Kratos’ default clothing has seen several evolutions god of war The plain nappy he wears in the serial Greek region has become a fur-lined costume in the Norse lands. His preference for light clothing allows him to function at maximum efficiency, but since Kratos is a god whose strength, endurance, and healing factors allow him to survive nearly all mortal wounds, protection with clothing is not one of his priorities. What he looks for are the clothes that give him the most mobility and flexibility.

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Despite his preference for minimalism, Kratos isn’t against dressing up from time to time. He wears numerous armor sets and costumes throughout god of war series – most of which give him some sort of boon to aid him in his adventures. Although most of these look like large and ancient armor used by ancient warriors, Kratos has more humorous costumes with very interesting effects.

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Kratos’ joke outfits are a series tradition

The origins of Kratos’ joke costumes are original god of war In 2005. By completing the Challenge of the Gods – a gauntlet of various challenges that test players’ wits and strength – they can unlock a bonus outfit for Kratos. Most of these costumes are humorous. Dairy Bastard costume, for example Kratos puts on a cow costume complete with rubber udders. His Blades of Chaos are replaced by pitchers of milk, which he throws using the same move. Completing the challenge of the gods in god of war (2005) also rewards players with Tyconius – which puts Kratos in a business suit and gives him a suitcase instead of a blade; Bubbles – A swimsuit for Kratos complete with tan lines, swim shorts and a pair of fish blades; and Chef of War – a self-described outfit that replaces its weapons with a frying pan.

Comedy costumes have made appearances from time to time god of war Sequels and prequels, but not in every game. Kratos’ joke costumes can be found in most of them god of war Games on PlayStation Portable. Spud of War and Mime of War – costumes that make Kratos wear a full-body potato costume and mime wear respectively – can be unlocked. God of War: Chains of Olympus. Similarly, a version of Kratos made from cardboard boxes, ventilation hoses, and duct tape called “robotos” can be obtained. God of War: Ghost of Sparta.

Console-wise, the most famous Kratos joke costume has to be his Code of War costume. Debut in costume God of War 2, stuffs Kratos into a fish outfit and swaps his Blades of Athena for a pair of fishhooks. Code of War also returns in 2018 god of warInstead of just a fish costume, the costume is armor that players can craft in New Game Plus (both God of War 2 And of 2018 god of war was directed by Cory Barlog).

Every joke has a punchline

Although Kratos’ comical costumes are comical in appearance, everyone has also given him special buffs. The Dairy Bastard Costume grants Kratos infinite magic and doubles the value of any orbs he acquires, but it also halves the amount of damage he takes. 2018’s Code of War doubles the number of armor buffs, allowing Kratos to generate a burst of Frost and Burn damage when stepping on a Healthstone or Ragestone. The Cod of War Underbelly-Guard grants Kratos temporary invincibility when activating a Healthstone or Ragestone, and the Cod of War Fin-Wraps allow the Healthstone to grant Rage and Ragestone health when Kratos’ bars are full.

If players can look past their silly nature, the series’ joke costumes provide some great boons. In addition to these benefits, comic costumes also shed a humorous light on an otherwise grim and unforgiving world. Given how serious Kratos is in most cases, players may choose to dress him up in a silly outfit to lighten the mood. Making Kratos’ funny faces is one of the biggest reasons players love him god of war’s photo mode and these costumes help take the comedy to another level. Santa Monica Studios may have already completed designing God of War: RagnarokBut hopefully the game will inject some humor in the way of some humorous costumes.

God of War: Ragnarok Released on November 9, 2022 for PS4 and PS5.

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