boss fights in the game and consists mainly of two stages; One where they fight him in front of the Great Lodge and another where they fight him below it. The fight feels a bit lackluster in the first half due to the lack of impressive visuals and the same combat area as the other Thor fights.

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However, the second half of the boss more than makes up for it as the scenery changes, and there’s an incredible scene of Odin breaking off and giving up the mask he’s been searching for for so long. The last half of the boss fight really pushes the player to test their skills and use all three of Kratos’ weapons.

1/7 Gná the Valkyrie Queen

Gna god of war steps on Kratos in Ragnarok.

There is no doubt that the toughest god players will fight is Gná, the Valkyrie Queen. This fight will take every ounce of skill that both the player and Kratos have. It is impossible for any player to defeat Gná on their first try, and it will probably take a long time to master the boss battles and defeat her.

Some players have come up with some creative and crazy ways to beat this boss but still, she is not easy to defeat. The fight ends with a heartbreaking dialogue shared between Freya and Gna where Freya begs her to let go of her hatred. Gná simply accepts her defeat and tells Freya to kill her to which Freya obliges.

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