from Alden Ring to do pokemon, RPGs can take many different forms and approaches, giving players new perspectives and ways to enjoy different fantasy realms. First-person, third-person, and even text-based are all common in the genre, but the most common perspective is undoubtedly top-down. Viewing pieces like characters, NPCs, and enemies on the game board is an easy way to see as much as possible, whether planning or just exploring.

There are dozens of titles that fit this description, but one of their biggest spawning grounds has to be on the Nintendo Switch. The Switch is an RPG fan’s dream come true, especially with titles like this Skyrim And the witcher is readily available, so it should come as no surprise that it also has a true top-down RPG dimension.

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10 Battle Chasers: Night War (80)

Ninjas, wizards and steampunk robots are all equal in this colorful battle against the forces of darkness. Those seeking a magical encounter with the world will not be disappointed with this top-down fantasy.

9 Collection of Minds (83)

A collection of mana covers

The consider The series was ahead of its time when it first premiered on the SNES in the 90s. By mixing top-down adventure elements from similar games The Legend of Zelda With a wide range of designs and worlds last fantastic idea, The genre was introduced in a new form of ARPG.

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A collection of minds The first three titles in the franchise, as well The ultimate fantasy adventure The titles for the Gameboy are all bundled together in one package. The incredible 16-bit collection is a retro-RPG gamer’s dream come true.

8 Moonlighter (83)

It used to be said moonlight An odd duck would be a glorious understatement. Part zelda-Clone, part dungeon-crawler, part small-business-simulator, the game is a strange melange of elements that come together to create one of the most distinct indie darlings on the Switch.

Most RPGs feature a merchant character who supplies the hero(es) with a constant supply of items in the arsenal. The game puts the player in the role and must venture into dark dungeons and environments to find new items for their store. It may be unconventional, but it’s definitely a stand-out title.

7 Octopath Traveler (83)

The party can deal elemental magic damage, especially when the mage is involved with Octopath Traveler

The game can be considered a modern throwback as it combines 16-bit graphics, traditional JRPG elements, and a storytelling method that uses eight different main characters whose storylines converge into one grand epic. Chrono Trigger.

It’s a beautiful game that should evoke a sense of nostalgia for anyone who grew up with 90s JRPGs on the SNES, and the top-down approach allows the player to take in every pixel. With such a high pedigree of classic gameplay and stunning sprite work, this is easily a top-tier RPG for any Switch owner.

6 Triangle Strategy (83)

Ability to use in triangle strategy

Coming on the heels of the previous title, Triangular strategy Brings back the familiarity of similar strategy-based RPGs Final Fantasy Tactics, But also tries to deliver the epic fantasy/political drama seen in modern media Game of Thrones. Although it may seem like a mixture of different ingredients, the results speak for themselves.

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The plot may be hit or miss, but the gameplay is sure to appeal to anyone who yearns for the days of old-school tactical strategy. It’s not a game of chess, but it’s one that can have some nail-biting consequences.

5 Wargroove (84)

A village is discovered in Wargrove

Wargroove Tactics is a strategy game for those unwashed by the water of tactical RPGs. These simple-but-effective mechanics make the game easy to pick up but difficult to master – and that’s not to mention the amount of gameplay customization available right from the start of the story campaign.

The best way to describe this title would be a high-fantasy version of advance wars Since the days of the Gameboy Advance, and the results speak for themselves. The top-down element gives it the look of war games, allowing for complete scenarios and effective ways to plan the best battle.

4 Crosscode (86)

At face value, Crosscode Can look like sci-fi zelda-clone, but there’s more to this anime-inspired adventure than meets the eye. Calling back to the classic adventure titles of the SNES era, the game features a virtual world with a sinister mystery and an AI protagonist who must discover the truth.

The approach helps sell the retro-inspired motif down to every last polished pixel. As one of these deceptively deep titles, the game hides its complexities behind a mask of simple visuals and synthesized sounds.

3 Stardew Valley (87)

The player character is picking grapes in Stardew Valley

Some would call this game a spiritual successor Harvest Moon series, and there’s certainly evidence to back up that claim, but it’s much more than just a 16-bit farming simulator. Exaggerating even less, a player can practically create a virtual life if they can master the various nuances of the 16-bit world.

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Farming is a big equation Stardew Valley, Because players can raid dungeons, forage in the forest, or take a day out fishing. In short, this is a great game for players looking to take a break from leading armies and kill monsters.

2 Diablo III: The Eternal Collection (88)

There are few games that better represent the top-down RPG collective Diablo The franchise’s third entry with all the DLC bells and whistles the series has is understandably top-tier content, and Switch-owners everywhere dove into Sanctuary’s dungeons.

Diablo has been the king of the dungeon-crawler genre ever since its huge success Diablo II in 2000, and multiple ARPGs take a lot of inspiration from the series. Diablo III, Although a bit brighter and more colorful than its predecessor, there’s enough content to keep the most ardent adventurer entertained for hours.

1 Divinity: Original Sin II (93)

Divinity Original Sin II Definitive Edition poster featuring the main playable characters

Known as one of the most acclaimed RPGs on the system, Divinity: Original Sin II It’s an incredibly deep title in terms of story, strategy, and content. Inspired by similar titles Baldur’s Gate series, this immersive RPG experience is like a dungeon master’s dream.

There is so much going on in this game that the best way to understand it is to just sit down and play. Players will create their own fantasy characters and assemble their own party of adventurers to explore a fantastically crafted world with many characters and creatures to interact with and various quests to undertake. With dialogue, fights, and even environmental interactions taking over the overall story, gamers want to embrace the spirit of adventure again and again.

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