When Kratos returned to the video game scene in 2018 god of war, many fans were surprised at how much the character had changed. Not only was Kratos trying to be a good man and father, but the games were different than what fans of the series were used to. Kratos certainly has a lot of baggage, the weight of which has sometimes affected his relationship with his son Atreus.

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with the publication of god of war: Ragnarok Now with a big hit on the horizon, fans’ curiosity for the series is at an all-time high. From brand new ideas and mechanics to previous elements, there are many things they want to see in a sequel god of war Games they want to see back.

8 Enemy diversity

with the original set of god of war Since the game has been button-mashing hack and slash titles, the 2018 game tried to do something more modern. Players can trick enemies with the Leviathan Ax and swing it for devastating damage and range. It was a great weapon against the armies of Norse enemies.

However, it soon became apparent that most of the enemy types were the same, usually consisting of a man with a weapon that would stab the player in the back. The sequel should change the enemy types to provide more variety, allowing the player to use their entire arsenal for more varied combat.

7 Exploration of Helheim

god of war took many creative liberties with Norse mythology and weaved their own web of creative intrigue. One such example was in his depiction of Helheim, the reality of the unholy dead. The location is cold and full of mystery, with players even witnessing an illusion that trapped Kratos’ father, Zeus, there.

For the sequel, Hellheim returns with a more coherent focus. Many players are interested in seeing who rules Helheim, and whoever does, will surely be upset that Kratos destroyed a part of the place. The ominous bird, Hræsvelgr, looms in the distance, possibly giving the fans something to look forward to. god of war: Ragnarok.

6 Travel system

With many areas available to players in god of war, it’s not surprising that some consider the game an open-world adventure. This is due to the large non-linear sections that can be explored in great detail outside of the main story. These expansive parts of the game require Kratos and his son to travel by jogging or by boat.

At times, the journey can feel a bit slow and painful because of that father and son silence. The sequel should make the journey a little faster. Players have already seen the return of the dog-carried sled and boat, so perhaps there’s more in store, like Valkyrie wings.

5 godly boss

There are very difficult bosses god of war. The game challenges the player to destroy several Valkyries, Trolls and other types of enemies. However, aside from the three Norse gods, the game lacks the godly carnage of Kratos. god of war Titles

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Hopefully, in the sequel, Kratos will be a big player in the Ragnarok prophecy, and the game will be a nonstop action episode of Kratos of the Gods like in the classic days. Audiences eagerly await Kratos’ matchup with Thor, the God of Thunder. Kratos may have grown up in his god-killing days, but with the Norse pantheon in his case, he may not have had a choice.

4 Friendly faces

god of war Introduced the audience to many new concepts surrounding Kratos. The most significant aspect of this is his relationship with his son. Another humorous interaction was with Sindri and Brok, the dwarf blacksmiths. The dwarven brothers bring a lot of humor to the game, with Kratos usually a reluctant participant in their jokes.

It was nice to see friendly faces in A god of war The game, considering the series is too furious and blood hungry. These little moments humanize Kratos somewhat and make the world feel more alive than just murderous. Hopefully, there are more moments and characters like this in the sequel.

3 Wrath of Odin

Since 2018, Odin has only been seen in whispers of his wrath god of war. His ravens watch Kratos and Atreus’ every move, and every character in the game seems to have negative things about Odin.

The Allfather is the biggest antagonist, but, so far, not much is known about him. Mimir describes the character as ruthless, barbaric and heartless. A sequel should change the mystery behind Odin and give players a proper villain.

2 A Tease for What’s Next

As players prepare to meet Tyr, the Norse God of War, many fans have wondered where the character’s journey has taken him. Upon examining his character poster, it appears that Tyr has traveled the world and made connections with other gods. On his left arm are Egyptian hieroglyphs, perhaps teasing the arrival of gods out of Norse and Greek mythology.

This has already been confirmed god of war: Ragnarok The Norse story for Kratos and Atreus is the last player to see. So it will be interesting to see if there are more teases about the direction of the franchise, since many cultures have their gods, and Kratos probably didn’t destroy them.

1 Kratos’ past

god of war Did a beautiful job of dealing with Kratos’ past. His guilt lies in the physical weapons, the Blades of Chaos, and the wounds they inflict on him. For Kratos, his skin and scars are a constant reminder of the man, and at the end of the game, he embraces himself and tries to move on with his son.

For character development, the sequel should not let go of Kratos’ past but reinforce his guilt. It would be great to see cameos from perhaps more Greek gods, such as Zeus and Athena, who have been brutalized by Kratos’ past rages. As Atreus discovers more about his father, their rocky bond may be cemented a little more.

God of War: Ragnarok Released on November 9, 2022 for PS4 and PS5.

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