In general pro wrestling events happen where one would expect them to happen. For major promotions like WWE, are arenas and other venues capable of holding a pro wrestling ring, with a large video screen and seating for people to watch the show. On the indie scene, it can range from bars to dance halls to music venues.

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But on numerous occasions, wrestling promotions – big and small – have held events in places where wrestling is not expected at all. Let’s take a look at 10 of these events that were held in exotic locales, including Seacraft, famous buildings and a deserted island.

10 WWE Stars and Stripes Challenge (7/4/1993) – USS Intrepid

On Independence Day 1993, WWE held a unique event at the top USS Intrepid, a closed aircraft carrier in New York City. The Stars and Stripes Challenge Yokozuna saw an open challenge for anyone to attempt a bodyslam. After wrestlers like Tatanka and The Steiner Brothers and other pro sports failed to do so, a helicopter descended on the arena. fearless To introduce Lex Luger who successfully bodyslams the WWE Champion. Therefore, the title match was fought between these two Summerslam The following month, Jay Luger won by countout.

9 WCW Monday Nitro (7/15/1996) – MGM Studios

Since premiering in 1995, WCW’s weekly flagship show Monday Nitro He was no stranger to hosting his broadcasts in unique locations. While many of these include outdoor venues such as beaches and motorcycle rallies, for the four-part WCW Nitro In the middle of what was then MGM Studios, Disney World’s newest theme park.

The 7/8/1996 episode was the first, but the later episode is of particular note. Not only did it feature the first of what would be many nWo beatdowns, it also featured what happens when you hold a wrestling event in the middle of a theme park, as the crowd was distracted by a fireworks show mid-match. distance

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8 DDT Natsu Nature School Wrestling (5/6/2012) – Campground

Japan’s DDT Pro-Wrestling often holds matches in all kinds of venues for entertainment, including bookstores, water parks, and even the Tokyo Dome (but not as much as one might expect). In 2012, for his show Natsu nature school wrestlingDDT had the wrestlers fight at the actual camp ground.

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Fans may have seen gifs of some of the shenanigans, like El Generico and Kota Ibushi fighting while riding a kayak. In the end, it would be Future Sami Zayn who got the win by brainbusting Takao Soma on the picnic table.

7 WWE Shotgun Saturday Night (2/8/1997) – Penn Station New York City

of WWE when he debuted in early 1997 Shotgun Saturday Night Generally focused on the midcard and below, but offered something different from the company’s usual programming at the time, a classic show held in nightclubs, bars and the like. unfortunately, Shotgun After six episodes the average minor show taped in the arena would soon be, but that sixth episode was held in its strangest place: at a ceremony at New York City’s Penn Station. A highlight of the episode was Hunter Hearst Helmsley defending the Intercontinental Title against The Undertaker.

6 Ryukyu Dragon Pro Wrestling (3/21/2015) – Gangala Valley Cave Cafe

Even the most die-hard fans of Japanese pro wrestling could be forgiven for not knowing about Ryukyu Dragon Pro Wrestling, an indie promotion based in Okinawa and founded in 2013. In 2015, DDT managed to elevate pro-wrestling by holding an event in RDPW. a cave But fans don’t have to shell out for the show — the Gangala Valley Cave Cafe is one venue that isn’t used as a concert venue. This three-match card was apparently exclusively used by the cafe for pro wrestling shows, with the main event featuring a tag bout with promotion founder Gurukun Mask.

5 Most Zona 23 shows

Mexico’s Zona 23 is in some ways the most outrageous deathmatch promotion fans can check out. Since its inception in 2013, Zona 23 has gained some credit in the wrestling scene, with its performers enjoying international exposure in other promotions with some co-promoted events including Game Changer Wrestling. What sets Zona 23 apart from other deathmatch promotions is that most of its shows are held in junkyards, giving it an atmosphere few outfits can match.

4 NJPW Ganryujima Island Death Match (10/4/1987)

In 1987, New Japan Pro-Wrestling founder Antonio Inoki engaged in a bloody, violent feud with Masa Saito, whom Inoki defeated in the tournament finals to become the first IWGP Heavyweight Champion in June 1987. By October, their feud had escalated. To heights no opponent has ever hit before or since: a battle to the death on the deserted island of Ganryujima, the site of a legendary samurai battle from the 1600s.

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Pretaped and televised, the two-hour (!) “Island Death Match” may be considered pro wrestling’s first cinematic match, with Inoki winning by TKO. Four years later, NJPW returned to the island for a similar duel between Hiroshi Haase and Tiger Jeet Singh.

3 WWE Money in the Bank (5/10/2020) – WWE HQ

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced WWE to find creative ways to hold live wrestling events without live crowds. This meant that while cinematic matches were on the rise, WWE tried to do something different for its main event. Money in the bank 2020.

This pre-taped main event took place at WWE’s corporate headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut, with both the men’s and women’s MITB ladder matches taking place simultaneously. Wrestlers had to fight their way through the building and endure comedy skits to reach the roof, where the ring and suspended briefcases were set up.

2 WCW Monday Nitro (9/4/1995) – Mall of America

As said, WCW is never afraid to keep up Nitro In an unusual location, with the first part departing from the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota. It’s a fun episode, and a bold move that’s instantly recognisable Nitro Jushin Thunder Liger and Brian Pillman open the show while watching mall goers. As the show closes with the surprise debut of Lex Luger, viewers can see Hulk Hogan’s Pastamania restaurant in the background.

1 Lonesome Pine Special (8/2/1989) – Kentucky Center for the Arts

The strangest placement for a wrestling show happened as part of an event that had little to do with wrestling. Running from 1984 to 2000, Lonesome Pine Special It was a series of concerts held at the Kentucky Center for the Arts and broadcast on PBS and NPR, featuring various styles and traditions of American music, including well-known artists.

An August 1989 episode of “Masters of Percussion” featured Jeff Jarrett and Dutch Mantel playing a match while the Wichita State University Percussion Ensemble performed a piece called “War Games” by composer Walter Mays. To make this crossroads of high art and low art even more absurd, the piece is archived at the Smithsonian Institution.