god of war It was a surprise hit for the Playstation, In 2018 the old franchise is getting a soft reboot with a Norse twist. The upcoming sequel, Ragnarok God of War, continues Kratos’ adventures in Norse mythology and is sure to introduce never-before-seen gods and monsters. However, there is unlikely to be much change for the franchise.

Game directors Cory Balrog and Eric Williams confirmed in an interview with Captain Kuba that the franchise will move on from Norse mythology. Ragnarok Paving the way for a new set of stories, one that can connect a lot with the past. Paying homage to the past is quite reasonable, Ragnarok There can actually be some amazing views. These are all characters that may have appeared in the past but certainly not in the recent past god of war

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10 Hecate

Throughout the God of War universe, magic can be found in both Greek and Norse titles. However, one goddess of art has been largely overlooked. Hecate is a powerful sorceress and goddess of sorcery and magic in Greek mythology. Therefore, Circe is not the only notable mover.

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It will be interesting to see Hecate’s inclusion in the series and what effect she might have on the Norse landscape in terms of the magical conflict between the two lands. Of course, if the series is to go further, Kratos acquiring sorcery would be an interesting change for the future in terms of gameplay under Hecate.

9 Hades

Kratos charges at Hades in God of War 3.

While some featured in Norse mythology god of war While perhaps ported over, it’s fair to say that the underworld and its associated characters are largely accurate to the earlier games. Hades is one of the main antagonists of the series and is eventually killed by Kratos.

Can the lord of the underworld really die, especially since he’s a god? Death follows Kratos wherever he goes, and the very concept of Ragnarok suggests that more destruction is on its way. A shocking return for Hades, linked to the fall of Norse mythology, would be a brilliant inclusion that would close the saga.

8 Pan

Lord Pan

Nature deities are featured in all forms of god of war, Because the natural landscapes that Kratos travels through are watched by all kinds of entities. One character that may have been focused on is Pan, who has been heavily depicted over the years based on Greek mythology.

The nature god may be a satire, but in the past he was a humorous character, but he was also an aggressive protector. Pan could be a staunch ally if he were to fall on the god of war’s good side. Finally, after the participation of the cow in the cow, the Pan may add a different approach to the proceedings.

7 Jason

Jason and the Argonauts

Jason may not be a god in the traditional sense, although some stories have seen the hero rise to that status after the end of his arc. Mentioned in Jason god of war And the Golden Fleece is strongly connected to the story that Kratos himself is involved in, especially in regards to the expansion content.

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Jason can be Kratos’ staunch friend, even though their personalities are vastly different. The human protagonists are so important to the series, as they will provide a very different context to the proceedings. Jason and the Argonaut’s next adventure could be through the Norse realms, an interesting idea that could also be a fun spin-off.

6 iris

Goddess Iris

Iris is the goddess of light and rainbows but has also been used as a messenger. It’s a lesser-known entity, which means in terms of creative freedom, the opportunities are endless. It would be a fun addition to the game if Kratos could interact with his allies through his methods.

great god of war Games depend on these minor characters and elevate their position. Because she is also often associated with fairies, this imaginary landscape can have something interesting in terms of recreating what mythology might be. It’s rare that a figure of such potential is rarely explored in any form, but the best way for this game to be such a strange inclusion.

5 Morpheus

Sandman Tom Sturridge as Morpheus Helmet Header

Morpheus may be a character that many people are aware of in wider pop culture, but he was originally the Greek god of dreams, not to be confused with the gods of sleep. The character was briefly introduced in god of war and was involved in the death of the sun god Helios.

But he never answered for his crimes and seems to exist in this universe. Kratos is haunted by his past through visions and dreams. That particular subplot can be wrapped up with the return of a mischievous Morpheus, who many see as a trickster god in his own right.

4 Chiron

Centaurs are featured in many incarnations god of war In the past, however, Chiron has been absent. This character is known for training heroes such as Achilles, Jason and Heracles. His wisdom is beyond his years and he knows how to get the best out of his students.

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If Kratos wanted to improve, or perhaps give his son the best chance to truly become a hero, Chiron would be the man to trust. In a world of backstabbing and playing politics, Chiron is good-natured, honest and calm. He can be the exact opposite of the brutal and rash Kratos.

3 Nike

Nike Goddess

Statues of Nike can be found in these Greek games, but god of war The saga has yet to include her as a proper character. She is the goddess of victory, Kratos lives as the new god of war. Her absence will be greatly felt in the universe.

Nike will surely be drawn to Kratos, who finds himself on the winning end of many battles. However, with the collapse of the Norse realm, will Nike withdraw her support, given that Ragnarok is among the people? Her inclusion will open the door to explore many complex themes.

2 Selene

Selene God

The moon gods of the Norse realm have been killed, at least that’s it god of war tells his audience. But the sun and the moon play an important role throughout the saga, from the death of Helios, right down to the puzzles fans have to solve that can hint at the future.

Like Iris, Selene’s characterization is open to further interpretation. As the Greek goddess of the moon, she can see absence as an opportunity. She’s not the only moon goddess in Greek myth, but like Kratos, could history repeat itself with Selene slaying the likes of Artemis? Again, this is a character that will provide some thematic exploration that parallels the lead.

1 Zeus

Russell Crowe as Zeus in Thor Love and Thunder A lady in golden armor and gowns as the god

Kratos killing Zeus as a major turning point god of war series but this moment continues to haunt Kratos years after it happened. In fact, it’s fair to say that Zeus has been included countless times in modern games because of those flashbacks.

However, it should all lead to something. There are many comparisons between Odin and Zeus. The combination of these two will be a huge threat to Kratos and will ultimately pay off the previous series for those who played from the beginning.

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