The total war The Creative Assembly series is one of the most popular franchises in the strategy genre, combining turn-based and real-time gameplay to create levels of tactical and strategic decision-making. Launching with Shogun: Total War In the summer of 2000, total war Since then 15 major titles have been released, covering 7 periods of history, as well as diving into fantasy. Total War: Warhammer series

All of the total war The game received positive reviews from critics upon release, and some even won critical acclaim. However, fan opinion will always be divided on which titles are truly the best examples of the franchise and which should be relegated to history.

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Total War: Medieval 2: Released in 2006, Medieval 2 marked a major turning point in total war Although the series goes back to the 11th to 15th century time frame from the original game Total War: MedievalIt expanded greatly MedievalMain features of On top of more diverse factions and armies, Medieval 2 Featuring more diplomacy options, an improved UI, smarter AI, and better balance in combat. These improvements helped to cement a better polished finish Total War: Medieval 2ranks as one of the fan favorites total war titles, many players are returning even after 15 years. Contributing to this longevity, Medieval 2 It is also the most-modded total war Titles mods range from minor additions to complete rebuilds, some of the most popular being Remake Stainless Steel and Lord of the Rings Conversion The Third Age: Total War.

Total War: Warhammer 2: Total War: Warhammer It may have been the series’ first step into fantasy, but it took until Warhammer 2 To show what Games Workshop collaboration can really do total war. As well as many improvements in quality of life, Warhammer 2 Featuring something never seen before in A total war game, a campaign combining content from two different titles. Combining maps and groups of Warhammer 1 And Warhammer 2 In a single, gigantic sandbox campaign called Mortal Empires, Warhammer 2 It allowed for an unprecedented level of replayability, as well as a world that felt both dynamic and familiar.

Total War: Shogun 2: In 2011, Creative Assembly returned players to the original setting of the series Total War: Shogun 2. A return to 16th-century Japan was an immediate hit with fans and critics alike, praised for its refinement of the classic. total war The gameplay as well as its immersive setting. Following on from continent-wide maps of Empire And napoleon, Many players applauded the return to a narrower focus, where local politics, resource management, and settlement building became more important.


Total War: Warhammer 3: Despite some lingering difficulties in his story campaign and settlement battles, Total War: Warhammer 3 represents the culmination of Total War: Warhammer Trilogy as well as many quality of life improvements, Warhammer 3 Mortal Empires expanded into Immortal Empires, a truly massive sandbox campaign with hundreds of playable factions and three continents to conquer. With bugs still being ironed out and its first DLC on the horizon, Warhammer 3 Looks set to join its predecessor in the S-Tier.

Total War: Three Kingdoms: Total War: Three Kingdoms For the first time since 2009, the main series is set in a brand new historical setting Total War: Empire. Set during the fall of the Han Dynasty in 2nd century China, the game is based on mythology A Romance of Three Kingdoms. for the first time, Three states It allowed players to choose between a semi-fantasy romance mode, where legendary heroes can defeat hundreds of ordinary soldiers, or a more realistic record mode. The game also features the most in-depth and satisfying diplomacy and espionage mechanics total war series, a huge improvement that many fans hope will return in the next major historical title. total war The game has always been focused on winning, but strong diplomacy Three states Shows players another way to reach their goals.

Total War: Rome 2: Despite the bug-ridden initial release, Total War: Rome 2 has become one of the best historical titles in total war The series features an expansive map spanning from Ireland to Pakistan. Rome 2 Its playable factions also got improved internal politics, more diplomacy options, smarter AI, and better camera options for cinematic battles. The game also expands on character and army customization Shogun 2, With extensive skill-trees and the ability to equip troops with traits and weapons.

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Total War: Warhammer: Genuine Total War: Warhammer was the historical title for total war series, marked the first time the franchise strayed from true history and ventured into fiction. The knowledge-rich world of Games Workshop Warhammer Fantasy Tabletop wargames were an ideal pairing total war, boasting dozens of unique factions, each outfitted with infantry, cavalry, heroes, and monsters. This is done by various groups Total War: Warhammer One of the most replayable games in the series, adding an extra tactical layer to real-time battles in addition to magic.

