Sony’s various boxes of surprises have gone from strength to strength over the decades. At first, they attracted unique things like this Tekken Series or Mainline Last fantastic idea The games have now gone into both series and other multi-formats. However, PlayStation still has some exclusive franchises, such as Jack and Daxter game, or LittleBigPlanet.

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Most franchises have at least one embarrassing entry in their oeuvre. Jack and his Otsel friend have The Lost FrontierAnd there’s Sackboy LittleBigPlanet Karting. But some are lucky enough to stay gold or green for that matter as the games of these franchises have either continued or been better. Over 75% mark on Metacritic So far.

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5/5 Wipe it off

wait, Wipe it off? Was it Sony-exclusive? Not originally, as the Sega Saturn received a port of the original Wipe it offAnd there was a version for the N64 Wipe 3 is called Erase 64. So, why is it here? That’s because Sony made it exclusive when it bought original developer Psygnosis in 1999. After that, the series never managed to rival the consoles. Even before that, the PlayStation entries were known as the best versions of each game.

So, give it an honorable mention like everyone else Wipe it off The game recorded a score of over 79% on Metacritic erase 2097 (aka Wipe XL) has a series peak at 93%. If it hadn’t been adapted to other machines, it would be Sony’s most successful franchise based on Metacritic scores alone. Not quite the Sony-exclusive racer Gran Turismo Games managed his full green streak (Gran Turismo 74% fell on the PSP).

4/5 Astro Bot

If we were adding franchises with only two games to their name, there would be more entries like this horizon And tears Game but it’s a bit low for the series. So, why is that? Astro Bot here? He just has Astro’s Playroom And Astro Bot: Rescue Mission, right? They scored 90% and 83% retrospectively. So, where are these others? Astro Bot Records?

It’s true that Astro didn’t have a name until the PS5 got its own Playroom. However, the first appearance of the little white bot and his friends was in the PS4 ARG playroom. It first appeared as a mini-game collection in 2013, then received a VR port in 2016. The original game has a ‘TBD’ (‘to be determined’) on Metacritic, but the VR version has a respectable 77%. from the first playroom Not yet ‘determined’, the Astro Bot The series is still in the green… for now.

3/5 The last of us

The original game was a surprise treat when it first came out in 2013. Sony liked it enough to release both a remaster and a remake for the PS4 and PS5 respectively. The Last of Us Part II Behind-the-scenes shenanigans and fights between fans made him a shocking prospect. Still, excluding ports, the original PS3 and PS4 titles were 95% and 93% respectively for both games, which also earned the ‘must play’ badge.

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But again, if we’re skipping ports, where is the third entry? Well, remember the DLC pack for the first game? The Last of Us: Left Behind? It was eventually made into a standalone title that could be played without its parent game. As a result, it got 88%, keeping the series strong.

2/5 Sly Cooper

If only Notorious: First Light Not falling short with a 72% rating. Then original developer Sugar Punch could have two franchises on this list. Instead, their animal mascot-based stealth game series has remained in relatively good nick about the titular thieving raccoon. Admittedly, the games didn’t hit the heights The last of uswith Sly 2: Band of Thieves The series is the best rated entry at 88%.

They are all good scores though Sly Cooper: Thief in Time Setting aside 75% for both its PS4 and PS Vita ports. Perhaps this record will allow Sony to give a new entry to the series, given A thief in time It came out in 2014. Along with Astro, Sly and his pals are perhaps the most unlikely franchise front-runners to top this list.

1/5 god of war

Kratos may be Sony’s most successful exclusive main character, as all of his main games rank highly on Metacritic. From Nathan Drake Achat If only he had been bumped Unknown: Fight for Destiny The side didn’t let it down with a 67% score on the PS Vita. Sure, it was a card game spin-off, but it still counts. So god of war All games are ranked above 80%.

only God of War: Ghost of Sparta And God of War: Ascension Let the sides come down with 86% and 80% marks respectively. That’s just short of the ‘must play’ badges achieved by scores of 90%+ and other entries. The top dogs are original PS2 games and 2018 PS4 games with 94% each. will be God of War: RagnarokLive up to expectations, beat them or be the first to break the streak?

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