There are few brands in gaming with as much history in the industry as Sony. Upon entering the market in the mid-1990s, the PlayStation quickly became synonymous with quality, cutting-edge console gaming and great first-party exclusives. With a library that includes similar franchises Crash Bandicoot, Ratchet and clank, Gran Turismo, Jack and Daxter with similar titles Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, And much more we could include (but there’s only so much paper in the world). Sony pushed SEGA into the mud and kicked Nintendo in the shins to become the destination of the home console experience.

Yet, with all those great experiences, few people had the staying power god of war. Even today, in 2022, after a soft reboot that slowed down the franchise, focused more on character development, and took on a whole new pantheon of gods, the series is going strong with a new title. Releasing just in time for this year’s holiday season.

Sure, no doubt about it Ragnarok God of War Perhaps another all-time-classic that will be remembered for decades to come, but before the series began its next saga, fans were treated to a prequel pre-dating all of Kratos’ adventures—God of War: Ascension. A title that still divides fans today.

Before we get into that, let’s fire up our PlayStation 3s and remember the magical year 2013 was. it’s march The Harlem Shake If Baauer dominates the chart be lucky Daft Punk took over the radio waves just a month ago. Audiences thronged the silver screen to watch the James Franco star Oz: The Great and Powerful. Iron Man 3 Release was only two months away—just like that The Great Gatsby- After that iron man in June. will be discontinued with the year The Hunger Games: Catching Fire In November.

Meanwhile, in the gaming world, Sony’s PlayStation 3 was battling for second place in the market against the Xbox 360, while the Nintendo Wii sat unused in everyone’s home, while its successor, the WiiU, launched a year earlier with little fanfare.

“…before the series begins its next saga, fans were treated to a prequel pre-dating all of Kratos’ adventures—God of War: Ascension. A title that still divides fans today.”

Sony, after the start of the generation, turned things around with a string of generational successes Unknown 2, Big planetand of course, God of War III. After Kratos’ saga wrapped up, there was nowhere left to explore. There were no more Greek gods to conquer, but we were not ready to turn to other gods. So, Sony did what it has already done and gave us another prequel to Kratos’ story. Only this time, it won’t be a small handheld title made by a secondary studio. Instead, we’re going back to the beginning with an experience developed by Sony Santa Monica.

Remember when the story of God of War of Greece ended with the prequel 589934
God of War III

God of War: Ascension puts players back in the shoes of Kratos in ancient Sparta, a Hades-bent on getting good revenge against Ares, the ancient Greek god of war. You see, the literal God of War was a real jerk who tricked our hero into slaughtering his entire family and for some reason not expecting any consequences.

Now, anyone who played the original game knows how it goes, but ascension Acting as a prequel to the six previously released titles, this is Kratos embarking on his revenge tour. Six months after the previously mentioned horrors, Kratos renounces his blood oath, which makes him the target of the “Furies”, the gods of vengeance in Greek mythology.

These “guards of honor. Executors of punishment. Traitors,” had no allegiance to the gods or the Titans, both prefigured. Despite this, they don’t seem to be big fans of commoners and creatures who defy the oaths of the gods of Olympus, so our antagonist finds himself in a bit of a pickle. This sets up our original plot where Kratos escapes their clutches and decides to go all out Dirty Harry on them. That seems like an interesting enough concept, but it hasn’t really been explored.

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The Furies, God of War: Ascension

In fact, this is the most consistent complaint about the game. For longtime players of the series, a franchise that prides itself on epic set pieces, seamless storytelling, and a unique ancient mythological Greek backdrop, Furies felt like a step down from its previous rivals. Additionally, many players complained that the plot never felt like it was given enough time to really explore.

Instead, it seems that Sony Santa Monica has focused more on this god of war Gameplay experience. With massive set pieces, huge boss battles, the franchise’s sense of scale is still very much there and the game feels very similar. god of war 2018 pre-game. In a 2013 interview on PlayStation Access, the game’s combat designer, Jason MacDonald, stated that the combat was intended to give players more abilities and make the game feel like it was still part of the series.

“After Kratos’ saga wrapped up, there was nowhere left to explore. There were no more Greek gods to conquer, but we weren’t ready to move on to other pantheons. “

Remember, this came right before a major re-tooling, so it was important for Sony Santa Monica to keep the feel of the game similar to previous games in the series while still giving players what they needed to play the game the way they wanted. “We did it by giving it away [Kratos] More options on the battlefield, using enemies as weapons, picking up weapons, even the abilities that come with his blade at the end – all these options are given by the player” Macdonald explained.

Fans and critics alike praised the game for its fast-paced, combo-oriented combat, and the blade ability was a source of almost universal positivity. The game also introduced multiplayer gameplay to the series, another addition that was met with near-universal respect. With a Metascore of 80 and a user score of 7.7 on Metacritic, at first glance it seems that God of War: Ascension It was nothing short of a hit that deserves to sit alongside other classics in the series. Still, it sits in a strange place in fans’ hearts and minds.

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God of War: Ascension (2013)

A quick search on YouTube turns up many thoughts on “what went wrong” and why this game ended an era god of warNone of this seems to mention that the story is over and that Kratos will have to move on from the Greek pantheon if it continues. In terms of sales, it underperformed by varying degrees in different markets compared to previous titles. According to a article written in 2013, God of War: Ascension 360,000 units sold in the USA. Compare that to other entries in the series, which sold over 1 million units three years ago, and you can see that the game has disappointed in that department.

The fact is, God of War: Ascension Considered a big mistake in the franchise. The reason seems to almost universally indicate that the series was exhausted at this point. Between 2005 and 2013 there were six god of war Games While each game was met with favorable reviews and fantastic first-party sales, it was clear that the formula that debuted on the PlayStation 2 was in need of an overhaul.

“The fact of the matter is, God of War: Ascension Considered a big mistake in the franchise.”

While there is nothing wrong with this style of play, fans are overfed by it god of war formula. Between the years 2005 and 2013, there were five games in the franchise with three releases between 2008 and 2010. Apart from this, Sony is not left behind in the collection. In 2009, there were god of war Compilation That included the first two games. Then in 2011 the God of War: Origins A collection that includes two PSP titles, God of War: Chains of Olympus And God of War: Ghost of Sparta– which were previously unavailable on home consoles.

A year later, Sony was released God of war saga which included all the games in the franchise. While no one is forced to buy all these games, if you’re a superfan there’s a lot to digest in a short amount of time. Sure, each mainline series holds a special place in the history of gaming as a medium, but that success meant there wasn’t much to change. Of course, there were changes and improvements over time between each release, but the game-to-game was not so great as to require so many titles in such a short amount of time.

So, we can blame burnout, but that’s only part of it. The sad fact of the matter is that critics and fans alike felt that the game that spawned one of the saddest characters in Sony’s library didn’t do enough to earn its place alongside the more notable entries. In our own review featured in the April 2013 issue of Series CGM, we gave the game an 8/10:

God of War: Ascension It’s a ‘nice to have’ game that scratches the itch god of war Without doing anything to advance the series. It feels like a big budget version of the PSP games, suffering from the same weaknesses as those titles like to rely too much on repetitive waves of combat.

It’s not a bad score, nor is it a particularly repulsive summary of the title. Discourse may have changed the perception of the title over time, God of War: Ascension A solid entry in the series. If anything, the multiplayer element sticks to the game in a way that no other title in the series has. However, it is not without its faults, and therefore it is impossible to compare it with anything released before or since.