Total War: Rome: Genuine Total War: Rome It was the first game in the franchise to receive critical acclaim and represented a respectable version of the classic total war The gameplay that pioneered Shogun And Medieval. One of the biggest and most popular changes was the 3D campaign map, which also featured free map movement instead of province-based hopping. This helped with the shift total war The series has strayed far from its original tabletop inspiration and helped solidify its position as an innovative strategy franchise.

Total War: Napoleon: It’s like that Warhammer 2 Newly refined total war Setting from Warhammer 1, Total War: Napoleon Polished the setting and gameplay Total War: Empire. Napoleon reduced the global spread of Empire In the wars of early 19th century Europe, featuring four narrative campaigns covering Napoleon’s military career. The game also features numerous technical and gameplay improvements that elevate it over its direct predecessor, including a new physics system, simulated attrition, and improved AI.


Total War Saga: Troy: As the most recent historical total war title, Troy Living up to the series’ classics has been tough. This is part of the problem TroyStatus of a A total war saga Game, a subseries shorter, shorter and more focused than the main one total war Titles such as saga game, Troy Major games in the series haven’t received much care and attention since launch, with many issues including poor unit paths and collisions remaining unfixed. Despite this, Troy remains out of the D-tier due to some of its innovative features on the campaign map, such as the barter system, improved diplomacy, and favor of the gods.

Total War: Attila: It’s like that Napoleon Refined and focused gameplay Empire, Total War: Attila does the same for Rome 2. Set in the 4th centuryAttila Features a more descriptive campaign than Rome 2, with major events such as the Hun invasions and migration periods as the campaign progresses. Despite having some of the best battlefield mechanics in history total war series Attila‘s campaign faces some fairly major balancing issues, including poorly designed technology and an opaque and punishing corruption system.

Total War: Empire: Total War: Empire was the first total war A realistic take on gunpowder warfare with Napoleonic era infantry, artillery and cavalry. The great navy also boasted substantial naval combat, capable of dominating the oceans on a campaign map that spanned the globe. unfortunately, Empire Siege gameplay was also riddled with bugs and issues with some major AI issues making it almost unplayable. Many of these difficulties came from the new Warscape engine, which forced the developers to simplify many of the features that have become staples of the series.

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Total War: Shogun: Genuine total war The title, launched in 2000, introduced the world to the series’ unique blend of turn-based strategy and real-time strategy. Set during the Sengoku Jidai “Warring States” period of feudal Japan, the game had players take on the role of a local daimyo in an attempt to unite the nation. Although well received at the time, Shogun Running on modern computers is extremely difficult, leading to numerous bugs and errors. In addition, this is a very early prototype of the classic total war The system is missing several essential features and quality-of-life improvements, making it difficult to recommend in 2022.

Total War: Medieval: like Total War: Shogun, Total War: Medieval represents the first, trivial steps of total war series Medieval‘s new setting and updated gameplay ensured the future of the franchise Shogun, offering a refined and polished experience. Despite these improvements, Total War: Medieval shares ShogunProblems in modern computers. Bugs and glitches make the game difficult to enjoy in 2022, and missing features will be immediately obvious to any fan of the latter. total war Titles

Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia: First A total war saga game, The throne of Britannia It is set in the British Isles in the 10th century and has a hyper-focused campaign based on local culture and politics. unfortunately, Britannia It suffers from many of the same issues found in its fellow Saga games Troy. This includes unfixed bugs, experimental gameplay design with no mesh total war A general lack of system and polish. Due to these issues, many players were upset by the game’s lack of replayability compared to other mods total war The differences between the game factions were largely cosmetic, and the campaign map and time frame were too short to allow for deep strategic decisions.

Total War: Warhammer 3 Available for PC.

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