The total war The series began 20 years ago with the release of Shogun: Total War In the year 2000. Since then, Studio Creative Assembly has become an industry leader. Aside from creating a flourish total war serial, he has also acted in other serials like Excellent Alien: Isolation And Halo Wars 2.

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Since the publication of Shogun: Total War, There are a total of 15 mainline Total War games, with several smaller spin-offs in the form of free-to-play and mobile games. While they all shined in their own way, some were simply made better than others.

10/10 Total War Sagas explore untold theaters of war

A recent spin off total war series Total War Sagas are small in size total war Games that focus on specific historical events, such as the Viking invasion of England Total War: Throne of Britannia, or the Trojan War in Total War: Troy.

While in both games total war The series has released to moderate reception, it is a unique experience to be had, especially for those who are looking to immerse themselves in a specific scenario. The game’s main selling points are what he says are “sagas”, meaning players’ interest will be determined by their personal interest in the scenarios featured.

9/10 Total War: Medieval 2 is still a true classic

3D for the second time total war game, Medieval 2 Considered by many fans to be the best of the series. It’s the last title to feature unique, deep tactical combat from the early days total war series before the design changed to its modern design. Also featuring the soon-to-be-removed population mechanics, Medieval 2 A unique and thoroughly enjoyable prove total war Experience now more than 15 years old, Medieval 2 Even though it’s starting to show its age, it’s still a classic worth playing today.

8/10 Total War: Empire lets you conquer the biggest Total War map

Total War: Empire The feature is something unique: a map that spans multiple continents, covering most of the world. With three theaters spanning North America, Europe and India, the game began in 1700 – the dawn of European imperialism which saw European nations dominate most of the known world.

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First and only in total war History, players can live out their colonial dreams in the series. Offering an experience unlike any other, Total War: Empire isWorth enjoying at least once.

7/10 Total War: Shogun 2 Total War is making a triumphant return roots

First total war The game to ever release was set in feudal Japan. Ten years later, Creative Assembly chose to revisit the setting with triumphant results. Widely recognized as one of the best publications in total war series Total War: Shogun 2 It received a positive response from new and old fans.

while the Shogun 2 Runs into many of the other similar problems total war Games do – such as poor optimization for new systems and arguably early and mid-game – its missions are a delicious and beautiful experience. Shogun 2An immersive exploration of feudal Japan is an experience like no other.

6/10 Total War: Fall of the Samurai There is a DLC that is worth seeing as its own game

Originally published as an extension of Stars Shogun 2, The fall of the samurai Takes place during the titular fall of the samurai. In this narrative, Japan begins to modernize and tries to get rid of the remnants of its old feudal system—honored warriors included. Later rebranded as A saga access, The fall of the samurai Now that’s a separate experience.

Players can choose to take on the role of traditional samurai, who refuse to use gunpowder or advanced technology. Or they could side with Imperial Japan armed with gunpowder and cannons. Focusing on beautiful battles, glorious samurai endings and incredibly complex time periods, The fall of the samurai It may be better than the game it was originally designed for.

5/10 Total War: Rome 1 has been remastered and Rome is glorious

3D for the first time total war game, Rome 1 The series was brought into limelight. Many longtime fans can trace their introduction total war Series straight up to this title. Remastered earlier this year with a beautiful graphics overhaul and modern game mechanics, there’s never been a better time to experience the true total war Experience the new remaster with two great DLC campaigns included, barbarian invasion And Alexanderhas fresh and exciting content to experience total war Classic

4/10 Total War: Attila Lets you destroy the world or try to save it

Total War: Attila Released to moderate reception. Whether it’s due to a seemingly incomplete sandbox, numerous bugs, or some of the most poorly optimized performances in the entire series, Attila It fails to earn eligible interest. Despite the game’s issues and CA abandoning it soon after release, Attila It’s an experience unlike any other total warof

Set in the 400s, between Attila’s invasion of Europe and the fall of the Western Roman Empire, Attila proved an attractive setting. Attila’s ability to play a ruthless army was widely advertised, including in the first series: the ability to burn entire cities to the ground during battles.

3/10 Total War: Three Kingdoms It’s a beautiful drama brought to video game form

Total War: Three Kingdoms Takes place in the titular Three Kingdoms era of Chinese history – filled with biographical drama, massive conflict, and rising and falling powers. based on A Romance of Three KingdomsA Chinese epic recounts the dramatic period, Three states Beautifully captures the character-driven events of that era.

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Between any of the most complex character systems total war game, stunningly beautiful combat and art design, and some of the most polished gameplay in the series, Three states A must play for any total war the fan

2/10 Total War: Rome 2 No one knew there was a sequel they needed

Total War: Rome 1 keep total war series on the map, and loved by many players. Any sequel was bound to be met with some controversy, but the release was absolutely disgusting Rome 2 It left an understandably bad taste in many players’ mouths.

Creative Assembly worked on the game for the next five years and finally, Rome 2 became the most certain total war During an expansion that spanned the period from 400 BC to 200 AD, the experience Rome 2 Ancient times made a triumphant return.

1/10 Total War: Warhammer is the definitive Total War experience

Absolute total war It cannot be experienced anywhere else except through experience Warhammer Featuring three games focusing on different parts of the trilogy world, the Warhammer The games are hits for their RPG elements, fantasy worlds, and a combat sandbox that thrives in a setting of titanic creatures, powerful wizards, and legendary heroes.

However, the real appeal Warhammer A trilogy occurs when games are combined. mortal kingdoms, The expansion, free to anyone who owns the first and second games, combines the two worlds into one massive theater of war. The upcoming release for the third game will see all three combined with all their races on one glorious map — spanning an entire fantasy world. warhammer, And the largest map of any campaign total war the game