This week on SmackDown, The Brawling Brutes aligned with Drew McIntyre to take down Roman Reigns and The Bloodline.

These four men were able to gain an advantage over the most dominant group in WWE today, but at Survival Series, they will need one more member as WarGames will be a five-on-five match.

Sami Zayn was not part of last night’s episode of SmackDown due to personal reasons but is expected to return as part of the match in less than two weeks.

The following list contains only five current WWE Superstars who could align with Roman Reigns and The Bloodline vs. The Brits.

#5. Nome Dar

WWE released their NXT UK brand wholesale after Triple H retired. That means there aren’t many stars left on the roster who are British that Drew McIntyre and Sheamus can call upon, but one man who could answer the call is Noam Dar.

He was once on the main roster as part of the cruiserweight division and is a memorable name for WWE fans. NXT UK has not seen the door since disbanding and was able to win the Heritage Cup for a second time as part of the final episode of the show.

At the moment all the men in Wargames are British stars and Darr’s former rivals, so he can answer their call for the ultimate team player.

#4. Kevin Owens


Kevin Owens has been away from WWE TV for the past few weeks, and reports suggest that he will be stepping into a storyline with Roman Reigns and The Bloodline.

Owens and Sami Zayn have a history, and if Drew McIntyre and Sheamus are looking for someone to neutralize Honorary Uce, look no further than his former best friend.

It’s worth noting that Owens wasn’t happy with Sami’s recent alliance with Roman Reigns and The Bloodline, and the company could return to this storyline if they have no other options in the future.

#3. Wade Barrett

Wade Barrett was once one of Britain’s greatest exports to WWE, but now there are many other British stars capable of flying the flag as well. Barrett returned to the company as a commentator and is a regular presence on SmackDown alongside Michael Cole.

Barrett has teased his in-ring return in recent interviews and could be persuaded to take another bout if he is able to make it to WarGames and represent his country once again.

#2. Tyler Islands

Tyler Bate is a British star that many fans already know about as he has already made several appearances on the main roster. The former NXT UK Champion has been making a name for himself on NXT in recent years but could be called back to be part of this match against his fellow British stars.

Now that Butch is a face, he can approach Tyler Bate and ask them to help out at Wargames, as the two have an interesting history in WWE and have had some fantastic matches in the past.

The British knew they had to do their best to overcome the threat of the Roman Kings and The Bloodline.

#1. Randy Orton has unfinished business with Roman Reigns


Randy Orton has not appeared on WWE TV since May 2022, when he and Riddle lost their RAW Tag Team Championship to The Usos. Orton was then attacked by The Bloodline and has been on the shelf ever since, with Matt Riddle struggling to exact revenge on his own.

It may finally be time for The Viper to return, and where better than WarGames to get his due revenge for the attack that sidelined him for six months?

Who do you think the Brits will find as their teammates in the war games against Roman Reigns and The Bloodline? Have your say in the comment section below…

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