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Kasaragod: The Democratic Youth Federation of India (DYFI), the CPM’s youth wing, disrupted village games organized “only for Hindus” and filed a police complaint against the organisers, right-wing youth club Veera Kesari Club in Byar. In Paivalike Gram Panchayat.

“This is the third time, Sangh Parivar youths are organizing a Hindu-only sports event here. We will not allow sports to be used to divide Kerala society,” said DYFI Manjeshwar block president Vinay Kumar.

A poster of the event organized by Veera Kesari read: ‘A warm welcome to Hindus’.

On Sunday, he led a group of DYFI workers to Beripadvu in Pervodi division, where the Veera Kesari Club organized a run, tug of war and kabaddi on flooded paddy fields. “We stopped the program and spoke to the organizers. We ensured that the games are open to all,” Vinay Kumar said.

As a registered youth club, Veera Kesari should not organize sports events for only one community, he said. “We should use sport to bring people together, not divide them,” he said.

DYFI State Secretary VK Sanoj said the organization will organize the big games on July 20 for all communities at a single paddy field.

Byer’s Veera Kesari Club in Paivali Panchayat of Kasaragod organizes rural games in paddy fields. DYFI took exception to the poster inviting only Hindus to the event.

A member of the club declined to comment on the development. BJP controls Pervodi and Beripadav wards and neighboring wards in Paivalike panchayat. The eight-member party has ties to the LDF, which won control of the panchayat after winning the toss for the post of president.

BJP’s Pushpalakshmi from Cheral ward won the coin toss for the post of vice president. The UDF has only two members of the IUML and one member of the Congress.

Speaking for the club, a BJP panchayat member said that the Veera Kesari Club organizes these games every year on paddy fields. “Only Hindus attend the club’s events. The youth must have written a Hindu welcome as many women participate in the games,” said a women’s panchayat member, requesting anonymity.

She said temples in the area also organize sports events exclusively for Hindus. Recently, the Bunt community organized similar events exclusively for their community. “Later, the same place was used by Kudumbashree,” she said, adding that at least Veera Kesari’s program was open to all Hindus.

Sports events are regularly organized in the paddy fields before the sowing season in Kasaragod district. Pulari Club of Arvath in Pallikara Panchayat is the pioneer of such programs. This year, 17 schools and thousands of residents, people of various religions participated in the Pulari Mahotsav organized on Sunday, June 26, said Jaiprakash, secretary of the Pulari Club.

These sports included events such as running, volleyball, badminton, three-legged race, spoon race, sack race and tug-of-war, all held in waterlogged paddy fields. “We closed the game with paddy sowing,” he said.

Jayaprakash said that similar events were organized in Panyal, Udama, Armangam and Perumbala and nowhere did religion come into the picture.

Vinay Kumar of DYFI said the RSS-BJP-affiliated right-wing club had earlier tried to organize a Hindu-only kabaddi tournament at Byar in Paivalike panchayat and a Hindu-only cricket tournament at Bekkur in neighboring Mangalpadi panchayat. “DYFI protested and stopped both the programmes,” he said.