total war It’s as big as ever. Introduction to Warhammer The franchise was certainly a threat, but this is one for Creative Assembly’s previous historically focused military sims. Once releases were few and far between, it now seems that the output of the series has never been greater. Only five have been released in the last five years total war games, and while not all mainstream titles, some might argue that British developers are slacking on producing high-quality content.

Now the question is where will the series go next. Warhammer III Marked as the conclusion of a fantastic trilogy, it’s likely that Creative Assembly and Sega are trying to take things back to their roots to reconnect with old heads and introduce new players to the elements that made it. total war Very popular in the first place. with a sequel to Three states Already in development, it seems inevitable that the series will return to its historical roots. However, much remains to be speculated about the future of the turn-based strategy giant.

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Fans are excited to see Medieval III

Following the trail of digital breadcrumbs leads to one conclusion: something new Medieval The game is on. Filed with the UK Intellectual Property Office on behalf of Creative Assembly in early 2021. Total War: Medieval This is a strong indication that the developers are working on a new title. However, the file for the patent does not indicate any immediate intention to act.

Unfortunately, the listing doesn’t reveal much else. The term “Middle Ages” (officially covering about 500 to 1500 AD) is very broad in its scope and can mean anything from the fall of Rome to the fall of feudalism and the birth of the early modern world. More disappointingly, it offers no indication of accuracy where Such a game will be set up. “The Middle Ages” usually refers to European history, but the precise area of ​​Europe, not to mention the specific groups, nations, or civilizations to be included, remains unclear.

It is clear how well received such a release would be. Medieval II It remains one of the most popular and well-improved total war games ever made, including bastardized versions of it from The Lord of the Rings to do The Elder Scrolls. While mods can keep the original base game fresh and vibrant, many will jump at the chance to see a future release with a new engine.

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Empire II will be a chance for redemption

Empire: Total War It’s a strange title. On the one hand, it received universal acclaim from critics upon release, who praised it for expanding the scope of the series and redefining what was possible from a strategy game. on the other hand, Empire Arguably one of the least popular total war Although the titles are loved by those who take the time to play them, its active community is less important than many of its peers. Empire Respects a lot but doesn’t need mainstream affection.

Empire II There will be an opportunity to correct it. The original game is a quiet masterpiece, tackling tough times with confidence and precision. However, it was not without its problems, with players at the time complaining of multiple bugs and errors as well as the slightly stilted nature of musket combat. With an understated, historical period, the sequel will not only bring new shine and polish to such a dynamic, but it will also allow Creative Assembly to tweak the original’s combat, AI and naval systems. If done correctly, Empire II may be one of the studio’s crowning glory.

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Warhammer 40K would be a risk, but it could pay off

Creative Assembly and Sega have indicated that they are somewhat done Warhammer Little has been said about whether or not Theme would be willing to move forward total war Franchise in the distant future with a Warhammer 40,000 To leave, of course, means a Total War: Warhammer 40K The game will not be a significant challenge.

The 40K Asset is a very different proposition from its fantasy-themed cousin, with a greater emphasis on ranged units, heavy weapons and space combat. Warhammer’s game allowed for a variety of troops, including melee, ranged, magical, and monstrous, while the game, set in the future, will struggle to balance giving players a sense of skill and control. Creative Assembly’s greatest challenge will be to prevent battles from becoming a mess of gunfire and infantry fire, and to allow for proper tactical engagement.

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Total War: Lord of the Rings is an unpredictable dream

Professionally made mainline, for all the incredible mods and twisted versions of mainline games total war An entry based on the beloved fantasy series sounds like every strategist’s dream come true. If the developer can make it work warhammer, What prevents them from repeating the same trick Lord of the Rings?

As Tolkien’s world and his lore are notoriously expansive and involved, everything is in place. Peter Jackson’s trilogy showed what a cinematic Middle Earth could be in the right hands. With the various castes, groups and classes of the world, the creative assembly will be built on infinitely fertile soil. Jackson’s movies, an upcoming Amazon series, multiple tie-in video games and — somewhat ironically — Warhammer Tabletop adaptation, it’s all in evidence Lord of the Rings It is one of the most versatile and beneficial properties of the modern era.

Whether that will ever happen is another story. After a five-year break from any mainline releases, Creative Assembly is clearly keen to work on historical titles. At no cost to the players, sure third age mod for Medieval 2 Much of the studio work has already been done. However, after the entire trilogy of Warhammer Titles, it could be total war Fans are currently inundated with their fantasy releases.