Welcome to a special edition of what WWE told us on the go-home episode of RAW ahead of Crown Jewel 2022. This was the final live episode of the company’s programming before Saudi Arabia, as the upcoming episode of SmackDown has already been pre-taped. .

It was an interesting episode with a good start, a solid flow and a great ending. So what was subtly hinted at this week on RAW?

Continue reading to find out:

#5. What’s next for Nikki Cross after her loss on RAW?

WWE brought back Nikki Cross after a week of losing her. Against RAW Women’s Champion Bianca Bellair, this may have been one of the few situations where a no-decision or dusty finish would have worked better.

In any case, during the bout, Nikki Cross showed no loyalty and hinted that she was a tweener. However, later in the show she was seen talking to Damage CTRL leader Bayley.

Asuka and Alexa Bliss return to win the Women’s Tag Team Titles, while Candice LeRay continues to dip in and out of the storyline. Now, it looks like there are already four women on either side for a potential wargames match.

Nikki Cross joining Damage Ctrl before Survivor Series is something that was subtly hinted at this week.

#4. Could the crown jewel be where a female OC member debuts?

OC has a Rhea Ripley problem and it’s obvious by the day. Karl Anderson may have defeated Damien Priest this week on RAW, but The Judgment Day got the better of him thanks to Rhea Ripley.

It seems that a female member is likely to debut and join the OC, but there is no indication as to who she will be. The fact that there are no rumors about it means WWE is doing a good job of keeping it a secret.

Don’t be surprised to see The OC win the crown jewel thanks to a budding female star.

#3. There is more to the story of Dexter Loomis than meets the eye

Johnny Gargano finally dropped the bombshell on RAW this week, revealing that The Miz paid Dexter Loomis for the first few attacks on him to get attention. However, he said Loomis stopped receiving his payments, which led to Loomis’ recent attacks.

Loomis cost The Miz his match against Mustafa Ali this week. One thing fans now realize is that there is more to this story than meets the eye.

#2. Logan Paul Crown Jewel is all set to get an incredible performance in 2022

Roman Reigns came on RAW and cut a promo to dismiss Logan Paul as the challenger. Everything from his expressions to his walkout rant was perfect. He also took out The Miz, who offered to help him against Paul.

The fact that Roman Reigns has consistently dismissed Paul’s chances at the Crown Jewel could be a big sign that WWE is planning to give the YouTuber a big exposure.

There is no chance that Logan Paul will win, but he is guaranteed to perform better than people expect.

#1. Lesnar Vs. Possible effects of Lashley II

WWE handled the build-up to Brock Lesnar vs. Bobby Lashley to absolute perfection. “Bobby who?” Promos were a staple of their January feud, with the less-talked-about, more brawl-style brawl befitting the two.

It was a perfect way to use both titans and neither looked bad at any point. This match is likely to be an explosive and exciting match, which will eventually lead to Brock Lesnar’s victory.

Would a win set up a rematch for WrestleMania 39? We can only hope so!

What did you make of RAW this week? Express your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below!

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