Want some awesome Total War: Warhammer 3 mods? This fantasy strategy game has been out for just a few months now, and the veteran Total War mod scene has already hit the ground running. There’s already some great player-created content available on Steam Workshop, and a lot of old Warhammer 3 is bound to show up.

The current bridge of Warhammer 3 Mod These range from total overhauls to introducing new units and the wider Warhammer Fantasy universe. Warhammer 3 is already one of the best Warhammer games and this selection of top mods only makes it better. We have to entertain ourselves somehow while we wait for the Immortal Empires and Champions of Chaos expansions.

The best Total War: Warhammer 3 mods are:

  • SFO: Grimhammer III Land of Wealth
  • Toggle the area of ​​chaos
  • Amendment of Victory Conditions
  • Dead of the Orient
  • Daniel Painter
  • mythology
  • Radius Total War Mode

SFO: Grimhammer III Land of Wealth

SFO: Grimhammer II was one of the most popular Warhammer 2 mods, and the same development team has left its mark on Warhammer 3. Each iteration of Grimhammer aims to redesign and bring every aspect of Total War: Warhammer closer to the lore created by Games Workshop, usually through new units, more events, and more detailed mechanics.

Progress on SFO Grimhamer III continues well, with a late summer update completing the rest of the planned campaign redesign. Modders also want to start bringing popular features from SFO II. The new units won’t appear until later in the year, so don’t expect to get anything new just yet.

Logo for Warhammer 3 mod Toggle Chaos Realms

Toggle the area of ​​chaos

The main Warhammer 3 area of ​​Chaos campaign is pretty good, but handling the central story can be a chore at times as Ursun’s roars and rifts can be very disruptive. Toggle Realms of Chaos is a simple mod with a simple purpose: no more Realms of Chaos.

The mod adds a toggle that you can use to disable Ursun’s Roar and Chaos Rifts, cutting off areas of the Chaos area on the campaign map. This allows you to have a Rift-free Warhammer sandbox experience as Sigmar intended.

Amendment of Victory Conditions

While this mod doesn’t do anything about Area of ​​Chaos or Discord, it does repair the overall win conditions for all major factions. The creator believes that vanilla victory conditions could be better, so they have made their own decisions. Each faction gets three ‘paths’ it can pursue, each designed to last no more than ~70 turns – the same length as the original ‘short’ campaign objectives.

Campaign length is now determined by how many paths you choose to pursue – trying to tackle all three paths equates to one long campaign. Completing routes helps speed up votes, finances, and other buffs on your empire. This mode is compatible with single-player only and you have to start a new campaign. And you don’t have to worry, Victory Conditions Overhaul is compatible with almost every mod including SFO III.

An undead warrior from Warhammer 3 mod Dead of the Orient

Dead of the Orient

The Vampire Coast isn’t the only source of zombies in the Warhammer universe. Cathay also has its own mix of undead denizens, and while unofficial, Dead of the Orient attempts to bring some zombified Cathayean flair to Warhammer 3 by introducing new undead units to the Grand Cathay’s roster.

From resurrected peasants known as Unearthed Labor to elite zombie warriors of the Forbidden Legion, there are six recruitable units through the new Department of Magic building chain. Recruiting costs are low for these units, but maintenance is very high, meaning they are good to call in a pinch but not good to have in a standing army.

A picture of the Demon Prince customization screen from Warhammer 3 mod Daniel Painter

Daniel Painter – Paint your Demon Prince

Look, we all love Daniel. The customizable Daemon Prince is one of Warhammer 3’s crown jewels, a demonic force that you can tailor to suit your playstyle and whims. With this Warhammer 3 mod, you can add a primary and secondary skin color to further add to Daniel’s greatness. Everyone congratulated Daniel.

Many even text snippets from Warhammer 3 mod Legendary Lore


If you’re interested in learning more about the Warhammer Fantasy universe, but don’t really need it to translate into new or ‘authentic’ game mechanics, then this might be the mod for you. Mythology simply adds a bunch of triggered text events. For example, texts can trigger events when a legendary lord visits a location that is important to them.

This ethos extends to the landmarks you create and even the units you recruit, all taken from military books and other official Warhammer sources. You can also trigger a ‘Duel’ event if you defeat a Legendary Lord with another Legendary Lord, adding a lot more flavor to every aspect of Warhammer 3.

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Radius Total War Mode

Team Radius is one of the most famous mod teams in the Total War pantheon, but its most iconic work is for the historic Total War games. Now it has invaded Warhammer 3 with its infamous brand overhaul. Expect changes in everything – From units, to campaign mechanics, to visual effects, scripting and even a wide range of sub-modes to customize the experience.

502 (exactly) new units have already been introduced by the current version of the mod, including content from Warhammer 1 and Warhammer 2 races. You can be sure that all of this will be skillfully adapted to Immortal Empires when the new mod drops in August.

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Here’s what you need to know about the best Warhammer 3 mods. For more Total Warhammer, check out everything we know about the Warhammer 3 DLC released so far. Depending on which aspect of Total War you like best, we have lists of other great strategy games and RTS games.