War games are some of the most difficult, thrilling and amazingly beautiful games players can try. While some great open-world shooter games can test players’ strategic skills, war games take these experiences to a whole new level. Players can perfect their many gaming skills by immersing themselves in fictional and historical battles and forcing them to make calm and measured decisions in stressful situations.

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These tough but highly entertaining games can provide an in-depth look at past world wars and teach about history, and make players appreciate the peaceful moments that most of us get to enjoy in our real lives. As with many VR shooter games, players can further immerse themselves in the world of VR war games and their cinematic world-building and thought-provoking stories while fighting against tanks, planes, knights, as well as AI and giant robots. .

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8/8 Hell let loose

Hell let loose It is one of the most cinematic World War 2 games that takes its players to some of the most iconic battles of the Western Front. Thanks to this first-person shooter players can fight their battles in 50 vs 50 multiplayer mode on two-scale maps that are based on actual battle locations.

This violent and realistic military game tests its strategic and tactical skills by immersing its players in a historical environment. Since this is a more challenging game, there are some common Hell Let Lose mistakes that most players make and avoiding them will make the gameplay more enjoyable. This often gore game can also help players understand how seemingly small conflicts in distant countries can escalate and eventually affect most countries around the world, pulling them into devastating wars.

7/8 Arma 3

Arma 3 One of the most popular war games is one of the larger world games than it is famous for Alden Ring. With this military sim, players can explore and fight epic battles in a finely detailed open world in single-player or multiplayer modes.

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It is one of the most realistic and cinematic war games in which players can fight on foot, as well as use a wide range of different aircraft and armored vehicles. It is a fairly violent and tough game that simulates real war and provides a very authentic experience. It is one of the few war games in which players can create their own experiences thanks to the game’s modding tools and intuitive scene editor.

6/8 Rebellion: Sandstorm

Rebellion: Sandstorm It is one of the most atmospheric open-world war games that allows its players to experience brutal modern combat. This violent yet visually beautiful military game tests the tactical skills of its players.

Players can battle their enemies in teams and face their enemies in deadly close-quarters combat. Gamers can customize not only their characters but also their weapons and since this is a tough game, beginners should check it out best. Rebellion: Sandstorm Weapons. This fantastic game also has gigantic maps and players can fight their battles against other players or AI.

5/8 Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2 One of the most epic FPS sci-fi games that lets its players fight through brutal futuristic wars. Gamers can jump into battle in single-player or multiplayer mode and travel through time, immersing themselves in the game’s cinematic world.

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This beautiful action military game features advanced titan technology and the best players battle new gigantic titans and pilots while trying out some of the most creative and deadly weapons in gaming. Players can also customize their characters while upgrading their pilot abilities during their adventures.

4/8 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive It’s one of the toughest competitive multiplayer games out there but it’s also one of the most cinematic and thrilling. This war game is one of the most competitive games in which players have to perform at their best if they want to survive the brutal battles.

Gamers can join teams while exploring CS: GOChoose from detailed maps and a variety of characters and weapons. This military game not only challenges players’ tactical skills but also provides them with some cool looking gaming weapons that are as deadly as they are stylish.

3/8 Ace Combat 7: Sky Unknown

Ace Combat 7: Sky Unknown This is the best option for players who love airplanes and want to fight their battles in the sky. This stunning cinematic war game is one of the most realistic flight simulation games that allows its players to become a jet pilot.

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Players can fully immerse themselves in the magnificent and photorealistic skies. This story rich multiplayer can greatly improve the field combat skills of players as they can practice in an environment that feels like a real-life aircraft. Players will encounter other jets while investigating potential environmental factors that can greatly affect their performance.

2/8 Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2

Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2 It is the most exciting early access war game that tests the grand strategic and critical thinking skills of its players. This cinematic war sim will fully immerse players in a magnificent 3D world and its massive battles.

Players will have to hone their real-time tactical skills if they want to survive brutal battles with millions of unique characters. Gamers can join multiplayer campaigns or do some exploring and try out the game’s sandbox mode. For those gamers who prefer shooters over strategy games UEBS 2The thrilling FPS attack mode will be the best option.

1/8 Bravery 2

Bravery 2 Immerses its players in stunningly beautiful and brutal medieval battles. This cinematic war game is inspired by iconic medieval movie battles and lets its players fight on over sixty massive battlefields. Gamers can become heroes and brave knights as they not only practice their swordsmanship skills but also try to avoid catapults and hundreds of flaming arrows.

Players get to fight in beautiful historical locations while trying out all kinds of unique weapons. Although it is an interesting and sometimes fun game, it is also one of the most difficult games so beginners should check out some of the most useful things. Bravery 2 Combat tips before starting.

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