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When you think about it, online casino games share a lot of similarities with today’s board and video games. The only and perhaps the biggest difference between the two is that casino games always revolve around money, so their only target audience is adults.

However, it is apparent that the gaming and iGaming industries are much more closely connected than we thought. What’s more, modern video games often include some form of in-game gambling and vice versa. So, let’s take a deeper look at how these two industries are interconnected.

Types of games

If you’ve played a fair amount of video games, you’ve seen that there are a wide variety of games and genres, and some even include some form of gambling. Additionally, gambling games have gone digital and now you can play a lot of casino games online without going anywhere. This happened with the help of technology, which later contributed to the development of the variety of games on offer.

For example, if you’ve played any of the Witcher games, you know that there are mini-games focused on gambling. While the first Witcher game offered dice poker similar to traditional poker, The Witcher 3 features a surprisingly popular gambling card game – Gwent. And as online casino providers and developers create more and more themed games featuring various popular video game titles, this relationship goes both ways. This significantly expands the game offer and now there can be a variety of games to suit everyone’s taste.

Sharing responsibility

Since both industries require people to create their accounts to play, these industries are doing their best to promote safe and responsible gaming. When it comes to video games, there are dozens of platforms and games that are played online where some serious security measures are implemented to protect data. What’s more, the providers of these games always remind people not to share their personal information through in-game chat or anywhere else on the platform and encourage people to watch their language when talking to other people.

The same is the story with online casino games. Since these games are played through the provider’s platform or apps, security measures are required to keep data and personal information safe. Additionally, responsible gaming tools are available and integrated into apps and platforms, and casinos are reminding people how to gamble responsibly. All reputable casinos encourage their players to use their money responsibly, know when to stop, take regular breaks, etc. The same rules can be applied to video games, which tells us that industry providers care about their players, and keeping them safe and healthy.

Embrace Crypto

Cryptocurrencies have definitely begun to shape the world as we know it. Both the gaming and gambling industries have joined the crypto trend, and today you can find a variety of providers that allow payments in Bitcoin and other cryptos.

Some platforms allow you to buy your favorite video game with bitcoins, while online casinos let you make crypto deposits and gamble with bitcoins instead of traditional currencies. This is a big step in both industries, especially casinos. Additionally, this trend allows anonymity and keeps your bank accounts separate from everything.

VR technology

Virtual reality, or VR, is a technology that was first introduced to the gaming industry. Everyone was thrilled that they could have a more immersive and intense experience playing their favorite video games. This trend first started with horror games because it is a great way to experience the thrill and adrenaline of those games if you like them.

Over the years, VR technology slowly began to integrate itself into the gambling industry. It now offers a better experience to all avid gamblers, as if they are playing their favorite game in a casino, but still sitting comfortably at home. What’s more, this technology is not only used in traditional card games but the software is also being tested on slot games. Net Entertainment has recently released a demo of their fan favorite and popular slot game Jacks and the Beanstalk. This release and proof that online casino games can get even better with new technology will drive the industry forward, which can only result in more great games getting better.

A revolution in mobile gaming

Although many true gamers don’t agree that mobile gaming is actually gaming, the mobile gaming revolution is here. This is where the gambling and gaming industries truly overlap, and today you can play any genre on your smartphone. Faster and better internet connections in all parts of the world, as well as serious innovations in mobile technology contributed to this revolution.

What’s more, people simply love to play games, both video and casino, on the go and anywhere they can find the Internet. This has led to a huge boom in the gambling industry, especially since more players can now place their bets or download their favorite casino games instantly. This also created some new opportunities for developers as they can now easily create all kinds of mobile-friendly games.

Social gaming

Social gaming involves playing games on social media such as Facebook. Typically, you play games with or against your friends or other people on the network. And although gaming isn’t technically gambling, it does share some similarities with that industry. In some games, you can easily play casino-like games to win some prizes. And even though it’s not real money, there is an element of luck that is a major part of casino games.

And, the social aspect of gaming is also leaking into online casinos. Today, you can find various casinos online that have live chat or live dealers. With such games, you can still interact with other people and even the dealer just like you can play any other online game or even in a land-based casino.

Earlier, the difference between gaming and gambling was clear as day. However, this was mainly due to the internet not being what it is today. Technology has drastically changed both industries and the line between the two is often blurred.