Cora Jade is one of WWE’s youngest talents, currently wrestling in NXT 2.0. The 21-year-old was signed by the company in 2021 and has been a WWE Superstar for over a year. Jade is charismatic and a good in-ring performer, making her one of the iconic names in NXT 2.0.

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Cora Jade has already won the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship once and is talented enough to be a future NXT Women’s Champion. Being a youngster, Koda Jade is active on social media, but these are some rarely seen photos of her.

10 photoshoot

Currently, Cora Jade has a skater gimmick in NXT 2.0, wearing a beanie and carrying a skateboard with her in the ring. Needless to say, Cora Jade has pulled off the skater girl character with ease so far.

While fans see her on TV with a beanie and skateboard, this is a professional photoshoot wearing her ring. With a colorful background, the picture looks amazing.

9 New to the Performance Center

Cora Jade officially signed her WWE contract in early 2021 when she was just 20 years old. Due to her prior wrestling experience, Cora Jade made her NXT debut in a tag team match within days.

Whenever WWE signs new talent to the developmental brand, they usually do a photo shoot with the new talent to show off their new signing to the world. Here’s a classic Performance Center photo of Cora Jade posing in a gray Performance Center T-shirt.

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8 Gym Selfie

To be a WWE Superstar, the highest level of fitness, along with good athleticism, is a prerequisite. Hence, most WWE Superstars keep themselves in good shape, which not only helps in appearance but also in the squared circle.

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Cora Jade is extremely fit and has clearly put in a lot of work in the gym. Here’s Cora Jade’s mirror selfie at the gym. She looks great in her workout gear.

7 Appearing in AEW

WWE isn’t the only major wrestling company that Cora Jade has wrestled for. Before signing for WWE, Cora Jade made two appearances in AEW. Instead of the ring name Cora Jade, she wrestled under the ring name Elena Black.

On both occasions, she was featured on AEW Dark, once in a singles match and another time in a tag team match. This is a photo of Cora Jade as Ellen Black in AEW.

6 Backstage at NXT War Games 2021

Cora Jade’s first major match was at NXT WarGames 2021, where she teamed with Raquel Rodriguez. In addition to Raquel and Cora, Io Shirai and Alba Fyre joined Team Babyface. They met the team of heels, Toxic Attraction and Dakota Kai.

Cora Jade’s team won that match. This is a backstage photo of Cora Jade from War Games. Cora poses with her team members, Io Shirai, Raquel Rodriguez and Alba Fyre.

5 Hang out with Anna Jai

Cora Jade was never officially signed to All Elite Wrestling, but she did perform on AEW Dark. In her short time there, she certainly made friends backstage, and this photo is proof of that.


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Currently, Cora Z and Anna J are in two competing companies. But here the two women are hanging out as friends and taking selfies in the car. Despite now working for different promotions, they are very friendly with each other, perhaps showing their strong bond behind the scenes.

4 Indie Days

Cora Jade may be 21 years old, but she had a few years of experience in the indies before stepping foot in an AEW ring or a WWE ring. Cora Jade made her wrestling debut in 2018. After training at the Freelance Wrestling Academy, she performed in the indie promotion with the Shimmer Women’s Athletes.

This Cora Jade picture is from her days on the independent circuit. In terms of wrestling gear and overall look, Cora Jade doesn’t look too different from her current look in NXT 2.0.

3 As Women’s Tag Team Champions

Roxanne Perez and Cora Jade formed a team to challenge Toxic Attraction for the Women’s Tag Team Championship. The two won the twin belts at the NXT Great American Bash. But the relationship between Perez and Jade didn’t last long, as the latter turned heel to throw his title into the Thrash Can.

But this photo of Roxanne Perez and Cora Jade was taken when they were a tag team. The former tag team members are doing a photoshoot with the NXT Women’s Tag Team Titles, possibly after winning the belts.

2 Shotzi and Brandi with Lauren

When wrestlers work for the same company, it’s common for them to become friends considering how much time they spend with each other. Cora Jade seems to have an easy-going personality backstage and makes friends easily.

Cora Jade is having fun with Brandi Lauren and Shotzi in this beach photo. All three women smile for a photo, while Brandi holds her dog.

1 Fan girl moment

AJ Lee left WWE and the wrestling world years ago, but she left a lasting impression on the next generation with Koda Jade. Jade grew up watching the former Divas Champion, so she’s definitely a big fan of AJ Lee.

Here’s a rare photo of AJ Lee and Cora Jade, who were happy to meet earlier. Cora Jade wears AJ Lee’s famous ‘Stay Weird’ t-shirt.