Warning: This article contains spoilers doctor who: The Power of Doctors!doctor who Revisited Patrick Troughton’s forced regeneration of the Second Doctor, making it a key aspect of the Master’s plan. The power of the doctor. In an attempt to erase the Doctor from history and destroy his legacy, the Master (Sacha Dhawan) forces the Thirteenth Doctor (Jodie Whittaker) to regenerate and initiates a body swap. The concept of forced reproduction was first introduced in war games, The final series of Patrick Troughton’s tenure. In it, he is captured by the Time Lords and forced to reincarnate into a new body, which is then banished to Earth as punishment for interfering with the Doctor’s time fabric.

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The final shot of War games The Second Doctor is seen sinking into a black void, his new face yet to be determined. The final regeneration of the Second Doctor was not shown because Jon Pertwee had not yet been cast as the Third Doctor. Jodie Whittaker prepared to film her own reincarnation in a similar situation to what Chris Chibnall’s team was facing, as no one knew who would eventually replace her. Instead of sending the Thirteenth Doctor into the void, however, her forced regeneration was reversed, but this only delayed the inevitable as she later regenerated into someone who looked suspiciously like the Tenth Doctor. The mystery behind the appearance of the Fourteenth Doctor will form the plot doctor who 60th anniversary specials, and forced reproductions probably play a role in this amazing transformation.

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Why was another Doctor forced to regenerate?

Climax of War games The Second Doctor is forced to call in the help of the Time Lords to stop the perverted plan. A renegade Time Lord known as the War Chief was responsible for forcing soldiers from throughout human history into never-ending battles for the amusement of the elite known as the War Lords. Unable to stop the game alone, the doctor finally called his people and brought the soldiers back to their right time and place. As the Time Lords intervened, the War Lords executed the War Chief for his apparent betrayal.

This led to the Doctor facing punishment from the Time Lords for his own catalog of interfering with the time thread. The Doctor defends himself, proudly listing the various evils he has defeated and chastises the Time Lords for their passive policy of non-intervention. As punishment, the Doctor is sent to Earth and its secrets doctor whoTime travel has been erased from his memory. When the Doctor protests that he is known on Earth, the Time Lords forcefully regenerate him to change his form, meaning that the Third Doctor is living in witness protection.

Forced regeneration may explain David Tennant’s return

The Second Doctor’s forced regeneration into the Third was never reversed, and so Tom Baker’s life was normal until his regeneration into the Fourth Doctor. in The power of the doctor, Yaz is able to reverse the process, returning the Master to his dead body and reinstating the Thirteenth Doctor. The consequences of such an act are unclear, and it may be that in reversing the regeneration, Yaz initiated a degenerative process that made the Fourteenth Doctor look like the Tenth.

David Tennant’s Fourteenth Doctor is shocked and slightly horrified to realize he is in the Tenth Doctor’s body, suggesting something has gone wrong. doctor who The consequences of forced reproduction, first introduced in Patrick Troughton’s finale, are never fully explored. With the Doctor reborn as a familiar face, it looks like the show’s 60th anniversary will finally delve deeper into this harsh Gallifreyan punishment.

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