Turn-based RPGs are underrated. Besides giving you the ability to express yourself through customization and role-playing, these types of games give you the feeling of being a tactical genius. Real-time strategy games are great at this too, but planning and executing it in a world of set rules and space feels even better.

Each battle or battle in the best turn-based RPGs feels unique and you can implement different strategies each time. Additionally, it will make you feel like you have control over your character or team instead of being forced to follow a path. There are a lot of bad turn-based RPGs out there, but it’s important to keep an eye out for the good ones. Below, we’ve rounded up the best turn-based RPGs on the market that you can still try.

Sequels and multiple entries from the same franchise will not be listed. We could list dozens Last fantastic idea And Dragon Quest games, and it’s obvious that some game series are in the genre enough to know what gamers enjoy. This list has plenty of options when you’re looking for that new game that will make you feel like a tactical mastermind.

The best turn-based games

14) Dragon Quest XI

Image by Square Enix

Dragon Quest XI Begins with a survivor of Dandrasil’s kingdom. The survivor is an infant who is adopted by a family from a nearby village when evil demons burn the kingdom to ashes. This infant becomes a fearless soldier and now you control him. You resolve to explore your past and seek revenge against those responsible for destroying your village and killing your loved ones.

You lead a party of heroes and fight enemies ranging from slimes to dragons based on your strength. This is a JRPG, so expect a lot of tropes other than the protagonist’s house to be burned. It’s also fun to play while doing side missions like horse races.

13) Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions

Image by Square Enix

We can include all Last fantastic idea game here, but we’re sticking with the best. Introduced a tactical combat system Final Fantasy Tactics Still good today. There is an upgraded version, playable on mobile devices Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions. You play Ramza and decide how he will respond to the world’s class struggle, which really makes you think. Although the game is fun, it constantly reminds the player of who should rule the war and how unfair it has become for the lower classes.

12) Dragon Age: The Origins

Image via BioWare

on the console, Dragon Age: The Origins It might not sound like a turn-based game, but pause and play it and you’ll see that every attack is timed. Apart from giving you a tactical battle lead, the game also has an excellent story. This game tells a very depressing story and is the darkest of all Dragon Age If the game is fun Dragon Age: The Inquisition, don’t think you’ll enjoy the first game because the series has become much happier and more promising. A demonic force is trying to destroy the world and you must lead the defense against it. This is a true role-playing game, so be prepared to talk as much as you fight.

11) Fallout 2

Image by Bethesda Softworks

Fallout 2 It’s an old game, but it still survives today. Players follow the role of the Chosen One, a descendant of the main character from the first game, The Vault Dweller. while the Fallout 2 Already excelling as a trailblazer in turn-based combat, the story is one that keeps players coming back for more. It is fun and charming without taking the seriousness of the situation. Party members come back later in the game, so if you haven’t tried this yet, you’re missing out.

10) Yakuza: Like a dragon

Image via Sega

has a new main character to follow Yakuza game, as well as a new style of combat. Due to the use of magic and useless weapons, it is far from a realistic melee combat. Yakuza As for the game itself, players can now form a team and fight together in a turn-based game that allows them to move around the battlefield and kill multiple enemies at once. It’s the same as the first one Yakuza game, but if you give it a chance, you’ll enjoy it. Fans of the series may have issues with all the changes, but the series has evolved.

9) The Empire of Sin

Image by Romero Games

There is no other game that simulates the life of a mobster The Empire of Sin. You control your own mob in the game and your story can change depending on which gangster you choose. This game makes you feel like you are fighting in the prohibition era and you can hire goons to fight with you. Bullies have different feelings for each other and they all have different stories. You also need to keep track of massive gang wars, police heats and trades, a system that is very well done.

8) South Park: The Stick of Truth

Image by Ubisoft

SOut Park: The Stick of Truth Can’t be as bright South Park: Fractured but WholeBut it did a good job of keeping players focused on the story it was trying to tell Fractured but whole. There was a sudden shift from the superhero Civil War theme to a more serious theme South Park: Fractured but WholeBut South Park: The Stick of Truth Felt more focused on the main character’s story. South Park: The Stick of Truth It gave players a classic take on South Park while poking fun at RPG tropes with its innocent, kid-style story.

7) Valkyria Chronicles

Image via SEGA

A unique aspect of Valkyria Chronicles He has a different approach to war games. It is a turn-based system with a third-person camera. The game involves taking turns with your opponent, moving your character, aiming shots and dodging bullets. Players assume the role of a recent college graduate who returns home at the outbreak of war. It helps the character to join the army and fight to protect their nation. Although the theme is very light, the concept of turn-based war shooters is extremely good.

6) Waste land 3

Image by Inexile Entertainment

The Fallout Inspired by the series waste land And for good reason. waste land And Fallout There are more realistic versions of post-apocalyptic areas than other games because they don’t focus on suffering and hardship. Those who live in the area don’t discuss how things were before the events every few hours; They just stay there and see how life is. No game does a better job of making players feel like they’re a part of this kind of world Waste land 3. There are recruitable allies and conversations and you can do pretty much anything you want, but it doesn’t always work.

5) Sid Meier’s Civilization VI

Image by 2K

Game developer Sid Meier is famous for his games civilization, which is one of the most recognizable in the video game industry. He no longer works on them, but his name is attached. Each entry in Sid Meier’s civilization Gets more detailed. When you start the game, you are the leader of the nation who is the recognizable person of that nation. As your nation grows, you can win in a variety of ways. The sixth game in the series features hexagonal tiles and armies are still pitted against each other, holding the key to victory. Don’t trust Gandhi as he is only planning to win the late game.

4) Persona 4 Golden

Image via ATLUS

High school student games may seem like they’re only for anime fans, but Persona 4 Golden There is an exception. Although it has many anime tropes that you need to go through, it also has a dark and deep mystery. A serial killer is on the loose and the player must find him. If you’re not paying attention, you could miss the killer altogether and end up worse. The game has many depressing themes, so prepare for a real thriller.

3) Campaigns: Rome

Image by Logic Artists

Campaigns: Rome It will be a wonderful introduction for those who have never played. You play a great man whose family is betrayed in this rich and historically accurate recreation of Julius Caesar’s early reign in Rome. You can fight many battles, some of them small scale and others involving dozens of units that you must plan before controlling. You must also train and supervise your troops as they will fight in large-scale battles where you will instruct them. The main story is immersive, and the mini stories of your companions will create a relationship to love. We recommend this game to anyone who likes both history and turn-based strategy.

2) XCOM 2

Image by 2K

XCOM 2 It was amazing when it was released in 2016 and is still comparable to RPGs released today. There’s so much death in this game that you’ll see it as a given unless you make a perfect run, but it’s no fun if you’re trying not to let anyone die every time. The only downside is the promotion timer which decreases over time. This timer forces you to save scum to only have great soldiers because losing one will be devastating when the enemy gets tougher. But the game has great combat and storyline that makes you rebel against the oppressive power.

1) Divinity: Original Sin 2

Image by Larian Studios

Divinity: Original Sin 2 This is a great game for those who really want an old-school RPG. Your choices, good or bad, determine how the world perceives you. Dark fantasy is the setting of the story and the combat is very intuitive. Instead of just killing enemies, you can use your environment to your advantage by throwing barrels at them or setting fire to the oil they’re standing on. The game will take you a few dozen hours to complete and is one of the best turn-based RPGs out there.