The Ultimate Warrior is one of the most iconic wrestlers of all time. He was rarely beaten and became a huge fixture in WWE for almost a decade. Although his in-ring skills have been studied in his retirement years, his influence is equal to that of any wrestling legend. One aspect of his career that eluded his legacy, however, was his timing WCW.

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Warrior spent less than six months in WCW and every moment of it was one disaster after another. Although it was never admitted, many believe that he was hired so that Hogan of Hollywood could avenge his loss to Warrior at WrestleMania VI. True or not, he ended up in the company, and this list examines ten things that happened during Warrior’s WCW run.

10 Warrior wrestled in his jacket during his only Nitro match

Although he had several matches on Nitro, including his debut, Warrior only wrestled one match on the program. His outfit is as recognizable as any major superstar who steps into the ring. The Ultimate Warrior’s addition of a jacket helped further develop his look.

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Huge coats, however, do not make for the best wrestling gear. In his tag team bout (with Sting) against Hollywood Hogan and Bret, only Warrior was essentially absent from the match, fighting in his jacket. It was the only match he wrestled with a quote in WCW, so it was either a mistake or another creative mistake.

9 His only singles match received a “Negative Five Star” rating

Warrior’s match against Hollywood Hogan was considered the “rematch of the century”. Unfortunately, the build to the match was awkward and it was clear that neither Hogan nor Warrior were the same players when Warrior defeated Hogan at WrestleMania VI. This was Warrior’s only singles match in WCW in months.

Their rematch at Halloween Havoc ’98 was a complete disaster. Dave Meltzer, a great wrestling critic, usually rates his matches on a scale of 1 to 5. He gave the match his lowest rating ever, a -5, which most fans don’t dispute.

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8 An episode of Thunder hints at Warrior’s arrival on WCW

Warrior arrived in WCW on the August 17, 1998, episode of Monday Nitro. On the episode of Thunder before Nitro, there was a subtle hint that Warrior would be coming to WCW at the end of the show. This was before the era of the vast internet where such suggestions had enormous staying power and caused a great deal of fanfare.

After Bret Hart defeated Lex Luger to retain the WCW United States Championship, the final shot of the show was two guys dressed as Warrior heralding his arrival.

7 Roddy Piper competed against Warrior for the first time in WCW

An interesting fact about Roddy Piper and Warrior: They were both in WWE for at least five years and never had a single match against each other – no singles matches, tag team bouts, nothing. The two eventually clashed in WCW, but unfortunately, in one of the worst war games in WCW history. Although there were seven other guys in the match, this was the only (non-Royal Rumble) match where Piper and Warrior competed against each other.

6 Warriors WCW entry Davey Boy Smith injured

Warrior appeared in a cloud of smoke as he arrived at the WCW event. The secret behind the entrance was a trap door that the Warrior used to enter the building unseen. Unfortunately, a miscommunication resulted in Davey Boy Smith taking a hit that landed him in the hospital. It is speculated that this injury also played a large role in the painkiller addiction that plagued Davey Boy towards the end of his life.

5 Warrior had a Batman-esque symbol

In another strange creative decision, the Warrior’s symbol will flash across the arena whenever needed. He often stood in emblems. It was an odd addition to the “WCW Warrior” saga and did very little to advance the story. It is often forgotten because it has little impact.

4 The Bladerunners (Sting and Warrior) teamed up for the first time in WCW in over a decade.

Sting and Warrior entered the wrestling arena together. The two were known as The Bladerunners and took two completely different paths and became huge stars in their respective worlds. A reunion of these two on WCW should have been huge. That pay per view was right.

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Not to mention, his opponents were Hogan and Bret Hart. It turned out to be a throwaway match that lasted less than six minutes. Warrior didn’t compete much in this match and it’s the worst reunion of the icons.

3 Warrior initiates faction (which does nothing)

WCW was full of stables. It was not unusual for a new one to appear at any point after the NWO was founded. Warrior founded One Warrior Nation, OWN (backwards NWO). The Disciple (aka Brutus Beefcake) was the only member of the “clique” and the whole idea slowly faded away and was never mentioned again before the Halloween Havoc with Hogan.

Warrior’s crazy, mostly incomprehensible, promos were a big part of his persona. He took that aspect of his character to WCW and cut a long promo during his debut. Bischoff said he had no idea the promo would last more than 20 minutes. Most fans were satisfied with this promo as it was great to see Warrior in action on WCW for the first time in years.

1 Warrior gains superpowers (due to unknown reasons)

One of the biggest changes to Warrior in WCW was the sudden superpower that gave him the ability to teleport and mind control. He brainwashed his disciple to join a warrior nation and sometimes used smoke as a way to teleport. His strength failed him at the War Games when Hogan locked him in a cage and he injured himself by kicking down a section of the cage to escape. He also appeared in Hogan’s mirror, one of the weirdest moments in Hogan and Warrior’s career.