Recent developments show that the gaming industry is vast and constantly expanding, and this is also true for blockchain-based games. Undoubtedly, play-to-earn cryptocurrency games have given gamers the opportunity to earn money while doing what they enjoy.

Play-to-earn game development is quickly becoming a popular business model and DeFi is revolutionizing the gaming space.

In this blog, we will discuss some of the top play-to-earn games that will dominate the gaming industry in 2022.

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As the name suggests, Play-to-Earn (P2E) gaming refers to all games that allow players to earn money while playing them. This is a new type of game. In play-to-earn games, players are rewarded in cryptocurrency or non-fungible tokens.

In recent times, the popularity of these blockchain-based games, also known as P2E, has skyrocketed. Each platform has its own coin to reward online players for their investment of time, which has become a trademark of practically every metaverse.

Statista estimates that the global gaming market will grow to a value of $268 billion by 2025.

According to the report, the play-to-earn NFT games market will grow from USD 755 million in 2021 to USD 3618.4 million by 2028, at a CAGR of 21.3 percent from 2022 to 2028.

Here are some of the play-to-earn cryptocurrency games of 2022. Take a look!

Gods Unchained is a new card trading game that reinvents the genre by incorporating aspects of NFT into an already popular format. Since ranking now determines who wins the game, cards can be bought from other players or won in PVP matches, focusing more on ability and strategy than luck. These cards can be exchanged at any local or public market.

Arguably, the most popular play-to-earn game in the cryptocurrency market is Axis Infinity. Axies are the names given to token-based creatures that players can collect, breed, nurture, battle, and even trade.

Axie Infinity’s market cap has reached a staggering $7.8 billion, which some experts believe has spurred interest in play-to-earn game development.

Each Axi is a non-fungible token (NFT) and each has unique qualities and benefits. Users can take the necessary time and effort to upgrade their Axies and exchange them for cryptocurrencies in specific markets.

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A voxel game platform called The Sandbox 3D is similar to Minecraft and Roblox, but with blockchain-backed collectibles and money. Players can create game environments on their land while it is still under construction and testing.

This game is currently the top crypto-related metaverse game.

Just like other war games, fighting enemies, eliminating them and getting skill tokens as rewards are all part of the gameplay of this game. Players can craft weapons while playing and sell them in-game. There is a small cost to play the game and participate in battles, which players then pay to earn rewards in the form of skill tokens.

In the P2E market, Pegaxy is a relatively fresh game. It is a PVP horse racing game that provides players with various ways to earn money while playing. There are 12 different horses running in each race. Top 3 finishers will get VIS tokens. Using a random number generator, the winner of each race is selected. By renting out their horses for a predetermined period of time, players can also generate passive income. Before any trade takes place, both parties must agree on a price and time frame. After the transaction, the buyer will have the right to use the horse in any race for a predetermined period of time.

One of the best P2E games using card-based NFT technology is Splinterlands. This play-to-earn game leverages the Hive blockchain and connects to various other games. In terms of play-to-earn, Splinterland is one of the top cryptographic games for Android.

Without Decentraland, no list of P2E games would really be right. Dicenterland is a metaverse-like virtual environment where users can fulfill their creative visions. The primary form of in-game payment is MANA, which can be used to purchase items in the Metaverse, including real estate, virtual characters, and character enhancements.

It is a virtual world powered by Ethereum where users can create, interact with, and earn money from a wide variety of content and apps. Users can buy land blocks. Then, they can improve it, expand on it to make it more attractive, and maybe even monetize it. Once the land is purchased, a person can use it to create anything they want, from standalone games to fully-fledged online stores. Even when they are not online, players can play with other users to defend their territory.

One of the best play-to-earn NFT games is Star Atlas, which has the most advanced graphic technology available. In this intriguing game, players can build cities, establish micro-economies, trade and purchase NFTs in-game, and establish Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs). Unity3D game development services are used to create the graphics and special effects in this game.

In addition to attractive game-to-earning opportunities, Guild of Guardians has an attractive environment full of dungeons, orcs and elves. Using your gaming prowess on the platform, you can loot and collect in-game items such as heroes and pets that can then be sold on the NFT marketplace for profit.

Using your gaming prowess on the platform, you can loot and collect in-game items such as heroes and pets that can then be sold on the NFT marketplace for profit.

Guild of Guardians allows anyone to engage in the experience compared to other P2E gaming platforms.

RaceFi is the first AI/ML embedded car racing game from the Solana ecosystem. RaceFi uses a weighted randomization algorithm to analyze results. PvP and PvE versions of the play-to-earn game are offered to appeal to a wide spectrum of gamers. PvP mode gives you additional options for planning, while PvE mode gives you control of the vehicle.

The rewards you get depend on your gaming ability and participation in the RaceFi Metaverse. On the other hand, players who have more XP and upgrades have a stronger chance of winning. Winners receive a predetermined amount of prize money.

It’s not hard to see why many believe blockchain-based game development will play a major role in the future of the gaming industry. Play-to-earn is evolving as a practical business strategy that enables both game producers and players to earn money from engaging in enjoyable activities.

P2E gaming has the potential to shape the gaming industry. Without the motivation to earn money, playing video games is already a common phenomenon. This, along with the huge earning potential, may cause many traditional players to enter the play-to-earn gaming industry. Hence, it’s a win-win situation for entrepreneurs looking for play-to-earn game development.