People… Texas Tech fans are crazy online. Why all the fuss?

TCU has a win-loss record against Texas Tech in the Big 3 sports for the 2021-22 athletic season, and Tech fans are disappointed. The Horned Frogs embarrassed their football team in Lubbock, ran the court over their basketball team in Schollmeyer, and completely swept their baseball team in Lupton. That dominance has rubbed off on the Raider faithful, and without pointing to any scoreboard, they’ve turned to a favorite topic: attendance. They are hoping to deflect attention by pointing to their massive enrollment and alumni numbers to compensate for the lackluster performance.

One of the first things to get Raider fans excited is the TCU Athletics Department’s ticket sales option with the moniker “Keep It Purple Plan” to discourage ticket brokers and distribute the best tickets to committed TCU fans.

It’s just marketing and you all will fall for it. hard Raiders fans are furious “lamenessSingle-game tickets must be purchased as part of a package. What it means: On November 5, Amon G. The only way to purchase single game tickets for the Texas Tech vs. TCU game at Carter StadiumTh One is part of a mini package, bundled with two other games.

You are getting value. TCU could have just made the price of admission a huge number, basically ensuring that only ticket brokers would add to the list. This is how Texas Tech sells its most popular football tickets: The minimum get-in price for Texas at TTU is $104. The minimum admission price for TTU at TCU is $138, plus you get access to two additional games. Are you all throwing a tantrum at $34? The $138 price point is probably cheaper if it’s made available collectively to ticket brokers and then sold to tech fans in the secondary market. If you want to go to the game, buy a ticket and go to the game, why the commotion?

Several Big 12 programs have similar plans for early sales of single game tickets. The Cowboys Football Mini Plan (minimum price $160) is currently the only way to get tickets to the Texas Tech-OK State game at Oklahoma State, even though Raider fans aren’t constantly tweeting at OK State AD Chad Weiberg. Texas has a Pick 3 Mini Plan (minimum price $185) currently the only way to get tickets to a TCU game at Darrell Kay Royal Stadium, yet Frogs fans didn’t spend July calling Chris Del Conte a coward.

TCU athletic director Jeremiah Donati responded to complaints from Texas Tech fans in classic fashion:

It was announced this week that the Texas Tech-supporting collective has committed to signing every scholarship football player and walk-on option to a NIL contract offering $25,000 a year.

It’s a significant move that sets a solid earnings floor for the entire roster. I don’t want to in any way diminish the dollar value or how this level of compensation can affect where an athlete wants to spend their college career. Enough for a $2.5M annual salary on top of funding major stadium renovations, it’s a little odd for fans to talk about how much money they’re making, while also spending the entire week moaning about paying $138 to attend an event. Football games to watch the players they are paying for. Are you blessed with infinite wealth or in a poor house? Neither here nor there; Collect money, pay players, see if investments pay off, cheer or complain accordingly. Everybody’s getting paid, everybody’s playing ball. C’est la vie, live and let live, is all gravy.

TCU recruiting coordinator Brian Carrington on his thoughts on the NIL deal Monday night Twitter thread. The thread began as a thinly veiled subtweet that could refer to any of the announced (and undeclared) NIL deals as a call to build its own brand beyond the university and college town. The pretense was dropped as Carrington noted “85 scholarship players trying to ‘build their brand’ in the desert are rare markets…”

Hooooo boy did that cactus emoji set the Red Raider faithful on fire. The TTUanon machine went into overdrive and the Twitter army went HAM. The cactus emoji spread like….fast, let’s just say it spread fast. Texas Tech personalities such as Patrick Mahomes, Eddie Kirby Hocutt and new head coach Joey McGuire attended the cactus party.

Is the reference to Lubbock a “desert” that made everyone so defensive? Hell, the entire state is a desert right now as we continue to bake in triple digit temperatures and like 10’s.Th A week without rain. There are a lot of desert cities where one can build a brand: Vegas is fun, Phoenix is ​​a great city, Dubai has a lot of money. There’s nothing wrong with being in the wilderness, maybe a little self-awareness about your particular wilderness.

Most here (and rational thinkers anywhere) will find the content of Coach Carrington’s statement to be mostly accurate – $25,000 a year is not a lifetime worth of dough; One’s earning potential is generally higher in larger markets, etc. – It might be A What we should have said: Nothing The situation is the same for this blog post I think, but the toothpaste is now out of the tube.

At the end of the day, whether you’re an athletic director or a coach or an anonymous set of Twitter bots, it’s really fun to be mean to your opponents online; To poke a throat and watch them squirm. Currently, the Frogs have a scoreboard and the Red Raiders have a cartoon cactus. Coach Carrington and Eddie Donati write a check that Quentin Johnston and Trey Tomlinson have to cash on November 5th and send all those cacti back to hiding in the desert.

No. 1 through all of this: We need football season to get here. as soon as possible.