fans of god of war When the synopsis came for the series was happy Ragnarok God of War Just revealed. The sequel will then close with a Norse mythology arc The original series was about the Greek world.

There are a few memes that capture that perfectly god of war From Kratos’ interactions with Atreus to how Kratos’ battles with the Greek gods were detailed for the players. These memes are both hilarious and surprisingly informative. Which memes sum up the experience that each god of war Can the fan relate?

Kratos’ preference for how he refers to Atreus

Kratos called Atreus by his name god of war, where he primarily referred to him as “boy”. It became instant meme material for fans who were tickled by Kratos’ sayings. The “son” aspect of things also sums up the father-son relationship as it shows the relative distance between them.

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By acknowledging Atreus without naming him, the story established how the pair had not been close for most of the game. Kratos gradually stopped calling Atreus “boy” as the game progressed, though fans still hold on to the meme because of how funny it is.

Kratos’s dying habit

Kratos saw a prophecy predicting his death at the end of 2018 god of war, which has fans worried about whether he will make it to the next match. However, Kratos’ death is rarely one that hasn’t been seen before, as he’s been killed in every major entry in the Greek saga.

Kratos coming back from the dead was a recurring element, with Kratos emerging from Hades’ realm in the first three main games. This meme reassures fans that Kratos’ future death may not be permanent either, so there’s no reason to worry about that.

Kratos steals everyone’s weapons

There is one thing to expect in every boss fight god of war The series is about Kratos coming out of the war with a new weapon. Kratos has a habit of dismembering his enemies’ weapons or bodies, usually in violent ways. god of war Experience

This ranges from ripping off the heads of Helios, Medusa and Euryale to killing Hercules to kill the Nemean Cestus. According to Kratos’ logic, he owns these items because he won them for himself, and many expect that he should claim Thor’s hammer.

Odin does not know what he is doing

of 2018 god of war Essentially Odin’s minions were assumed to defeat Kratos because they believed their All-Father would protect them. A scene is taken from this meme Assassin’s Creed Valhalla To show how Odin’s protection doesn’t apply when Kratos is around.

Kratos kills all the goons sent to him by Odin god of war What was the general outline of the game for? It will continue when Thor arrives to try and finish him off, but the odds are in Kratos’s favor as he always manages to best anyone’s efforts in his life.

A pointless decision to save the villains

While plots of god of war Considered one of the plotlines in the gaming landscape, Kratos has a silly habit of letting people go when they shouldn’t. He generally brutalizes everyone, though he got away from Zeus when the latter was not yet fully dead, allowing him to trap Kratos in his mind.

Similarly, Kratos initially lets Baldur walk away after defeating him, which gives Baldur the opportunity to attack Freya – Kratos’ next move to kill Baldur to protect Freya backfires when she perceives his actions as malevolent. This meme compares Kratos’ decision to Eli’s at the end The Last of Us Part II She also saved Abby when she didn’t have to.

Kratos’ soldiers are very loyal

Another god of war A story-driven classic on the PlayStation 2, although the behavior of Kratos’ soldiers was hilariously out of place. Kratos was in the process of destroying Greece in a petty vendetta against the gods, only to have his soldiers loyally obey his orders.

Moreover, in Kratos’s actions God of War III Everything in the Greek world was destroyed, meaning his army contributed to their own disaster. Still, fans knew to expect a lot of kissing from the Spartan soldiers because they were strict about being loyal to the god of war.

Kratos is ignoring Atreus

Looking at things from a gameplay perspective god of war Kratos feels like a particularly distant parent. In-game dialogue has Atreus trying to talk to his father, but players are generally content to solve puzzles.

This meme refers to what it would look like in third person, as Atreus tried to contact Kratos and was concerned with opening the box. The person behind the meme also made sure to include the “boy” quote because it confirms how Kratos didn’t pay attention to Atreus.

Fans learn more history from sports than from school

Ready for the mindset of this meme god of war Fans interested in mythology after playing the game. Although the series heavily altered the actual events of the mythology, the presence of most of the known gods was minimal god of war A great way for people to learn about them.

Some people replay the game to bring them back faster than the legendary figures. Things like Titanomachy and Sisters of Fate, among others, were not well known in the gaming community until then. god of war made them popular in the mainstream.

Nobody likes repetition

Each entry has certain levels that are frustrating for fans. For these have become legendary god of war A fanbase of many attempts to surpass them. Hades area was the biggest challenge in the first game.

The spiked pillar near the end of the level is the hardest to overcome, as several blades throw Kratos back to the bottom. Likewise, the entries below also have at least one area that fans have had to endure before completing their playthrough.

Irrational attributes of some gods

Lack of learning from Greek mythology god of war It is that gods who were presented as weaker than others will come across as one-dimensional. Hermes is one such example, as the character’s primary attribute was his speed, and the game told players nothing about him.

For this reason, the actual roles of some gods in mythology may not be known to fans, and most people will happily think of them only for their powers. This meme shows what these characters look like to the average player, but at least that’s not what they think.

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