Welcome to this week’s edition of what WWE subtly told us on RAW! Crown Jewel 2022 is only days away, but unfortunately, this was the weakest episode of RAW in a long time.

A lot of this has to do with things that simply don’t seem important or that aren’t done enough to prepare for Saudi Arabia’s program direction.

However, it wasn’t all bad. The beginning and the end were definitely fantastic and had exciting bits. So let’s see what WWE told us on the latest episode of RAW in October:

#5. Elias’ shaky relationship with Matt Riddle

Elias defeated Chad Gable this week, thanks to help from Matt Riddle. In a backstage segment before the bout, Elias said he hates interference and endured Riddle last week.

It’s clear that his character, while technically a babyface at this point, is going to turn heel at some point and Riddle will be the victim. The feud seems to be a downer for Riddle himself as he headlines Extreme Rules and defeats Seth Rollins, but it’s still something that gets him on TV.

Make no mistake, the returning Elias will soon turn heel.

#4. Nikki Cross, RAW Women’s Championship and Wargames

Nikki Cross and the conclusion of RAW is probably the reason why you won’t see fans criticizing the episode so harshly. Bayley defeated Bianca Bellair in the main event as expected, but fans didn’t see how it would play out.

The final five minutes were chaotic and epic as a mysterious woman launched herself from the ring post to take out Dakota Kai and IYO SKY and coincidentally the referee as well. By then, Bellar had beaten KOD and was all set to win, but there was no one to count.

Before the next referee appeared, the mystery woman was revealed to be Nikki Cross (mentioned by name and no Nikki ASH), marks a character change and ends her superhero gimmick after 14 months.

In fact, Kevin Patrick said he’s never seen Cross so intact, to which Corey Graves replied, “I have,” subtly hinting at her health days.

It is clear that the Unhinged Cross will play a big role in the upcoming Wargames match at Survivor Series 2022. However, WWE has left a big question mark over who she will align with. That, for us, is a positive.

#3. WWE attempts to keep Austin Theory and Mustafa Ali strong at the same time

Austin Theory finally got a big win on TV against Mustafa Ali, who has been teased as the next United States title challenger. The result surprised the fans a bit, but Rollins’ role was an intervention to give Mr. Money in the Bank the win while keeping Ali strong.

The former RETRIBUTION leader also got the last word in with an attack on Rollins, hinting that he’s still coming for the US Title, most likely at the Crown Jewel.

#2. Big returns were predicted

Tommaso Ciampa was mentioned by The Miz for the first time in a while. He also said that Dexter was jealous of Loomis because he chose Ciampa as his protégé over him.

Johnny Gargano interrupted the A-Lister and said he texted Ciampa. Gargano confirmed that the former NXT Champion is injured. R-Truth then came out and challenged the former WWE Champion. Thanks to a bit of trolling from Johnny Gargano, who distracted Miz by pretending to be Dexter Loomis, Truth picked up the win in his hometown.

However, Ciampa’s repeated mentions were clear and subtle foreshadowing of his return to RAW.

#1. OC is all set to get a female member soon

The OC-Judgment Day feud opened the show on RAW, with Finn Balor and Karl Anderson participating in a match. Like every Judgment Day match, it was messy and full of interference. However, this week, in particular, emphasized just how much of a threat former RAW Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley is.

She becomes the de facto enforcer of the group, which is nice for a change since it’s rare to see a female star enforcer in a mostly-male group. The Nightmare took out Gallows with a bodyslam and a low blow that led to OC addressing Ripley in two hilarious backstage segments in the doctor’s room.

They made it clear on RAW that it was a big issue and also a big sign that they were going to recruit a female member. There are no hints or rumors about who it could be, meaning fans will be on their toes to find out and speculate.

Who do you think will be the female member of OC? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!

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