Along with adding more areas, characters and moves, Ragnarok God of War Allows players to control Atreus. Older and wiser, Atreus’ fighting prowess is deeper in the importance of the story and the quality of his dialogue. Now that he knows he is part of the Jotun, Atreus becomes a much larger figure in the ensuing war and throughout the series.

He still goes head-to-head with Kratos in the first game and has the same childish flamboyance in many of his quotes, but he’s smarter and more understanding of why his father kept things from him. Atreus has grown a lot in the games and has the quotes to prove it. He paints a picture of a young man becoming a man and struggling to understand his place in the world and how to follow his father but not make the same mistakes.

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10/10 “I want to help the God of War and stop Odin.”

Perspectives on Atreus’ Tyr

Kratos and Atreus drive a plow into the location of the god of war

When Thor and Odin break into Kratos’ house and set the plot in motion, Atreus and Kratos are the first to find Tyr. On the way to find the god, Kratos asks what Atreus wants to do when he finds the tire. Atreus tells Kratos exactly what his plans are.

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This is a very interesting quote because Atreus doesn’t even know the importance of what he’s saying. Tyr is the god of war in Norse theology but unbeknownst to him, his father is also the god of war in the Greek pantheon. Despite not meaning it, Atreus promises himself to fight alongside his father against Odin, essentially setting up the finale.

9/10 “See what I can do when you trust me?”

Atreus is all grown up

God of War Ragnarök will show the tension between Kratos and Atreus.

One of the main conflicts of the Norse Age god of war The game is about Kratos trying to protect his son from the dangers of the world, even if that means protecting him to the point of not letting him make his own decisions. Atreus pushes against these restrictions as he tries to make his own way in life.

Kratos doesn’t trust Atreus because he’s worried that if he does, he’ll lose him. But Kratos proves what he can do when Atreus trusts him after saving his father and turning the hellhound Garmer to the heroes’ side. Atreus explains here that he is no longer a child, and must be trusted if they are to succeed.

8/10 “My arrow, my mistake.”

Atreus learns to own up to his mistakes

God of War Ragnarok Atreus and Broke

Atreus’ growth throughout the game is shown through his actions and his dialogue, and one of his lines comes back to an event in the previous game when he was younger and more stupid. in God of War (2018) Atreus accidentally shoots a pig that is actually a shapeshifter, Hildiswini.

in Ragnarok, Atreus and Kratos run into Hildiswinnie in his human form and, while holding no ill will against the shapeshifting duo, apologize for their role in maiming them. Kratos tries to blame himself, but Atreus stops him and says that he called the shot, so he has to apologize. Even years after the events, he still knows he made a mistake and finally owns up to it.

7/10 “Whatever.”

Atreus is still a moody teenager

Atreus looking at a gem with Kratos behind him looking away in God of War Ragnarok.

“Whatever” means “boy!” to Atreus. That’s the catchphrase. is for Kratos. It’s the perfect word to describe his teenage, moody feelings. Combine that with the fact that he’s secretly part Jotun, and “whatever” might be the coolest thing to ever come out of his mouth. It is easy to remember and can partially sum up god of war the game

He says so many times that at one point Ragnarok Atreus is transported to a dream-like world, filled with younger versions of Atreus who repeat lines from previous games. But eventually, they all develop into saying the same thing over and over again. It becomes a cacophony of voices that throw Atreus’ passivity and anger back in his face.

6/10 “You can help more, don’t you think?”

Atreus met Thor

An image from the 2018 God of War game showing Mjolnir on Thor's waist in the foreground and Kratos and Atreus near the door in the background.

One of the most exciting sequences in Ragnarok God of War, Atreus finds Thor in Asgard in one of the warrior temples, drunk and depressed over the death of his sons. Atreus tries to stand him up but it all makes him drunk, leading to a bar-wide brawl between all the warriors.

At one point, Atreus is killed by one of the Einherjar before Thor laughs and throws him away. Atreus then says how the god of thunder might be a little more helpful. It’s a classic action-movie line that fits the tone of the game very well, and Atreus seems calm under pressure but not overconfident. It’s the moments that make it god of war The game is very incredible.

5/10 “Wars are won by those willing to sacrifice everything.”

Atreus learns the price of war

Kratos looking up holding a bow holding an ax next to an ax.

Atreus is the son of the god of war and before the war in 2015 RagnarokHe finally sees, for the first time, his father before he arrived in Midgard after the events of the Greek Age. god of war. Kratos’ battle-speech has many echoes of his time as a bloodthirsty Spartan general, and Atreus survives in a moment.

When he sees innocent people dying during the war, Atreus repeats the line of sacrifice and uses it to calm himself, even though he knows it is wrong. This is a great line because it shows that Atreus is always listening to his father and will absorb the wrong teachings if he is not careful.

4/10 “I’m making a focus, something my father taught me.”

Atreus’ journey mimics that of his father

Kratos placing his hand on Atreus' shoulder in God of War Ragnarok.

The cut from Kratos punching a wall and running into Atreus doing the same thing in Midgard really drives home the importance of this quote. At this point in the story, Atreus has left Kratos for Midgard and seems to like Odin as much as the other fathers.

But Atreus still hasn’t completely forgotten about his father. When he gets time alone, he goes back to what his father once told him. In this case, punching the wall for strength and focus, but it’s important that he remembers those lessons even when they’re apart.

3/10 “The truth is you’re a complete a*hole!”

Atreus still acting young

The Atreus character from God of War Ragnarok, looking distressed with outstretched arms.

While Atreus in Ragnarok God of War While he’s more mature than the gamer we’ve met in 2018 games, he can still act like a child. When Atreus sneaks out alone and discovers some secrets for himself, he fights with his father about lies and truth.

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Atreus accuses his father of keeping secrets and not trusting him, and when Kratos demands to know the truth about his whereabouts, Atreus explodes and curses him. It’s a rage thrown by the half-god, half-Jotun, and Mimir tells him to put it down.

2/10 “Close your heart.”

Atreus battle becomes fierce

Kratos and Atreus look at each other in God of War

During the siege of Asgard and the beginning of Ragnarok, Atreus saw what Kratos had been trying to hide from him for so long, namely violence and war. When Atreus runs into it and sees the innocent Midgardians being led by Odin, he is at first shocked.

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But he tells himself to harden his heart and keep fighting, the same way Kratos deals with his own problems. The quote shows that Atreus will hurt others for the greater good, but it’s not easy for him. Thankfully, his father is there to guide him down a more righteous path.

1/10 “Don’t be sorry father, be better.”

Connect Kratos and Atreus

Kratos and Atreus embrace each other in God of War: Ragnarok

Before the climax of the game’s storyline, Atreus and Kratos have a heart-to-heart, where Kratos apologizes for distrusting him and treating him like a child. It’s an unusual moment of vulnerability and recognition of how his way isn’t always the best way.

Here’s a quote from Atreus, the perfect response to Kratos’ tantrum. Atreus tells him to be good instead of feeling sorry. It might sound like he doesn’t accept the apology, but it’s the same line Kratos tells Atreus in the beginning. God of War (2018) When Atreus apologizes for scaring the deer. This is an acceptance of Kratos’ apology as well as an acknowledgment that Atreus respects his father.

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