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Another Saudi show is over, and this edition of Crown Jewel was pretty good with some very good matches and an incredible performance from Logan Paul in the main event. A few issues with what happened but overall it was a thumbs up show.

Brock Lesnar vs Bobby Lashley

Based on their match at the Royal Rumble, this match was better than their first match. Although it feels like there is a lot more to the match between these two guys. Now there is a possibility of a third match but it may depend on the plans.

As Lesnar made his way to the ring, Lashley, who was already in the ring, attacked Lesnar from behind as he walked to ringside before the bell rang. Lashley pushes Lesnar into the steel steps, knee first. Once the bell rang, both men were hitting their big moves, which are obviously staples of Lesnar matches but they weren’t all the same. The finish goes bad as Lesnar gets the pin after rolling out of the corner while in an injured lock. The finish looked underwhelming but these things happen, plus these guys are huge so it seems hard to get what they were going for. So there cannot be too much criticism. Furthermore, Lashley attacked Lesnar after the match, standing over him until the end.

Lashley will go after Seth Rollins again unless Lesnar works at Survivor Series, in which case a rubber match could happen but it will depend on what happens this week on RAW.

Alexa Bliss & Asuka vs Damage Ctrl – Women’s Tag Team Championship

In perhaps the best Women’s Tag Team Championship match since the reintroduction of the titles, things went well and worked well. The only real problem was another title change in the space of a week.

Nikki Cross joined in the match and defeated Alexa and Asuka for the titles. Iyo and Asuka were brawling on the outside of the ring when the referee was distracted. Based on what happened when the titles were switched on RAW, what was the point if you were just going to switch the titles back? Damage ctrl doesn’t make sense to lose titles. This is why they are not at the level they should be. But I fully expect these women to participate in war games.

Drew McIntyre vs Carrion Cross

A rematch at Extreme Rules and this one was better than their strap match. The pace of the match felt a bit more like it should, making the match more enjoyable. Drew was coming off two big PPV losses to get a meaningful win. It protects the cross as it is not pinned. One thing about this match and Cross in general is how it ended.

Scarlett was rejoining, even with the terms of the steel cage. Even if McIntyre wins, it seems to be a demonstration of Cross that he cannot win without outside interference. Which obviously takes away from his actions. The cross must be able to cope without interference. It can happen, just not every time. Although in this case Scarlett loses here because Cross will probably start to reduce the interference.

The fight could continue for another three weeks. Based on Cross’s reaction after the match, I think this will go down at Survivor Series. The question would be in what kind of match? Because if it keeps up, it won’t go down a single game. Let’s see if there are any further ideas.

OC vs Judgment Day

Very enjoyable match here, which also includes a Bullet Club mention on commentary. Once again, however, Rhea Ripley made the big difference. She helped AJ Styles to the outside by throwing him on the apron, Balor hit the coup de grace for the win. I think winning Judgment Day was the right thing to do here. Keep beating them until Edge returns and potentially ends the feud at Survivor Series.

Much has been said on commentary, but something needs to be done about Rhea Ripley. This will probably lead to the return of Beth Phoenix and Edge on RAW this week. But after Survivor Series ends, revenge will come for the Hall of Famers. The question is what will the teams be like?

Because it looks like it will be a traditional Survivor Series match. Edge and The OC could be a team, against Judgment Day and another participant. Or you do five on five with Rhea and Beth on either side. But the two women could still have a singles match. This is a match I want to see. There are two ways this could go but I think Survivor Series will be the end of this feud.

The Usos vs The Brawling Brutes – WWE Tag Team Championship

Another fantastic performance from the Usos. Who obviously retained their tag titles. The Brawling Brutes were brilliant in this match as well, proving once again why they are so good. But even though the results were pretty clear, there were some false finishes that were pretty good.

One of them hit a white noise to Ridge Holland for a 2 count. The second of these counts occurred when Ridge and Butch hit their finishing move on Jay, and Jimmy broke up the pin in time to retain The Usos title run.

Now Michael Cole mentions on commentary that Jay Uso may have broken his wrist on a recent tour. I doubt this story is because they never focused on it so hopefully it’s not too serious and he can work on the Survivor Series for War Games. Because the hypothesis will definitely be inside the bloodline war games.

Bianca Bellar vs Bailey

Considering last man/woman standing matches can sometimes be slow and disjointed. These ladies went out there and did a great job in what was at times a physical match, which made for a lot of fun. Bianca survives a great match with a creative finish.

The match started a bit slow but really picked up speed with the introduction of ladders, chairs and tables. They fought their way down the ramp to the stage. Bailey had Bianca stuff the produce into the crate. Then Bayley comes in with a golf cart, both women end up on top of it, then Bianca lifts Bayley up and drives her down to the ring. Baylor sent Bayley through a table that had been set up earlier at ringside, breaking the table on the second attempt. Belair trapped Bayley in the middle of the ladder and moved it under the bottom turnbuckle, which Bayley couldn’t escape and countered for a 10 count.

Now Bianca won another title match against Bayley, meaning Damage CTRL won the War Games match. Bianca Belaire, Alexa and Asuka, Candice Leera, and possibly the returning Becky Lynch, along with the Damage Ctrl duo, have their way with two other women, against the babyface team. Women’s war games are coming together more than men I think.

Bray Wyatt appears in the ring

Bray Wyatt was promoted for the show and gave a great promo. The Saudi crowd was very happy to see him which was cool. But for the most part this episode was similar to his previous promos on SmackDown. He is again interrupted by Uncle Howdy on the screen. This time the camera returns to Bray Wyatt on occasion.

Now I really thought we might see or tease Uncle Harper, but for now we continue on to Uncle Howdy. Who is acting as this devil on Bray’s shoulder, making him do these horrible things and things he doesn’t want to do. So there are still a lot of moving pieces right now, and when we see Uncle Harper, we just have to be along for the ride.

Roman Reigns vs Logan Paul – WWE Undisputed Championship

Logan Paul who has only had two pro wrestling matches before this show is already good, it’s unbelievable, it really is. He gave the best match of this run to Roman. Everything from the selling to the expression was done well in this match. Even when the ending came which was somewhat overbooked, but still a lot of fun, it just worked.

The high point of this match was probably the Roman announce table. Paul was ready to jump off the top at SummerSlam. This time, however, he literally took a video from his phone of Roman Reigns and the frog splash off the top rope through the announce table. It was an amazing moment, especially when you consider that he was holding the phone the whole way. The other thing about this match was that Roman clearly underestimated him, much to Roman’s surprise. The end saw Jake Paul come down and take down The Usos, then Solo Sequoia showed up to even the odds. Logan then took out The Usos, costing him the match.

In fact, Roman would lose the match. But they give you a great match to show how fast Paul has come in terms of choosing pro wrestling. They also tried to sell you on the “one lucky shot” deal, which I think helped somewhat with matches and near falls. So overall a very good match that will be remembered as one of the best celebrity sighting matches ever.

Now that the Crow Jewel is done, it feels like we can now move on to what will be a hugely important show at Survivor Series later this month. With the War Games, the build should be very interesting and with some wrestlers not going to Saudi now that this Saudi show is in the books will return to the show.

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