A Black Panther The video game could evolve, creating excitement for fans who, no doubt, are curious about how the on-screen conflict could play out in the game format. The action genre is one of the most eclectic and diverse of games in the medium, ranging from simple adventure platformer games to gritty fighting titles that make players feel like they’re the stars of their own action movies. While playing the role of a fully armed hero is fun, leading their army is a more impressive feat.

FPS games, strategy titles, and RPGs have frequently made players the leaders and commanders of their own armies in a diverse host of subgenres, from steampunk to sci-fi. And while it’s certainly fun to play an individual hero on the front lines, having a group of warriors behind also makes an unwaveringly epic sense.

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Advance Wars Series

advance wars

A fan favorite since the days of the Gameboy and Gameboy Advance, the advance wars The series put a new spin on the term “war game” as military units marched across a gridded gameboard in small, 16-bit forces.

A mixture of games like chess, danger, and Rock-Paper-Scissors, the game allowed players to become the general of their own army as they led their army to virtual victory. With a remastered update coming soon to the Nintendo Switch, now might be a good time to dust off those uniforms.

Star Wars: Battlefront II

Star Wars Battlefront II Eden Versio

Although the gameplay does not cast players as the central commander of the experience, the campaign mode in this Star Wars The title features her in the role of an Imperial commander who issues orders to the surviving members of her unit after an incident. Return of the Jedi. As Iden Versio, players navigate through a series of missions that place them in the heat of battle, on a planet and behind the wheel of a spacecraft, as a dark chapter in the saga unfolds.

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Players can expect a different perspective, as they are cast as one of the Empire’s soldiers rather than a Jedi or Sith Lord. In a plot with many twists, turns and glorious battles, they will see a whole new galaxy of action, heroes and villains.

Star Wars: Republic Commando

Delta Squad from Star Wars Republic Commando

For those wanting something a little darker and grittier but still taking place in a galaxy far, far away, they might want to consider enlisting as a Republic commando. Unlike the Battlefront game, this title takes a more tactical-shooter approach than typical Star Wars Action game.

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Players will be put in charge of an elite unit of commandos as they lead their squad members to eradicate the Separatist forces in the dark corners of the galaxy. Armed with an impressive arsenal of lethal weapons, gamers can lead their squad against droids, geonotians and more as they attempt to bring justice to the Republic.

Code name: STEAM

Codename Steam's three main characters prepare for battle

on paper, Code name: STEAM Sounds like it would never work in a million years. A steampunk tactical third-person-shooter strategy game with literary characters fighting monsters from the works of HP Lovecraft sounds like a mishmash of themes and motifs pulled out of the hat, but it works.

A hidden gem on the 3DS, the game has players commanding Steam’s own unit made up of various characters from classic literature such as Tom Sawyer, John Henry and The Cordly Lion against a terrifying alien threat. The tactical shooter elements mixed with the over-the-top nature and comic book art style really help it stand out from others in its genre.

Dynasty Warriors series

Dynasty Warriors 9

Few action titles capture the chaotic nature of massive battles better than Swords, Spears and Pikes. Dynasty Warriors series and its legion of spinoffs and sequels. Players will not only take on the role of a fearsome commander from Chinese history and mythology, but will also manage the direction and position of their army.

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Running the gauntlet of playstyle, difficulty, and customization, the series has a lot to offer. Along with their champion selection, players must decide how to lead their army to victory by charging headfirst or managing a plan of attack.

The XCOM series

XCOM Remake

If gamers are looking for something more strategic and challenging XCOM Games just want it. Although it focuses more on the strategic and management sides of things, players are tasked with leading their team of soldiers against an evil alien invasion.

Although the formula has been done before, the extremes to which the tactical side goes are enough to test even the sharpest military mind. Factor in the Perma-Death feature and this is a game that will definitely feature a number of Commander weapons.

Valkyria Chronicles

Alicia targets an enemy in Valkyrie Chronicles.

In a mix of real-time strategy and third-person shooter action, the Valkyria Chronicles It is an interesting breed. This fusion of anime visuals and vintage army technology has players charging through enemy lines with tanks, gunners and commanders as war rages on an alternate-Earth version of Europe.

Although they might not be Axis and Allies In World War II, there is still a lot of drama and story beneath the battles and tactics. The voice-acting may be hit and miss, but the themes and motifs surrounding the genre are still present and passionately felt.

Say the banner

Banner Saga 3

Although the term “clan” might fit better than army in the case of this story-heavy tactical RPG, Say the banner It makes excellent use of combat, unit management, and character-driven narrative to carry out its epic Viking story. with elements of Lord of the Rings, Beowulf, And game of thrones, It’s a dream come true for fantasy fans.

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What sets this series apart from others in its genre is how complex and deep the characters on this journey are. These are not just anonymous grunts with weapons waiting to obey orders, but evolved beings with a story to tell. It definitely gives the experience a more emotional element.

Fire Emblem Series

Fire Emblem Three Houses Nintendo Snubs Dimitri

No discussion of war games can be complete without mentioning them fire sign Series A saga that is practically built on unit-based tactical combat, the fire sign Games have been putting armies in the palm of players’ hands for decades and show no signs of slowing down.

The series is incredibly deep, mixing fantasy, romance and drama with each new episode. in a cocktail of Game-of-throne-esque The drama and various anime clich├ęs have garnered the series a massive following since Marth first picked up the sword.


Wargroove turn based tactics

Wargroove It’s an ideal title for those looking to dip their toes into the genre. A beautiful 16-bit fantasy tactical RPG with a compelling story, colorful characters, and a battle system that’s both easy to pick up and hard to master, it checks all the boxes for an essential war game.

Players choose from a selection of captains with different special abilities, then lead their troops into battle across various terrains and regions. The amount of customization available makes it so accessible, as players can make it as challenging or rewarding as they wish. A dream for old and new fans of the genre, it’s not to be missed.

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