Triple H Now he is the head of creative in WWE, which many fans never thought would happen, because Vince McMahon felt truly immortal and his reign over WWE seemed limitless. Since McMahon long ago retired from WWE, there have already been visible changes to the company’s weekly programming, with a new focus on in-ring work, fewer bad finishes, pushes for different personalities, and returns. These changes will likely continue and intensify as the months go by. One thing that should happen with Triple H’s time is the debut of War Games on WWE’s main roster.

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War Games became a classic gimmick match in WCW

The War Games stipulation is an old-school wrestling fan favorite, having originated in the NWA in 1987, when it was used to settle feuds between The Four Horsemen and their rivals. While many War Games matches took place at house show events, this would progress to become an annual tradition in the NWA and later WCW as the company transitioned, mostly at Fall Brawl events, featuring WCW legends such as Diamond Dallas Page. , Sting, Dusty Rhodes and more.

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War Games WCW Wrestling War 1991

In 2001, WWE bought WCW and all of its assets, and while they didn’t have the concept, they had the War Games name. As it was a unique and popular gimmick, WWE could have undoubtedly used this as a draw, but with Vince McMahon, it was clear that anything coming from WCW was not going to look as good as anything from WWE. McMahon would not have thought to use something that had been successful elsewhere without his own creation.

Triple H has already brought war games to NXT

When it comes to Triple H, he’s a big fan of old school wrestling and that’s evident in how he booked NXT after it became WWE’s developmental brand. The storytelling was mostly done in the ring and he also started introducing old school concepts like Halloween Havoc, In Your House and most notably War Games. In 2017, NXT held its own version of the War Games, updating the old gimmick into something more modern, fast-paced and less scary, so it was more suitable for a younger audience.

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War Games became the head of the Undisputed Era during their dominance of NXT, battling many rivals over the years. While there is more love for the classic War Games matches, this new modern version has been a hit and has provided a lot of fun and entertaining action in the eight matches that have taken place in NXT over the past five years. Now that Triple H is in command of Raw and SmackDown, he should undoubtedly make it to the main roster.

War games on WWE’s main roster must be handled carefully

Over the past few decades, the main roster has felt like it’s been on the wane (aside from a few fun periods here and there), and it’s in desperate need of something new, especially as Hell in a Cell and Money in the Bank are getting tiresome. War Games will be something fresh for the main roster and something never seen before on that scale. While the Survivor Series tag team elimination concept is great, it’s something that has become less appealing over time, so using War Games at the event could be a great way to breathe some much-needed life into it.

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Triple H needs to be careful, especially if it becomes an annual spectacle. The problem with Hell in a Cell, TLC, and other gimmick events is that they seem less special as time goes on, especially when feuds are added to these terms. With War Games on the main roster, it’s important to use it only when necessary, and when there are factions of contenders at odds, both sides will only be able to resolve their differences in larger terms such as War Games.

Triple H

Making big calls like this to reshape WWE is exactly what should be done to attract new or lapsed viewers to the product, with new leadership trying to bring back something reminiscent of a more successful time (even with record profits every year). Although AEW has its own version, called Blood & Guts, War Games is what WWE is already doing in NXT, so it won’t scream ‘copying’, although some viewers will draw comparisons. However, main roster stars such as Bayley, Bianca Bellair, Seth Rollins and Drew McIntyre competing in this structure could make for some interesting matches.